Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike Aftermath

First of all, thank yall for wishing me goodluck through the storm :)

I'm over at my aunt's house right now because she is one of the very very few people who has water and electricity.

Hurricane Ike was bigger than I thought :(

My house's power got shut down since 11pm last night, and it's 8pm today, so my house will be probably powerless for 24 hours. Yes that means no a/c and i'ts like hot and humid and like 85 to 90 degrees. I can't breathe too well in my house so I had to go over to my aunts.

It's so weird. She lives less than 5 minutes away from me yet my neighborhood has ZERO power. But luckily we have water.

And on another lucky note, my house did not get damaged at all in comparison to other neighbors that are a few streets away from me. Me and my mom drove around my neighborhood to find people's shingles from their roofs torn off and their fences broken down to the floor.

My cousin's house (who's also less than 5 minutes away) received little damage, but their extremely heavy backyard chairs got swept away by the wind straight into the bottom of their pool and they had to fish it out one by one. Ladies, these chairs are HEAVY. I can barely even push it to move it to a position that I would like to sit. It's severely heavy and the floor is not just flat concrete where it would slide easily. It's like pebble stones so it has more friction to hold things back, yet the wind knocked it over like 5 ft away into the pool.

my other friend who lives 30 min away has no power nor water. the poor guy! he's suffering a lot.

Please keep your prayers out for everybody in my city! Lots of people have worse damage than my neighborhood!!

Oh, and my aunt's neighbor's tall pine tree snapped in half. Luckily at my house, NONE of my trees snapped, and that's including my beloved persimmon tree! I felt awful that it was suffering but I'm glad it stood up. Hopefully the storm has passed and hopefully it won't be windy nor rainy tonight

okay i just typed all that that you just read like 10 minutes ago. Surprisingly my house got its power back as soon as my mom got home after dropping me off at my aunt's! I'm SOO happy!!!

we're getting the a/c going back. Its still humid in the house, but it'll take a while for the air to circulate and such.

This seriously makes me appreciate inventions like the electricity SO much more O___O. I was gonna go crazy!

so far my university is shut down until further notice--no damage or floods, but one of the feeders/feters(sp??) of the freeways to drive to my university is under water.

all the streets around my entire giant neighborhood has tons of debris on the streets, particularly grass, dirt, tree branches, leaves, etc.

so in total for my house, this is what happend:

-11pm electricity immediately flickers and shuts off within seconds
-wake up at 4:30 am to find heavy storming, but my mom was awake since 2am and said the storm already began since then.
-went back to sleep (surprisingly) and woke up round 8am to find my electricity STILL out and the air is hotter and thicker due to the lack of air conditioning.
-went around the house. went back to sleep. woke up only to find that barely an hour has passed -___-... I was hoping to sleep through the lack of a/c to wake up to the power back, but that didn't happen.
-later on my aunt came to my house early evening telling my family that we can come over to her house to shelter cuz she has electricity and water.
-we went over to my aunt's house for dinner
-after that i played Wii Mario Kart with my cousin XD. I lost horribly. very very very horribly. XD
-went home to shower in the dark, but I put the huge flash light it looked rather creepy to shower in 80-90% pitch dark bc my bathroom is in the middle of the house where there's no windows.
-then went straight to my aunt's house only to find out that my electricity got back on--whoo hoo!

the damage to my house:
-no electricity for approximately 20 to 21 hours.
-no a/c
-we DO have water luckily
-no trees down but some small branches fell off
-small trees got tilted over in their pot
-the poor persimmon tree is hunching over trying to survive but i'm so happy it didn't break *crosses fingers*

I do have pictures that i took with my phone camera, so it isn't good quality. I forgot to bring it with me while driving around my neighborhood, so i didn't get good clear pics of what it looks like.

These pics onward were taken from my phone camera so they aren't as good of quality, but you get the gist of what happend.

Wasn't as bad as other neighborhoods in my city. Literally no where near damaged as the other part of town. My area had no flooding whatsoever.

please do keep my town in your prayers cuz some other areas have been hit pretty badly! Galveston got hit pretty bad :( and neighboring sister-mini towns/cities have been flooded ranging from a few feet, all the way to chest-deep.

see yall later!


i just looked at my friend's pics from this hurricane, and despite that she lives about 10-15 minutes away (yea our neighborhood is rather large), multiple trees were up-rooted. It's those trees that are rather old and just snapped and uprooted. Fences were knocked down with the trees and one of the street lights was knocked off.

My sister also came home today to show us pics from the extreme north of Houston, and floods everywhere and a tree fell into someone's house! i feel so horrible for that person!

I feel so fortunate that my side of the neigborhood had probably the most minimal damage. Other people's houses were so damaged!

oh and we got a second dose of rain last night (today is sept 14 that i'm updating this) and it was much windier, but it didn't last as long as the full-landfall of the hurricane.


ilurvemakeup said...

I'm glad you and your fam are ok sweets! I just got done watching and listening to htownpnai's vid about her experience with ike :( I would not be able to sleep either in that condition! *hugs*

jeSmakeup said...

that really sucks... im glad u guys are ok!! i have family and a friend there... and i hope their alrite too...

fuzkittie said...

Glad you're doing good! I have coworkers who live there, hopefully they're fine~

Jen said...

So glad you are safe!!

jewels said...

yupe, times like these...makes us feel overly dependent on electricity and electronic devices.

I still remember August 2003, blackout that affected Northeastern and Midwestern United States, and Ontario, Canada. It was a really hot day, and I was working at the dental clinic. And my boss (the dentist) was about to start on a root canal on a patient.

All the appointments that day were canceled. And i drove home on the highway, stuck in traffic, fearing that i don't have enough gas to go home. Since gas stations depend on electricity to pump up gas.

And with black out, i was so bored with my computer or tv. so hot with out AC or even the fan.

Jennifer L said...

glad your ok, hope things get better for you guys


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