Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike

I feel almost bad for not being severely concerned as other people about this...

most of my neighbors has put wood over their windows to protect their house and has filled their tubs with water

yet in my house, we have done none of that XD

Hurricane Rita made my HS shut down for 6 days and was like, nothing when it came here in my area--just a light sprinkle...not even full rain. Then I forgot the other 2 hurricanes, but it just somewhat rained..I mean seriously, our tropical storms were 100x worse than the hurricanes. like..i remember in 2001, one freeway was flooded up about 10-15 ft of water (NOT an exaggeration--pics to prove it!)

and now here's Hurricane Ike, and it seems perhaps bad this time--but I hope it isn't.

Should I be worried like others?

So far we've just done some of the essential stuff, like doing our laundry in case the water gets shut off, and cooking multiple meals to be set aside in case electricity runs out, and also charging our cell phones and having a massive flashlight by our side. Oh, and we've got bottled water as well and filled up our gas tanks and moved our plants inside our garage. I feel so bad for our persimmon's got so much fruit on it right now and I'd hate for it to just get damaged and drop to the floor :( It's a rather thin tree...

Sorry I'm just thinking out loud and stuff...blah. I'm not quite sure what to think really about this. At first I was like "oh, it's just ANOTHER hurricane". but now I'm starting to rethink some stuff...It's just my city has been through massive floods, hurricanes, tornados, one of the worst crime rate cities & car accident cities, excessive heat & humidity, west Nile virus with mosquitos....i guess that's what i can think of so yea...

hopefully this will indeed be "just another hurricane" since we seem to have so many of them and that my electricity won't run out, streets won't flood, and our water supply will remain more than adequate.


oh and i forgot to add my electricity flickered this morning yet it was half sunny half cloudy....I wonder if it was just a construction worker working on the lights/neighborhood electricity or whether it was a slight bump from the storm. who knows @_@

see yall later! wish me luck x.x


haven't seen any rain yet but now it's starting to get darker with the clouds. Like, half of the sky is very extremely pretty looking right now like a sunset, but the other half looks scary XD. Galveston already got hit ish and other districts/off-city towns have already been flooded, but my area is still luckily dry. Hope it stays that way!

about 9:30 pm now and there's no rain, some thunder, moderate wind bumping around randomly, and I feel so sad for my persimmon tree. i hope it doesn't break because it's a rather thin tree :(


ilurvemakeup said...

I really hope it's not bad sweets. These hurricane news media scare has had everyone worried to the T! It's very cloudy right now in my side of the world and the news says we'll be getting heavy rain and them some.

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

i hope your area will be fine! keep us updated ok?

Zen said...

I live in Plano, so while we're definitely going to get some storm, it's not going to be anything terrible. My school's flooded with kids from Galveston now though.

I hope everything turns out okay o.o it sounds kind of scary.

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

re your update - I hope your area remains ok!

Agnes said...

@.@ ohhh hope your area is alright!!


jie jie said...

wait, we're in the same town? hope you're safe hun. just like you, i had to go through rita also.. then it wasn't so bad. so i didn't panic so much this time. just got the basic stuffs done. but it's beyond what i had expected, and i'm just hoping everyone in the city is fine.


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