Thursday, September 4, 2008

Your Fellow Bunnie Blogger is SAD


My skin

totally exploded.

I hate it. Just a week after I was with my bf to help him move into his dorm, my face turns out looking like this:

My whole face is covered in acne! Top to bottom! I even got one or two on my neck and chest. Ridiculous!

I tried:

-drinking more water
-eating more fruit
-no junk food whatsoever (no chips, no sweets,etc)
-eating more veggies (ex: I ate a WHOLE PLATE of spinach!!! that's a lot!)
-I've been having around anywhere from 6 to 7 to 8 hours of sleep
-I cleaned my room and changed my pillowcase to make sure everything in my room is clean. Vacuumed and everything.
-I've been sleeping less on my side and more on my back so that my face doesn't touch anything, not even the pillows, in order to avoid bacteria spreading
-I avoid the sun as much as possible when I walk on campus.
-obviously since I walk on campus, I've been walking a lot more! therefore, I've got my exercise thing going on

seriously. I've tried whatever I could think of that's healthy and yet my skin has BARELY cleared up.....sometimes it gets worse, and then sometimes it looks slightly better, and then within a day it goes back to bad again.

This is saddening that I think that I truly do have to depend on acne pills to keep my face clear. I was hoping to be able to steer away from prescription meds to avoid the high cost AND the inconvenience of going to the doctor with all those ridiculous appts and rude doctors, and also it's best not to put pills like that in your body. Vitamin pills are okay (centrum, one a day, etc), but these are acne pills and....honestly, I don't feel comfortable or happy having to depend on pills for the rest of my life. That is sooo inconvenient and costly!

So yes, my appt is Sept.19, Friday, which is a horrifying 2 more weeks. Some of yall might think, "Oh, it's just 2 more weeks, suck it up."

uh, if you had skin as bad as mine, you wouldn't want to go outside to show your face--you'd feel pretty bad. Lately I've been looking down while I walk at school. When I had clear skin, which was just a freakin week ago!, I held my face up more often, and as of right now, I look like your stereotypical dorky shy asian person.

I can't wait for the day that my skin is finally normal and reasonable to maintain. I HATE having this severe of skin. I mean, if it was like 3 pimples or so, I'd be fine. Not that I would like to have 3 pimples, but it's just much more easier to maintain than the 20-30 that i have planted across my face at this moment! arg!

So yes, aside from work, this is the reason why I don't post my face on my blog very often because my face never looks good enough to be able to put up! acne galore man! And I have yet to find a mineral makeup foundation that will cover up my acne scars and soak up the oil so that I can at least walk outside not feeling so horrible.

On a beauty-related note, I've been looking at Buff'd Foundation ( since I saw Christiana Divine use it as well as bLue (A WaterColourSky) use it, and it seems to make their face look rather lovely! I also like the fact that christiana mentioned how her skin is oily oily oily, so knowing that and her using this foundation, it must be good with keeping the oilies I am waiting until my skin clears up with the pills before attempting to order since my appt is Sept.19, and I know it'll take about 2 weeks to clear up my face, then I probably won't be ordering any Buff'd Foundation until October! But that's okay, I can wait...

oh, on a non-beauty-related note, my body has be luring too many mosquitos! It's horrid. Despite how hot it is where I live, I've been wearing pants every day ever since my mosquito incident when I was wearing shorts. I even went as far as wearing my jacket OUTSIDE in our 90-95 degree weather so that those pesky little bugs won't bite me!

WHYY is this happening to me!?!?! O____O


fuzkittie said...

Awwww bunnie! I feel sooo terrible for you! Hang in there until you get to the doctor's! :[[ 2 weeks is MAD long, if it were me I'd go to the emergency room, ha.

I'm so sorry nothing is helping the condition of your skin. Actually I got more break outs when I used mineral makeup, and my face was oilier too... I'd be so mad if nothing I did was helping my acne!

miemiemie said...

you don't need to depend on acne pills for the rest of your life, your acne acting up like that may be caused by your hormones right now and probably stress and even the environment..better talk to your doctor properly about this, rude doctors can be annoying..pills like birth control pills can help with your hormones that can also help with your acne..ask for other alternative.don't worry about it too much, if you stress about that it'll only aggravate it..

Fei said...

Could just be a hormone thing. Cheer up! You've had clear skin before and you can get it back again. I was thinking birth control, too. Perhaps that's an option.

jewels said...

i know what u mean. i feel the same. these two wks i felt like shit. cuz all of a sudden i have more acne then normal. i feel less confident. and like rather have my hair down around the face all the time. >_<

but like its kinda settling but still lingering around. just bumps. not red at all tho.
cuz i am still adjusting over cleansers. since I am switching.

so b4 you were taking meds for your acne? or mean u starting with the meds?

take care.
cheer up.
it will end eventually.

jewels said...

wow you took med for along time. when i was in HS, I had a female DR that wanted to make me take Accutane, but b/c my mom was against it (due to the side effects). So I only tried different cleansers thru out my teenage yrs to tame my acne but not really curing it.

I hope those meds don't have much side effects to it.

take care.

Candice said...


Have you tried taking some zinc tablets to help with the acne? When you take in zinc, your skin gets a protective layer which helps acne to stay away. Try taking zinc tabs (get one that has at least 25mg) for a month to see if it helps :) If you can find one that also has vit A, vit. C and vit. E, it'll really help clear your skin up. :)

By the way, some say that it stimulates appetite so if you're watching your weight, look out for that. :)

ilurvemakeup said...

I effing hate doctors too! I hate the way they do appointments, I remember trying to get a derma appointment at their earliest available spot and it was like 3 weeks ugh! On the day of my appointment I was the only one there wtf! Makes no effing sense, I hate the copay, I hate the overly priced prescription, I hate doctors offices period. My advice is if you go for birth control, DON'T GET DEPO!!! I have it now and I'm going to change it soon. The stupid doctor's office eff'd up my shot scheduling and gave me my shot 2 weeks late. So now I have nonstop monthly periods (which are not suppose to happen with depo - just spotting and blotting - TMI, sorry LOL) I'm not talking about a week of it, I mean I've had it for a month now and counting. It also made me breakout... not on my face, but my body. So don't get DEPO, it's shit cuz you have to rely on the doc's office to give the shots and that means scheduling an appointment.

mayaari said...

I'm with the others here - perhaps with the moving, weather, and stress, your body is just reacting to everything, and since you had severe acne before this is what's happening. hopefully the dr at your appointment isn't rude and you can explore other options to control it. take care, hope things improve soon

jie jie said...

that feeling is so familiar. but with chronic acne, we have no choice but to depend on medications. i've tried different ways to avoid medications for the same reason you stated.. but it's inevitable that Rx is needed in our cases. finding a doctor is always the tough part. if you're not satisfied, just switch to another doctor. it might be hormones just like fei said. derm says that's my next step if my new Rx doesn't work.

Nic Nic said...

I feel so bad for you, i really hope your skins gets better. but you are right, it's best not to be so reliant on skin medication. You can do it!!! Good luck:)

miemiemie said...

aww thanks for the comment :) secret? i use this kojic-acid soap from the philippines along with the magic cream which is also from the philippines..i actually made a post about my skin care regime :)

haha my brows? still practicing on how to do it properly :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I'm sorry about your recent skin condition. I'm 20 now, but when I was in junior high and high school, I tried every single freakin' Neutrogena product under the sun!

But yeah, I would definitely encourage a doctor's visit. Depending what kind of doctor you're seeing, he .. or she, might refer you to a derm. Anyway, I know oral contraceptives (birth control pills) like Ortho Tri-Cyclen are inclined to help control acne.

Well, I sincerely hope you feel better and clear up soon!

IchigoBunnie said...

to everybody: thank you thank you thank you!!!! :)

eBeautyBlog said...


I feel for ya girl. :(
Now I feel bad for complaining on my little pimples!!! GOSH!!!! Well, at least your face is clear right now. *phew* the bad and ugly times; we all had it!!! what make you not looking like a viet girl? I guess it's your eyes, your nose, and your lips, and your smile, and your skin tone...oh gosh, everything!!! LOL. You could definitely pass as a Korean or Taiwanese.

As for the drink, you know what I've never tried it with any other fruits. Wonder how it'll taste like. Will it be as effective? Have no clue. Why don't you give it a try and let me know *wink* LOL!!!!


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