Friday, October 31, 2008

Nina Dolls Heels - Yay or Nay?


I need your help :)

I bought a pair of heels today for $15.99 at Ross, and I'm on the fence. It's like my mom thought they looked too old for me and she used the word "prostitute" cuz she thought the t-strap design was very provacative.

Though I disagree with her, I still am very open to any response. I'd hate to look like a tramp going outdoors and looking much older than I really am, so Im not upset at my mom's response, but rather it makes me look more thoroughly into these shoes whether they are good or not.

These were stuffed under a pile of JUNKKK. it wasn't even in the shoe racks. I guess someone might have hid it to buy it later? I don't know, but they were a size 6 and a perfect fit. I feel it's very Urban Outfitters--i love that store. These shoes look rather vintage in a way to me.

It's genuine upper leather (very soft to my picky picky picky feet) and had small studs. I like the straps because they provide extra support to me and I know they won't "slip off" like other heels can. Also, these are 4 inch heels. highest i've ever had. my other boots i've got are 3.5 inches, so i'm weary if i'm able to balance in these as i am the epitome of unwomanlyness when it comes to walking in heels XD

so ladies, here are the pics. PLEASE do not be biased from what you just read. I do like these shoes, but I'd appreciate any and all unbiased opinions. If they really do look trampy, please tell me (so that way i know to return them). If they look too old for me, as in makes me look grandma ish, please let me know. If they are very chic and in fashion, let me know. I am open to all opinions to make my final decision to keep them or not :)

These were the very last pair so that's why i bought them cuz i just had this feeling that i'll regret it if I don't buy it.

so yea, enough blabbing from me, here are the pics:

this is the gorgeous vintage-victorian ish looking fabric under the brown leather. its the interior of the shoe. i like this detail :)

so yea, there you go.

I'm just worried cuz despite that I am 18, I don't look like it. Heck, my pin up girl look, i look really....little-girl ish XD considered for the actual age that pin ups are supposed to look like. Usually some stuff that looks good on other people my age end up making me look like im 15 and trying too hard or something and i definitely do not want to look like that.


Yes? keep them.

No? return them.

Thank youu :)

and please please be honest as you can be and don't just agree with me just know what i mean right? sometimes when one of our friends are like "OMG don't these look great??" and you dont think it looks good but yet you say "yea they do" anyway as to not upset your friend? Well I just really want a real and honest response--you'll save me from any humiliation if there were to be any with these shoes.

again, thanks

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pin Up Girl Contest on EbeautyBlog

Yea so I entered into Ebeautyblog's pin-up girl contest!

after looking at the other contestants, I honestly don't feel I stand a chance XDD haha.

My inspiration is Hayden Panettiere's vanity fair look. She had relatively natural looking eyes in comparison to other pin-up girls so I modeled my look after hers. Other pin-up girls have more of an aggressive sexy look, but Hayden's had more of a sweet atmosphere so I modeled it after that so I don't necessarily look like your stereotypical pin up girl cuz of that. Sorry =(

well, here it goes:


-Clinique (gift with purchase mini sample) High Impact Eye Shadow Duo in "Like Mink". I used both the creamy white color for the whole lid and the brown color to accentuate my crease
-Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner in Black (Non-Automatic pencil)
-NYX Doll Eyes Mascara Volume on bottom lashes only
-Ardell Falsies #110 on top lid, no mascara added

-First applied benefit Benetint lip stain (PocketPal) to make my lips more red
-Then I applied Victoria's Secret Mirror Mirror Shiny lipgloss in Crimson Kiss(it's been discontinued for a while now). I layered it to the max since this lipgloss is sheer upon one coat.

-Buff'd Mineral Foundation in the color WOOL (a bit too light for me but I did it purposely for the sake of the pin-up look)
-Lancome (gift with purcahse mini sample) Blush Subtil in the color "Miel Glace"

-Black Hat: got it at a random small shop in chinatown, BUT I did see it at Forever21, but I don't know if they still carry it since it was a summer item
-Black tube top used as the "jumpsuit"
-Red Ribbon found it in the house
-Black-Gray headband found at Forever21

-Tresseme Heat protector spray
-Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse
-Gold N' Hot 1 inch iron

Took this survey from Life As Icey It :)

the rules:
Each player answers the question themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them comments letting them know that they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve answered the questions on your blog.

10 Years Ago:
1. I was 8 and was in 3rd grade in elementary school
2. That summer I went to CanCun, Mexico for vacation, my first time out of the country
3. In my Math class, I accidentally called my teacher MOM and EVERYONE in class laughed the crap out of themselves at me!!! Then my teacher was laughing her a$$ off and said "oh we're just laughing WITH you honey, not AT you" My A$$! laughing WITH me? dude i wasn't laughing! I was CRYINGGGG XDDD hahaha. it was a sad sad day....
4. I was uber tomboy. no makeup. no curling hair. no girly clothes. I dressed almost like a guy
5. I collected BEANIE BABIES and POKEMON CARDS man. wasted all my allowance on them and now they're worth nothing!!! XDDD

5 Things on Today's "To Do" List:
1. Finish Econ HW #1
2. Complete Econ HW #2
3. Calc HW
4. Calc Quiz #8
5. Shower

5 Things I would do if I was a millionaire:
1. put a HUGE chunk in the bank to multiply the amount with the interest rate :)
2. Buy me a CARRR (and once my money in the bank multiplies to great heights, ima buy me an Aston Martin or Bugatti for my boyfriend =P)
3. buy clothes and makeup and a nice apartment
4. TRAVELLL. I want to go to Asia to get me some asian makeup and clothes and all those goodies. And go around Europe again. i LOVE the architect of the buildings. just love it. and i love the views. Oh I wanna go to Australia too!!! i LOVEEEE Aussie accents :3
5. share the wealth to those who deserve it :)

5 Places I have lived:
1. Only
2. Lived
3. In
4. Texas
5. Howdy Yall :)

5 Jobs I have had:
1. I
2. Never
3. Had
4. A
5. Job XD --but this summer i WILL try to get one!!

no specific taggings on my part. If yall wanna do this fun survey like I did, then i choose you pikachu...

that was


sorry XD haha

see yall later :)

Alienman Tagged Me!

So Alienman tagged me to do this lil fill-out and I shall do it!!! Oh, and if you haven't visited alienman's blog, you SHOULD, cuz she's hilarious and honestly, if you're having a bad day, her blogposts is guaranteed to cheer you up and give you a laugh. seriously. On a couple of occassions that i was in a blah mood i read her blog and its so funny its like you can't be in a bad mood anymore, so props to you alienman for being a freakishly cool person :3

now, i shall start the tag...

Here are the Rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs
5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on his/her website

1. i HATE tomatoes AND almost all condiments. Yes, no ketchup, mayo, fish sauce ( i know...this makes me totally not Viet..), no mustard, no ranch sauce...yea, none of that. HOWEVER, i am most definitely okay with soy sauce. I think I would be officially non-asian if i hated soy sauce!! XD And I'm fine with Italian dressing but any other salad dressing/sauce I will not touch. Oh and one last sauce that I love, is the jack daniels sauce that's at TGIFriday's restaurants. But yea, anything else that what i've listed, i don't like it XD

2. OMG it bugs me SO MUCH to have the flap of the toilet paper UNDER the roll. i MUST have it OVER the roll. I hate it when i go and pee, and i reach for the toilet paper, and im like WhereTF is it!?! It's like i have to find it and look for the flap of toilet paper rather than just pull it right away when it's on top. Sorry but I can't deal with under-flapped toilet rolls....*shudders* XDD

3. When I talk to someone, i repeat myself ALOT. I know it annoys the crap outta some people but it seems to run in my mom's side of family. We say something like 1 second ago and 5 seconds later we seem to repeat ourselves!! XD

4. I am incredibly PICKYYY. picky on everything man. picky. XDDD!!! I'm picky on food in that i hate anything flubbery (so i always remove fats from meats and i don't eat the drumstick of fried chicken--i only eat the breast meat) and as i have already stated earlier, i hate sauce/condiments. Now picky-ness for clothes is really high. It has to be perfect. XD Oh, and it has to be a good price too. Whenever I go to the mall it's like I pass most stuff up cuz i'm so picky. Lots of my friends are like "OMG this is SO CUTE" and in my head and im like...WTF is THAT...shh...don't tell my friends i think that XD *looks away and whistles*. No, don't mistaken that as me thinking that every time that situation occurs. It's just I'm so dang picky. too ruffly, or too loose, too puffy, too short, too much pattern, too little pattern. So yea, if you shop with me, I'll drive you CRAZY. =P



1) Agnes
2) Audrie
3) Life As Icey It
4) Mie
5) Nic Nic
6) To A Secret Place

And if YOU want to go do this lil tag yourself, put it on ur blog! :)

see yall guys later!

i've got a test this friday. I gotta study!!! O__O!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Posh Dome Eyeshadow Brush Product Review and Pics

A while back, maybe a month or two ago, I went to to the grocery store by myself and stumbled upon a section of Posh brushes! I was so surprised my grocery store had it!! Oh, and get this, they were selling it CHEAPER than the price online!

i was like, SWEETTT.

So I'll talk about the brush here. Now, I don't have much brushes. Im poor XD I'm a poor college student to be exact XD, so my perception of brushes may be different from yours. I haven't had the priveledge of being able to buy or use high end brushes so if I say this brush is hard or soft or whatever, it's upon my perception of what i've experienced previously.

Also, when it comes to brushes, there really isn't much to talk about XD I'll try my best to go as indepth as possible and see if there's anything a person would like to know about this brush.

of course, since yall probably want to see the pics first before what I have to say about it, here you go =P :

How big is the brush?
From the widest part of the brush, side to side, it's 1.5cm(a little more than half an inch) and from the base of the hairs to the very tip, it is approximately 1.2cm tall(about a little less than an inch), and the lenth of the entire brush, from the very very tip of the hairs of the brush to the tip of the handle, it measures approximately 12cm (about 4.75 inches)

Does it shed?
I'm very surprised of the quality of this brush! it only shed about....maybe one or two hairs , max 3, since i got it, but for the while that i've had it, it hasn't shed a hair!

Does it bleed when you wash it?
Nope. not at all!

Soft? Hard? How does it feel?
I would say it's firm enough to do the job but soft enough where your eyes don't hurt. I have easily irritated skin and this doesn't irritate it. Now I wouldn't say this is the softest thing in the world, but it's pretty darn close in terms of being able to be dense and firm while still be decently soft. On a scale 1 through 10, with 10 being the softest, I'd say this brush is sitting at...7, and if i were to be very very critical, I'd say this would be a 6.5 at the lowest. More than average, but still not up there. However, since I haven't experienced high end brushes, I don't know if eyeshadow brushes are supposed to feel like this XD all I know is that i like it haha

What's your opinion of how it looks and the packaging?
I like how it's sealed in a lil zip lock with a plastic strip to hold the zipper closed so that way you know nobody tampered with it beforehand, but of course you should always wash your brush anyway before you use it. Oh, and the red laquer? I love it. It looks so classy and I haven't had anything chip from this. I also LOVE the handle of the brush. It's not too long nor too short! I hate to have uber long handles as they will bump into the mirror when you apply makeup and I hate it when things are too travel sized to the point where your fingers can barely hold the handle and you end up having little control. Hah not with this Posh one. fits in my hand rather nicely.

NOPE! $5 Online it costs a couple bucks more but lucky me my grocery store sells it for cheaper so I got a pretty good deal on this brush!

Is this worthy of a repurchase?
YES. yes yes yes. I use this brush THE MOST out of all the brushes I have (which isnt much to begin with anyway XD!! haha) But yes, I find myself reaching for this a lot and I love it so if I need to get another one, I'll go buy it.

How about other Posh brushes?
I have no idea since this is my very first Posh brush. I am aware that with any company, products can really vary! sometimes one item is like HG material and some other item is like a piece of crap so I am wondering myself whether other Posh brushes measure up to good quality or not. Let me know if you yourself know XD haha :)

EDIT: Added 2 more " Q & A" :

Does it pick up the eyeshadow colors well? or do you have to keep swirling it around to get anything on the hairs of the brush?
YES it picks up the colors well =P haha

Does it blend well?
Well this isn't a blending brush, so I can't say it doesnt live up to it's claim since it's not specifically made as a blending brush, but it does a decent job at it. It's not like it creates harsh lines and it's not like you have this airbrushed blended look. You can't expect perfect blending from a basic eyeshadow brush that just applies eyeshadows. However, go ahead and look at my my 2 contests that I put up before. I used this eyeshadow brush for it. You'll see that it does the job for blending if you look at it "long distance" wise but if you look uber uber up close (which i don't know why in real life some random person would do that to you), then you'll see that it isn't fully and properly blended. Just use this brush to apply eyeshadow normally, partially blend it if you want, and get yourself a blending brush to finish the job :)


Overall: 4/5, and if i were to be very picky, i'd say a 3.8/5
Cost: 2/5 ($5)
Does what it's supposed to: 4/5

So there you go. Another post :) Hope it helps some people. If you have any questions feel free to ask

Friday, October 24, 2008

Revlon SuperLustrous Lipgloss in Pink Pursuit Review and Swatches

SORRYYYYY I haven't posted a LONGGG time!!! sorry sorry sorry!

I've been uber busy with school and as yall already know, my photoshop like crashed on me cuz I think my computer's memory couldn't handle CS3 suite or something so I had to put in my old adobe 7.0, which works just fine since all I need to do is watermark, so no biggie for the downgrade.

so yea, I'll try to put up more posts asap! again, sorry for the delays!!

So this lipgloss is pretty much my FAVORITE lipgloss!

At ULTA, I originally bought Maybelline Pure Makeup only to find it irritating to my skin (it had sulfonate...i didn't think it would be THAT bad since im mainly allergic to sulfA--with an A), but no, the color was way off and not good for my skin anyway, so I traded in the foundation for this lipgloss.

I was debating whether to buy this or not since I wanted my $5 back and this lipgloss would have costed me an additional $2, but I caved in to buy it cuz I knew it was gonna bug me if I don't get this lipgloss and I'm SO glad I went with my gut instinct and bought it! I have tons of lipglosses I got as gifts from friends and also really old ones, freebee ones or whatever, and I don't need any more lipgloss, but this Revlon Pink Pursuit caught my attention and I freakin wanted it.

I originally saw swatches from Jie Jie (as you can see from my blogroll). She has TONS of swatches since she has like almost all the revlon lipglosses so visit her blog if you wanna see other swatches. So yea, her swatch motivated me to get this lipgloss :)

here we go :)

in my room with -2 flash (lowest flash setting)

by the window with natural lighting. no flash.

in my room.light from my ceiling. lowest flash setting

same flash settings as above.


Overall: 4.5/5
Color Payoff: 5/5
Price: 3/5 ($6-7 for drugstore. im a cheapo and i find that pricey XD )

dude, all lipglosses are sticky to an extent but this one isn't goopey and it isn't like glue. I find it relatively non-sticky considered for a lipgloss

Chunky glitter?
nope. you can tell from the photo. small glitters that will reflect the light and give shimmer but without the child-like chunky glitters that you would find at Claire's or something.

Where is it available at?
Walgreens, CVS, ULTA, your local grocery store, Walmart, Target. I got mine at ULTA because none of my walgreens, cvs, and grocery etc etc carried it. I got lucky to snag the LAST Pink Pursuit at my nearest ULTA! whoot whoot :3

Does it moisturizer the lips or leave them dry and flakey?
this lipgloss leaves my lips moisturized! :) that's one of the attributes i really love about it

How about the packaging?
it's in a clear acrylic or plastic-like rectangular prism and it's rather durable. This is probably the classiest lipgloss packaging for american drugstore products in my opinion. It looks sleek and simple and elegant. Everyone has their personal preference and opinions but I really like their packaging. It isn't bulky so it's easy to slip in your purse.

One of the biggest hugest thing i love about the packaging, is that when you turn the "knob" at the top to "close" your lipgloss, it makes a "snap" noise to lock in place, so you KNOW nothing's gonna leak in your purse! It makes sure that it's fully closed, so if you have this lipgloss, feel and hear the "click" and you know your purse and makeup bag is safe from lipgloss-leaks.

How about the applicator?
LOVE IT. I love how it deposits the right amount of lipgloss. I hate those other applicators out there that have a GIANT goop at the bottom or have too LITTLE amount. This one's just right! I'm not even kidding. It's also a slim applicator making it easy to apply on your lips and not get messy like others. I don't like huge applicators because I want to get more of a precise application without having to use a lip brush so this lipgloss does the trick.

Any other questions? ask away!

Hope the swatches helped yall ^_^

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Tag Stolen from Nic Nic & Update on Life

I wanted to post up a review but I feel really tired today and I can't deal with adobe CS3 spending an hour again to watermark pics. Perhaps I'll do it tomorrow or something. I practically knocked out in the car this morning while my mom drove me to school. I was trying to study for my govt test and review around but my eyes couldn't take it and i just fell asleep til I got to school. And even then, I felt so exhausted all day long. I don't know why. I've been sleeping near midnight on a regular basis, so maybe that's why..? Other college students sleep at like 2am or something yet they're fine and here I am a slug.

After a lot of help from people at school, I only managed to get a 70.95 on my 3rd govt test, but with my extra credit points, I got an additional 8.5 points giving me a grand total of a 79. Almost a B. I just need a B in this class >_<. I have 3 more tests after this to bring that grade up and hopefully I'll make it cuz my 2nd test score was a total of 77 with extra credit, and so far i haven't taken my extra credit for my 1st test and my first test ended up as a 63 =(. So even if I did get my full 10 extra credit points on that one, that'd only total to a 63. I'd have to make a minimum of an 86 on the next 3 tests to give myself a B in that class IF i remain at a 63 for my 1st test. I hate this class @_@ anyway, I decided to fill this lil guy out below. I'll go to bed early today or something...I'm just feeling so exhausted >_<

4 things I did today:

1. went to school to all of my classes and took my govt test
2. showered
3. played with makeup
4. sleep

4 things on my to-do list:
1. get more sleep
2. clean my room
3. study for my Econ test that's on Monday coming up
4. Hang out with my boyfriend cuz he's comin home this weekend!!!!! yayyyyy ^___^

4 guiltiest pleasures:
1. all the makeup i bought x.x...i think i wasted so much money and spent so much time on them @_@
2. sweets.....chocolate chip cookies, pocky, brownies, chocolate covered pretzels, Starbucks Java Chip Mocha Light with Whipped Cream....yea....
3. Archer Farms (target brand) chips. they are SO good. I have to refrain myself from eating the entire bag in one sitting.
4. hot long showers. i just steal all the hot water....XD

4 random facts about me:
1. i HATE tomatoes. yea, that includes ketchup people. i just can't stand tomatoes. I've TRIED year after year and STILL hate tomatoes...they make me gag and feel nauseous. Oddly though, I DO love pizza, particularly Papa John's pizza--their tomato sauce is something I actually really like *shock*
2. I actually think very low of myself a lot of times, but contradictingly, I have times where I think I'm on top of the world. I switch back and forth very quickly and mainly stay down in the dumps.
3. im obsessed with creating "the perfect stop" when I drive.
4. I exaggerate on everything, so people who know me have to take my words lightly and know that I am not lying on whatever I said. I just exaggerate for laughter purposes and joking purposes and to make the convo a bit more interesting. It's great to make people laugh :)
so exhaustedddd

and i still have my calc homework to do and it's already 9pm....gah. im falling a bit behind in calculus all because of that STUPID substitute teacher we had. He was HORRIBLE. you can't even understand a word he's saying so half of the time ur trying to figure out what he's saying and then try to understand the lesson. He never explains what he's about to do. It's like he just writes stuff on the board and doesn't say why he did it or what step he's on. Glad my real teacher's back, but that substitute teacher seriously completely ruined my train of thought. I was doing just fine until he stepped in. ugh.

this was our second time having that substitute and we all know he's a bad teacher. So at first our entire class was in anticipation of whether our teacher is coming or the substitute cuz it was 5-10 minutes past the time to start class, and right when the substitute teacher walked in, literally EVERYONE moaned " awwwww" in a whiny disappointed way, not a "aww" in one of those cute ways. That was so embarassing to let the sub hear that XD but it was hilarious XD you could just FEEL the pain the entire class felt when we all saw him come in XD falling behind in econ cuz my teacher seems to be rambling stuff..and its like....confusing. I'll just read the book. i have a test monday, and have to read ch.6-10.'ll take me forever!

oh oh oh, bad luck came upon me on MONDAY and TODAY.

so on monday, my guyfriend texted me and i was so concentrated on texting him back (he asked me if i needed a ride home and i sure did need a ride home!!) so i wasn't watching where i was going, and after all the rain we've been getting in my city, there's this giant puddle of murky water in front of the science & research building that I got out of. oh no, it wasn't the murky water i stepped in. I dodged that quickly.....

.........only to land in the MUDDDDDDDDDD. MUD MUD MUD MUD.

my ENTIRE 2 feet were SOAKED and DROWNED in MUDDDD. EWWW!!

the 2 guys behind me was like "oh....ew.." I am assuming they were sympathizing my misfortune.

So I quickly walked to the nearest restroom having to walk squishing around in dirty dirty mud--it was disgusting. I spent 10 to 15 minutes cleaning my feet looking like a moron to everybody who came into the bathroom. I clogged the sink with all the mud and dirt that came off my feet. ugh. Then I Purell'ed both my feet, and I STILL have dirt under my nails @_@...

As for today, it was raining again. So right when me and my friend walked under a tree, it started to POURRRRR. I quickly got out my umbrella and though it helped some, we ended up soaked to the MAX. My jeans were fully soaked up all the way near my knees and my jeans started to feel heavy from all the water.

Immediately RIGHT after we got into the library doors....the rain stopped. completely. it grew ridiculously sunny outside and not a drop in sight. gay man. so lame. mother nature hates me and my friend or something. It wasn't raining when we were inside the cafeteria. it only rained while we were outside. then back into the library the sun is shining.....ugh ugh ugh. I felt sooo cold cuz of the water and freezing air conditioning @_@ my nails turned purple! i was sooo cold ;.;

so yea....there's what's happening on my end.

alrightee i better go now. see yall soon hopefully!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Last Week of Summer + Whole Foods -- Pic HEAVY

Okay so I decided to post pone the mini TINYY haul I got last week until later because this blog entry is longgggggggg overdue!

As you can probably tell, this event was the last week before school started, which was...I think August 16th or 17th..somewhere around there, and this lasted until August 24th.

There's just wayyyyy too many pics I wanted to put up so I kept procrastinating on it.

Today it took me a grand total of ONE HOUR to only freakin WATERMARK my pictures for this one post!!!!!! that time does NOT include me typing all this either. Stupid Adobe CS3 kept freezing up on me and then shutting off so I kept having to restart that program over and over and over and over and over.. OMG it was SO ANNOYING.

BUT! because I love yall, I presevered through the time-consuming CS3 to watermark these pics and to put them up, so please enjoy! :)

Whole Foods Market:

Section: FOOD

the entrance. 2 story whole foods! whoot whoot!!

check out all the desserttt!!!

I absolutely LOVE the strawberry candy they just made here

Section: Miscellaneous

Section: MAKEUP

isn't Whole Foods awesome? they even provide a SINK for you to test out their products and clean yourself up!!! man ALL grocery stores need to do this! These are the testers.

and these are the to-buy products

Glo Minerals

**BTW these makeup stands right there are only a couple that they had. Whole foods had more but I didn't have time to take a picture of them since we were rushing. Plus there was a wholefoods worker there in the cosmetics section so I felt weird taking pics...

Swatches of the Dr. Hauschka Liquid Eyeliner in Black and Brown

This picture was taken in the parking garage of Whole Foods, with the lowest flash setting ( negative 2)

taken in the natural light outside while riding in the car

after i put my hand under the faucet back at my bf's sister's apartment. I did not use any soap and nor did I scrub or anything. I just put the water on top of it and as you can see, the liquid liner is loosening up and after I did this, I could wipe this all of in 1-2 swipes of tissue paper.

extra info on the eyeliner:

I really loved the fine-tip brush of this liquid liner. you can make lines as thick as you want or as thin as you want and the packaging is that gold tube you see in the other picture of the makeup at whole foods. The packaging looks so classy--reminds me of YSL touche eclat type of packaging in a way. The tube is like all metal or something of the same material feeling and this guy costs $18--I didn't buy it of course. I felt that this worked just the same as my Loreal Line Intensifique Liquid Liner. The formula is relatively the same but I LOVED the Dr. Hauschka's brush tip. To me, it's amazing, and I'd love for loreal to have the same tip. Now the Loreal does come in a version with the brush tip rather than the felt tip I'm using right now--so maybe if I have money I'll put that guy to the test.


(fyi, this is me 2 weeks after I had my wisdom teeth surgery so I couldn't smile right so sorry for the slight gloomy face--i tried to smile)
This was my face before school started. No makeup whatsoever. no foundation, no eye makeup..nothing. Sure my face wasn't perfect, but I could walk outside and my face didn't even look oily and it was pretty clear. *sigh* if only i can have that skin back now!! >_< My Bf's Sister's Roomate's CAT:

For you cat lovers or pet lovers, here's a couple pics of this adorable, hyper, crazy cat :3 Please don't steal any of these pictures cuz I had to try hard to time the camera correctly to get these shots and these pics are all my work.

LOL the cat looks so....estactic to see me.....

that's my bf's chicken robot toy that does the Chicken Dance. We turned on the chicken toy and the cat freaked out and ran away XDDD hahaha poor guy

nom nom nom...

he had a great time surfing through the hawaiian punch box and the lucky charm cereal box...silly cat


Hawaiian Punch Cat Burrito!! lol. That's my bf's hands and feet in this pic lol

lol the cat fighting back at my bf while he was picking the cat up.

Well hope yall enjoyed all of that! I purposely postponed the haul pics cuz this post has more pics to show yall. I felt bad that I haven't been able to blog lately due to my school schedule so I thought to make it up with a picture-packed post.

Thanks for reading and visiting :)

see yall later!!


All products are 100% my opinions and thoughts. I am not paid to review any products I post. Use the product and advice/suggestions at your own discretion. Thank you!

Thanks for Visiting!