Monday, September 1, 2008

Question About Aspirin&Honey Mask/Scrub

Hey everybody :)

I'm sorry but this time I've got me a question to ask yall and I'm hoping yall can help me out! :)

I've been reading tons of reviews on MUA regarding this Aspirin&Honey Mask/Scrub, and I would love to hear yall's story on it.

First of all, just for reference to compare on everybody, please comment and state your skin type first before answering the question: Is your skin Oily? Sensitive? Dry? Normal? Acne-prone? :)

For the real questions:

1) Did it made your skin lovely? Shrink your pores? brighten your skin's complexion? Less acne? Less blackheads?


2) Did it just ruin your skin altogether? Created more acne? Too abrasive? Made your skin "raw-feeling" and red?


3) It just didnt' do anything good OR bad. Your skin remained the same as if you never used it? Was it not abrasive enough(too gentle)?


4) what did you use? 325 mg tablets? 80mg tablets? (trying to get the lowest mg possible or highest miligrams possible?) How many did you use? 2 tablets and a few squeezes of honey? 5 tablets? I hear many different stuff so I was wondering what is the best one for a "one-time" scrub.


5) Do you believe in that "problem" in that Aspirin is a blood-thinner and using this scrub/mask on your face at a weekly or daily level is harmful to your health? Why or why not?

Thank yall so much and I hope yall can answer me quickly as I have the opportunity to go out right now to get these two products.

I've heard great things and I looked at SOOO many different face scrubs at the store, and 99% of them had sulfates! aaa! I've already used 2 of them and I like to change things up, and since this Aspirin scrub was the "purest" with the least amount of ingredients, AND the fact that it has honey associated in the scrub made me think whether to use that instead--and plus it's cheaper too! :) My face is just horrid right now and I'd love to have my clear skin back and this mask sounds like a life saver

please please do give your inputs. Thank you so much!

For reference, my skin is:

-severely Acne-prone
-able to handle lots of scrubs/friction, but at the same time is moderately sensitive
-severely allergic to Sulfates


I received no responses, but oh well.

I went ahead and bought it.

I bought Walgreens 99Cent 325mg uncoated Aspirin tablets

and at Target I bought 100% Organic Dutch Gold Pure Honey U.S. Grade A (12 oz) .....and this honey does NOT smell good x.x.....oh dear. I thought it would have smelled "sweet" but it doesn't XD Maybe it's because it's organic...? oh well. As long as it makes my face look good, I'll put up with slight stinkyness XD

I'm only going to use this as a SCRUB since I feel slightly unsafe using Aspirin on my face, or maybe it's just me being so cautious, but once I use this for a couple weeks, I'll review it for yall :)


regardless that I bought it, please do still comment below to tell your story. Not only would it help me out, but there are tons of viewers who have the same questions as I do, and it'll help all of us out a lot. Thanks! ^_^


Starry x2 night said...

First-time commenter here, but I felt I had to help spread the gospel of the Aspirin mask, lol.

First off:
Skin type: oily/combo at the time of my experiment, acne-prone
Sensitivity: not as much as my roomie, but it hates benzoyl peroxide & sulfur.

I had first tried the mask the last day of finals week. Four tablets of uncoated Meijer's brand aspirin (seriously: the cheaper the better, b/c the fancy schmancy ones are all coated, with things that don't irritate your stomach but do irritate your skin. go figure) mashed with a few drops of warm water, then mixed with a few drops of extra virgin olive oil. I slathered it all over my face, then forgot all about it as I caught up with friends online (oops? haha), until it started itching. This is maybe twenty, thirty minutes later, because the mask was completely dry, so I hopped into the bathroom, rubbed the grains off (if you don't like, say, St. Ives Apricot scrub, you probably won't like this as a scrub, but to me it felt sooooo good :D ), and then washed the rest of it off. I didn't see much of a difference that night, so I shrugged and went to bed. Next morning, when my mom came to pick me up, it was like standing under the eyes of Sauron or something. See, I had been telling my mom all week how I was so stressed by finals, how I wasn't sleeping & eating right, and yadda yadda yadda. Well see, all that would be more convincing if I hadn't opened the door with my skin smooth and clear, with nary a blackhead or pore in sight, and glowing like the morning sun. Oops?
Needless to say, my mom didn't speak to me for a whole week, haha.

I tried it about a week later (I admit, I'm terrible at this skincare thing) with honey, which I didn't like as much. For one, aspirin dissolves better in acidic solutions, and adding honey turned the mixture into a goopy mess that just kept running. And two, my skin was oily at that time, so the mask was a leeeeetle more moisture than my skin was looking for. It was nice and glowy, but then I got whitehead. D:

I haven't been using it lately, because uh, I have a bad habit of picking at my acne (I know, I know), and one thing aspirin is good at is stinging like a mofo on open wounds. Yowch. But otherwise I love it, I love it, I love it!

The one thing that tick me off about reading reviews online: "Putting aspirin on your skin will kill you!"
Uh, no. For one, aspirin has a solubility of 2.7 mg/mL at room temperature. This is half of the reason why uncoated aspirin causes stomach bleeding--the undissolved grains rub against the lining of your stomach. For two, you're using what, three drops of water? Aspirin is small enough to be absorbed through the skin (about the same molecular weight as nicotine), but that's in a solution, not dry, and with the amount of water/honey/miscellaneous liquid you're using, well. For three, aspirin is toxic at 150 mg/kg. Say you're the average American woman. That would make you 63.5 kg. You'd have to swallow/inhale/absorb over 9,500 mg, or the equivalent of 29 tablets to start vomiting, feeling nauseous, hyperventilate and/or have ringing ears. And that's if your body absorbs it all, which, as I've pointed out above, it does not. We're talking an entire bottle in one sitting to be seriously ill, not a few (four was actually too much. I had a lot left over) sitting undissolved on your face.
Eek. Sorry for the rant! Just read too many reviews from people dissing on something they haven't tried or researched.

Starry x2 night said...

Oops. I forgot to add: I use 325mg tablets. But I need two or three of them anyway, so I guess, just whatever amount works best for you. (And please use uncoated. Coated ones have a lot of buffers and other ingredients that work great in your stomach but are waay too harsh for your skin)

IchigoBunnie said...

Starry x2 night:
Thank you SO MUCH for your input! And don't worry about your "rant". I was SO unbelievably happy that you shared a lot of info! It helps ALOT, especially when you talked about the risk, or lack thereof, of the aspirin. Makes me feel SOOO much better about using it!

again, thanks so much for your time and response. Very few people respond as detailed and caring as you so i appreciate your thoughts a lot :)

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

Skin type: Combination with dry patches on cheeks. I also get dry patches on my nose occasionally.

Basically I find it didn't help the pore size or blackheads. It seems to reduce pimples a little.

However I love it mainly because the aspirin beads exfoliate well It smooths out my skin a lot better than any commercially sold scrub (and I've tried high end and low end scrubs)

I would say it is moderately abrasive, which is why I stick to using it just once a week. I use the more gentle scrubs I have like Clarins or MAC in between.

I use two 325mg tablets, and about 3 squirts of Billybee honey (1 tbsp).

Actually I haven't heard of the blood thinning problem, but so far I haven't had any health issues as a result of using it.

Hope it works for you!

Rachmawati said...

Hi there, I haven't tried aspirin mask, but I can share you some tips.

Aspirin contains salicylic acid [I think it's almost 99% :D]. Salicylic is abrasive, it peels your skin. I think in the old times there were a lot of skin care products containing salicylic acid, but now it is not allowed anymore [it's not good for your health :)].

I myself often used honey as masker. Honey contains a lot of good nutrients for skin, including antibiotic... thus it will help you reducing acne. In my case [normal skin], my skin becomes smoother and healthy [I would say it's flawless :D]. Last year I ever tried using wrong product, my skin became so so oily, thanks God that honey masker helped me much. If you want to heal certain acne, then you might need to heat honey a little bit [let's say using a spoon and you heat it on a candle, but don't make it too hot :D]. The reason is that when you apply rather hot honey, it will open your pores more, so your skin can absorb it better.

If you want to maintain elasticity of your skin, you can also use white part of chicken egg as masker [you can cook and eat the yellow part :D]. One you use it, it will tighten your skin, don't talk much when you use it [I am afraid you will get wrinkles :D], half hour using it every week is enough.

If you want to reduce pore size, you can use "sirih" leaves [I believe its scientific name is "Piper betle"]. You can boil the leaves, and use its vapor or its extract as masker. Other way, you can also use tea leaves.

To brighten your skin tone, you can use fruit as masker. The principle is that they contain vitamin C, and it's really good to brighten up your skin. Lemon and tomato can be used to help reducing acne [when you use them on acne, it feels hurt but it's fine. Lemon is really good to reduce oil of your skin, but remember to apply honey as moisturizer, or else you will end up having dry skin. Other fruit masker you can use is avocado [moisturize your skin, avoid early aging]. If you insist on using aspirin, I suggest you using strawberry masker instead, it also contains salicylic acid, but less concentration, and more natural :D. I believe you don't want to clog you skin pore with unnecessary ingredients :D.

The most important thing above all is healthy life :). I am not suggesting you to be vegetarian, but consuming a lot of vegetables and fruit, less meat is really good for your skin. Washing your face regularly [at least 5 times a day] using normal water is also good. Also don't forget to get enough sleep :D.

I write those based on my own experience, my friend's, friend of friend's... but those natural maskers are commonly used in my country. It might result differently in every person of course, but I believe natural ones lead to less risk :).

Good luck

Agnes said...

ahhhh me gonna do this review this friday or something! had it planned already =x...

such a coincidence... =x...

well, watch out for a aspirin mask / scrub review from me me me xD

alien man?! said...

the honey-aspiring mask did nothing but make a mess.

if you want a mask that really works, try the green tea mask. use it every day for at least several days and you'll literally see and feel the results. i promise!

heidi said...

hihi, im a first-time commenter as well, but i've had some success with the asprin/honey mask.

for reference: i have combo/sensitive skin, prone to dryness on the nose and around the mouth :(. i don't really have acne, just a few stress pimples that pop up once in a while.

i first heard about it a year and a half ago when rice bunny did her tutorial. i researched it a bit on and people had great things to say. i purchased the 99cent bottle from walgreens and used pure honey (not organic). the first few times i used it, it was WONDERFUL. the days following each use, i could not stop touching my face cuz it was so incredibly soft. the aspirin mask also got rid of the annoying milia i had around one of my eyes.

the aspirin mask really only worked well for me for maybe half a year... now it doesn't seem to do much at all.

i just use 2-3 uncoated aspirin, making sure to mash it really fine with a few drops of water. and then i put in a small squirt of honey and smear it on my face. let sit for 5-10 minutes until some get up my nose and make it really itchy... i scrub while washing it off and then moisturize with a bit of petro jelly (the only thing that works for me). since my skin is pretty sensitive, i only used this mask once or twice a week.

now when my skin is feeling troublesome, i use mario badescu's strawberry tonic mask. i loooove it, it makes my skin feel so smooth and glowy and brighter. it may be because it leaves behind some kind of residue, but i don't mind that much..

aspirin mask doesn't do anything too exciting for me anymore, but it also doesn't hurt my skin. maybe it's because i've ran out of my walgreens aspirin. im currently using a generic aspirin i got from vitamin world, and i've noticed that since i've switched aspirins, the good effects have worn off.

i too was spreading the gospel of the asprin mask when it was working for me. one guy friend ending up consuming his bottle of aspirin, for its real purpose.. another girl friend turned into a believer. and one other girlfriend... was too stingy to purchase some real honey so she used those fake honey packets from starbucks. and guess what? she broke out. lolol. i think the quality of the liquid used is very important.. whether its honey or olive oil. ive also heard of using plain yogurt.

hope this helps! i know im a bit unorganized and random when im typing quickly. :)

heidi said...

forgot to mention that i am not too concerned about the health concerns with using this mask. i think that's partly because when i did use it, i kept it to 2-3 tablets per mask, and 1-2 times a week. i had read some people use it EVERYDAY, with 10 aspirins each time. i think *that* would make me concerned. besides, aspirin is made for human consumption, why wouldn't you be able to smear a couple on your face? >_<


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