Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sally Beauty Deals

Are you an Ardell Falsies addict?


Sally Beauty is having a sale and selling these falsies where you buy one and get one for 99cents. I might have read the coupon wrong, but I believe that's what it meant.

So....its like..u either buy one falsies directly for 99cents? Or buy one then get the second for 99cents? who knows. But either way, here's an excuse for you girls to go buy yourselves another pair of falsies lol.

I looked at the other deals, and didn't find anything else appealing too much, so the Ardell deal is probably the best deal :), but go ahead and check out the other deals to see if you like any of them

hope this helps some of yall :D


miemiemie said...

psst I tagged you :)

Agnes said...

weee thanks for the discount update.

no international shipping :(


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