Monday, September 8, 2008

Update On My Skin

My skin is clearing up! whoo hoo!

I wouldn't say that it's a face that I could walk with my head up high, but I DO see improvements, which is what counts :)

Instead of the 2 Amoxycyllin (1 morning 1 night), I'm taking 2 Doxycyclines (1 morning 1 night) because I felt that the Amoxycyllin was too gentle for the severe acne I have at the moment, so I decided to do the Doxy back again to get rid of the acne, and once my face is stable, I'll reduce it down to 1 Doxy a day, and then ask my doctor what to do from there.

The amoxy definitely creates more loose bowels...and if yall don't know what loose bowels are, it basically makes your poop shoot more lubricated and makes you, well, poop. haha. I didn't have any bad bad poopage with the Amoxy, but I noticed enough of a difference....and the thing is, outside of that Amoxy is currently too gentle for me, I honestly do not want to poop at school XD. Hope that wasn't TMI, but the last thing I want is for me to take a test and my rear end decides to make me run to the ladies' room. ^^() So I opted for Doxy instead...

Right now, I feel internally a drastic difference with using 2 pills instead of one. First off, I honestly feel more nauseated. I take it at the same time as when I used to use 1 pill a day. I mean, I'm not throwing up or anything, but my body is adjusting to it and two 75mg pills is pretty powerful in that it totals up to 125mg. My doctor specifically made it 75mg to make me take it at separate times so that my body isnt overwhelmed all at once. I remember when I first tried Doxy, my dermatologist put me on 125mg pills where I take that 1 pill all at once, and let me tell you I threw up in less than 30 minutes, so Im glad my OBGyn doctor considered how powerful 125mg and considered my health!

I definitely don't want to stay on 2 pills for any form of long term cuz this nauseating feeling isn't good at all :( It's rather distracting. The 1st pill in the morning is fine, but once the 2nd dose in the evening kicks in, its like...EHHH. I'll just wait a couple days after my skin is very very stable to reduce it down to 1 pill because I'd hate to have my acne come back after trying so hard to make it go away.

As for beauty-related stuff, I can't review some of the stuff I'm using right now cuz I just want my face totally off-limits from other products, so no Aspirin Mask review until after my skin is fully fully fully fully better, and no makeup stuff until this is all overwith. I'm sorry but I just gotta take care of my skin right now, and also school is taking up time, so once I get everything managed correctly, I'll come back with a vengeance and blog away! :D I honestly feel that once I get everything together, I'll probably only be able to post 1 or 2 posts a week.

Right now blogging is rather distracting, as you can see I typed this post despite that Im supposed to do my Calculus HW and read my Govt book! XD

I'm almost done with my Calc anyway..i just have 2 more questions so it's no biggie on that...but dear god I gotta read govt cuz I got a test this friday!

so I'll see yall later! :)


ilurvemakeup said...

"I didn't have any bad bad poopage" Bwhahahahahaha xD I was cracking up at the poopie parts, I think I farted a little too xD jkjk I'm glad things are working out slowly and you're right 2 pills a day doesn't sound like something anyone would want long term. My body is still adjusting to depo and damn I hate feeling like I'm sick when I'm not. I told the hubby I sorta miss my monthly cramps cuz the adjustment sucks lol

GL on your test this Friday! :)

REI 麗 said...

I'm glad that you skin is improving, though the side-effects sound horrible. Well it has to get worse before it gets better. <3

StilettoRed said...

awww, i hope your skin clears up in no time!! The urge to take a dump in the middle of a test can be quite a pain in the a$$ *chuckle* get it? no? ok, lame. :)

fuzkittie said...

LOL! I got what you're saying about having to take a crap when you're in the middle of a test... xD

Sorry it's making you feel nauseous, but hopefully your skin will get better REAL soon!!!

Fabuless Beauty said...

I know how you feel about taking antibiotics. I've been on and off of them for years.

As for your Buff'd question, I will definitely review the difference between the two once I purchase them. Staying power? I have the original formula and I never touch up my makeup throughout the day. I do admit that it does stay longer with primer. I have to admit that I like Buff'd slightly better than EDM.

jewels said...

hey, good the your acne is clearing.

lol cuz i read your blog at work during lunch. I tried not to crack up to loud on your poopage paragraph ^_^

I know waht you mean. sometimes I got those mornings, travelling to work...uh....having the urge for #2 is so bad...

I hope there are other ways you don't need pills

Nic Nic said...

glad your skin is improving, keep up updated ^^

Agnes said...

weeee "your poop shoot more lubricated "... LOL!!!!

xDD you'll be alrite real soon! I can foresee some great reviews coming up xD

MIra said...

are you taking 100 mg tabs of doxy twice a day or 50 mg tabs? do you eat with the pills?

IchigoBunnie said...


I am taking two 75mg pills a day. Once in the morning, and once at night.

Yes, i do eat, BUT I take Doxycycline approximately 1.5hr AFTER I eat because Doxy has a side effect that if you take the pill on an empty stomach, during/while you're eating, or a little bit after you're done eating, then you'll throw up.

1 to 1.5 hr after eating a meal is best from what I experienced. Trust me, this pill is powerful if you don't take it at the right time. I threw up 3 times in a week once before because I took the pill too late after eating when all my food has digested already.

HTH :)


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