Friday, September 5, 2008

Your Bunnie is Bouncin Back! :D

First of all, I want to thank yall for all yall's support!! I appreciate it a lot :)

So, today, Friday, is AMAZING.



freakishly wonderful.


Because instead of going to my dermatologist, I went to my OBGyn instead for my acne!

And let me tell you, she may be a gynecologist, but she is at the least 1000X better AND more knowledgeable AND more helpful than my dermatologist! I kid you not! She actually stayed there to talk to me and explain everything thoroughly, and gave me so many options to actually help me. I felt that she actually wanted to help me out rather than leech off $$$ like those dermatologists do!

So what's gonna happen to my face?

Well she said I can continue my Doxycycline, but I asked her if there's another option where I don't have to deal with the side effect of throwing up from Doxy, and she said yes.

I did not expect to hear "Amoxycyline (Pennecyllin)" to be the pill to help take away my acne. Yes, the same pills you use to help your regular sickness is the same pill that can be used to help acne! And the best part is that I love how there's no "throwing up" side effects, AND I dont' have to be so strict with the time I take it. With Doxy, I had to take it within 1.5 hr or else I'd puke, but Amoxycyline is SO much more convenient.

I remember when I had mild Bronchitis, I was put on Amoxycycline, and oddly, my face looked more clear while I was on antibiotics to cure my sickness than when I was taking my Doxycycline. After I finished taking my Amoxy & my sickness was gone, my face started to go wonky again with my Doxy! I find that so funny. At the time I didn't know ti was Amoxy that was helping out my face, but now I know!

What's even more awesome, is that my doc told me that I could even mix and match, in order to maintain good immunity. My doc didn't want my body to get used to one pill and such, so she told me different things to do to maximize my benefits.

1) For Doxycycline, she said I can take either two 50mg pills a day (1 morning 1 night), or do two 75mg pills a day (1 morning 1 night)

2) As for Amoxy, she's letting me do 500mg twice a day, again 1 morning 1 night (my current plan)

3) the mix&match part: There's even an option to take one Amoxy and one Doxy! I didn't know you could combine diff pills to maintain acne. I thought it was bad to mix/match. My dermatologist kept saying "oh no there's no more pills and/or topicals you can take. there's no more, you tried them all--the ones without sulfur" HAH my ass! My derma NEVER told me I could use Amoxycyline! I seriously think that all dermatologists seem to want to do business with customers so they can just rack up money. I don't feel that they are there to help you! But my OBgyn totally gave me the heads up on all this.

4) If all else fails, treat the ROOT of the problem: Hormones! of course, with Birth control pills. I was actually hoping that I could take BC pills cuz my periods are so irregular! Sometimes I skip a month, sometimes it comes 2 weeks late, sometimes 1 week early, sometimes 1 week late, and it lasts sometimes as short as 3 days, or once it was as long as 8 days! On top of that, I'm a heavy flow person (hope that wasn't TMI!), so I'd love to be able not to have cramps and light-flows are so much easier to maintain--AND won't drown my wallet $$ to have to spend like an entire pack of pads a day.

5) Clindamycin (sp?). That's a basic gel that I could use instead of NeoBenz. I told my Gyn. doc that my dermatologist prescribed me Neobenz KNOWING that it has sulfur and that I'm allergic to it! I told my derma TWICE that I can't take Neobenz cuz it has sulfur and it isn't helping my skin at all, but they were like, Oh it's NOTHING! there's not a lot of it at all, don't worry. MY ASS!!!!! My Gyn shook her head and thought my derma was ridiculous to prescribe me, the patient, something that I'm allergic to!

6) I asked her since I already bought my Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment (gel), could I use the rest of that instead of the Clindamycin so I don't put it to waste. I asked if it is bad if i did that or if it isn't strong enough, and she said it's fine, so I'll go ahead and use the rest of my Neutrogena, and until that runs out, I'll go by Clinda. since it's only $10 (insurance covered the rest) and that's almost almost the same amount of money as the Neutrogena.

I am SO happy I got immediate help! I don't have to wait 2 weeks anymore to start making my face look normal again! SO HAPPY!!!!!!! I got my Amoxy, Neutrogena and Clindamacin, as well as Retin-A micro, all to help my skin NOW. Not 2 weeks from now, but NOW NOW NOW.

awesome! :) I'm excited man! I don't have to walk on campus with my head down anymore. This is such a liberating feeling! On top of that, I know Amoxy is gentle & not toxic with the body so it wouldn't even be horrible if I was on that for any form of long term, as mentioned by my doctor.

On top of that, I went shopping! Well, actually me and my mom went shopping for my cousin's birthday present while waiting until my doc appt comes around the clock, and since there was the mall 5 minutes away, we decided to take care of buying my cousin's present.

and, along the way, I bought myself some stuff!

Shopped at Forever21. I know some of yall hate that store, and some love it. But for me, I like that store :) I usually don't buy too much from there but I typically do like what they have there (but sometimes I wish the fabric was of better material).

So I got a black turtleneck tunic and a cute silver-gray satin-bow headband, making this purchase a grade total of a little less than $15. :) Yay for saving money and buying good stuff! ^_^

Oh, and I got my LAPTOP in today! So awesome! They shipped it yesterday, and I got a 2-day free delivery service, yet it came the next day! has AMAZING shipping! hooray!

All of this, is what made today so lovely:

1) got meds for acne and doc was nice and helpful
2) bought clothes and a headband that I've been lemming to have
3) received my laptop

let's just hope that good things like this stay this way! I don't want any more bad luck and unfortunate things to happen to me @_@

Here are some pics (no flash, so pic came out slightly fuzzy, so my face doesn't look as bad as it really is):

Oh, FYI, the belt and black tights are stuff I already had, and added to the outfit to make it look prettier. I didn't want yall to think that the outfit came with that belt cuz I know some outfits DO come with accessories like that, but no, this tunic was $10.50 (and very soft too!) and came like that alone.

front view

side view

back view

the cute headband!

i love the bow :3 im such a sucker for cute stuff


Now, to go shower, and then study for my Calculus Practice and Real Test! I've also got like 150 pages or more to read this weekend--yikes! Wish me luck! XD

and again, thanks for all yall's support in my last post and for all the suggestions ^_^


mayaari said...

that's such great news to hear :) bet that made the weekend 10x better!

fuzkittie said...

Oh yay! I'm happy for you! Hate snobby doctors that aren't helpful and just want money!

Cute outfit!! I looove bows as well, haha.

Kelly said...

Cute outfits!
Oh you're taking Calc? what's your intended major?

P.S what camera do you use? Is it a canon? :D

IchigoBunnie said...

mayaari: Yes indeed it made my weekend 10X better. This has got to be one of the best weekends ever! :)

fuz: thank you! ^_^ yea, gotta hate them greedy money-doctors! they serve no good to the public!

kelly: Yes mam that's a CANON! ^_^ it's a Canon SD870 IS to be exact. I wish I could have used the flash to take a pic of my outfit but it would reflect off of the mirror so everything would be washed/wiped out...& with flash, i love the camera. everything so crisp and clearrrr.. :3 Im a Canon fan. My previous camera was a Canon A540, and it was too heavy and getting really outdated and was malfunctioning on i HAD to get this beautiful camera... :3 as you can a camera freak haha

IchigoBunnie said...

kelly: oops forgot to answer your other question:

Im a freshman in college going into Business major :), but since im a freshman, it's pre-business and I'm just doing Pre-Reqs, so I'm in Business Calculus :)

nancypants said...

be careful from taking any sorts of antibiotics often since you have a risk of be coming antibiotic resistant--i'm currently resistant to 5 antibiotics which is not good when i get sick because one day there could be a possibility there isn't a medicine that could cure me!

i love the outfit and i hope to see you soon! wish you all the best with the skin and your school work!!

Agnes said...

so glad that your skin is gonna be alright soon!

Remember to take ya pills and try to stay away from make up and masks and anything that seems to cause that break out! Hughughug*

I think you should try all natural skin care for a change. =x..

My friend takes birth control pills for her complexion too. She never have pimples from 2 years already. So her skin is clean and clear. But there is side effects for those pills though. :(

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

I'm so happy for you! Its nice to find a doctor that actually knows their stuff and cares enough about the patient to explain everything.

i love the outfit! reminds me I should check out F21, they opened this year in Toronto I think but I still haven't been in there to look lol :)

REI 麗 said...

I'm so happy for you Ichigo! <3

Ah I love your new hauls, you remind me of an Asian Blair. <3

I wish the very best for you, I hope everything works out wonderfully!

jewels said...

that's good to hear that you were able to reach another doctor.

I hope I can cure my acne now. BUt i hate going to doctors. >_<

have a great weekend.

ilurvemakeup said...

So glad to hear great news and to see you smile again :) No more excuses now, time for some makeup photo whoring!!! :D When you can of course of course :) LOVE that headband 8)

miemiemie said...

i'm glad you finally found something that could work for you :)

ChyiX2 said...

I'm glad to hear the good news! Hope it all clears up!

Vi Anne said...

I'm late in reading your latest entries. I'm glad the gyne is helping you out. Hopefully, we'll see more pics of you. Take care.

PS: Tag! You're it!

Anonymous said...

Hey, i just came across your blog. I've been an acne sufferer as well..I've been using organic products for makeup (im a makeup artist) and i went to see a naturopath doc. He told me that my acne might be caused by my liver, so he recommended some detox (not the juice kind, but veggies, fruits and chicken/salmon with some vitamins)..

you should start looking into a way to stop your acne without being dependent with face is so much better now and there's just some scars left..try going to a naturopath doc..=)


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