Thursday, October 2, 2008

Answering a Reader's Question and Outfit Issue

I got a comment from an anonymous user, and I thought to make a post about it rather than comment because since she didn't have a blog, I didn't quite know how to reach the person to answer their question, so hopefully putting the response as a post would help :)

The anonymous reader said:

hi can u let me know what is the full name of the lip gloss u r using?i 'll try to find that.btw how u achieve that super curl lashes?i've used shiseido n shu emura curler but yet my lashes r no longer as curl as it used agnes said maybe my mascara weighs them down but then b4 i applied it i'll wipe it with a tissue so it'll not looks messy.
p/s:ur full name of ur nyx mascara is doll...?

Full name of my lipgloss:
here's a link:
From the official NYX website, it seems that the lipgloss is called Goddes of the Night Lipgloss with Mega Shine, and I am using the color BEIGE. *EDIT* Ooopps! correction: the color is SMOKEY LOOK, not beige, the one that you were asking about in my "anne's fall contest" look.

Curled Lashes:
Have you replaced your eyelash curler's pad? It might be worn out and it might be the time to change the pad. I had a similar problem in that my eyelash curler wasn't curling like I wanted it to, and I changed the pad cuz I realized it was getting old so once I used it again with the new pad, my lashes started to curl again without a lot of effort like before.

Also, I know this may be a stupid question, but like, are your lashes oily or have any form of liquid on them? because I remember I messed up on my makeup when I was playing around with it and I took my eye makeup remover to remove everything and started over, including recurling my lashes, and this time my lashes did not curl at all because my lashes were oily from the eye makeup remover--i thought that after wiping and drying all over my eyes, i thought my lashes were dry as well, but that wasn't the case--the oil apparently did not really go away. Water also will prevent your lashes from curling. My eyes watered up before from allergies and I didn't think much of it and wiped my eyes with a tissue thinking things were dry, but when i was trying to curl my clean lashes, my tears from my eyes on my lashes prevented the curl.

And Agnes may be right, your mascara might be weighing down your lashes. Next time, try applying a very light coat to your curled lashes and wait for that light coat to dry first to "freeze" your lashe's "curled position" if you know what i mean, and then after everything's been settled, you can add on the other layers of mascara as you please. I found that helped me a lot cuz I experienced major decurling when I consistently put one coat after another of mascara.

Full Name of my Mascara:
NYX Doll Eyes Mascara Volume in the color Black

Hope that helps :)

update on my life thus far:

I ended up postponing my govt test to take it tomorrow--Friday, cuz I felt that I didn't have enough time to study since I just took 2 tests on monday and im tired from studying for that, so I haven't quite gotten the chance to fully blog. Hopefully I'll do good--I'm really worried >_< .

And today my guyfriend thought what I was wearing was ugly XD

I ran out of jeans to wear because they're dirty and need to go to the washing machine.

Then i thought of wearing shorts. But then I realized my legs are...uh, not shaven yet, and are rather, err furry. ...okay its not like im hairy like a freakin gorilla but seriously--i don't wanna go outside with my legs unshaven...makes me feel icky XD

so having only 5 minutes to rack up an outfit to wear to school, I decided to wear full length black tights under my Guess brand shorts, wore a v-neck sleeveless top, and my BCBG caramel-brown colored jacket on top, with wearing black flats.

My friend thought my entire outfit looked unusual and despite that he didnt' say this, he implied that it looked really bad and really ugly.

I got worried--what if he's right? Maybe I really did look bad even though I thought I didn't, so I asked him what was wrong with it, hoping that maybe I can fix it or never wear it again if it really does look that bad. He didn't bother to tell me what was the thing that made it look so weird , but I honestly think its the black tights--apparently he never really saw me in black tights?? He just replied "....well..lets just looks.....uh....uh....UNUSUAL."

I replied to him that I consistently see black tights worn on the high fashion runway for the Fall season and he said he doesn't look at high fashion (of course thats expected cuz i woudln't expect a guy to go eye a runway, particularly a girl's fashion for that matter) so he doesn't really "know" or whatever and still thinks what I'm wearing doesn't look good.

So I'm just confused. I really wanted to know what I could do to fix my situation cuz seriously, who would like to look like a clown and stick out like a sore thumb in the middle of the crowd in a bad way? I just wanted to know what i could do but since he just didn't want to tell me, I guess it's his preference on girls that he doesn't like high fashion--he actually likes the "abercrombie" look on girls from what i've observed so I guess I didn't fit his description of a girl who wears pretty clothes or something.

When I finally got home, I asked my mom (without mentioning what my guyfriend said in order to try to achieve an unbiased answer), and she said what I was wearing looks high-fashion and model-like, but was too "showing off (vain-wise)" and "too model-like to wear to school". She said I shouldn't wear something that looked that high-fashion to school because people wear shirts and jeans so what i wore wasn't appropriate for school. I didn't know whether to take that as constructive criticism, an insult, or a compliment. It's like, I'm glad that what I wore looks high fashion, but I think it was an insult to say that the look I wore with a top, shorts, and black tights, was too "showing off" for school--especially when other girls wear full-length maxi dresses, and frilly skirts, boots, cute heels/pumps to school, and here I am the target of "showing off".

I visit Agnes' blog and Hello Loverr's blog and am so inspired to wear such cute clothes that look high fashion or girly and more than your usual shirt and jeans, and I told Agnes ( you can find her on my blogroll--she's gorgeous, adorable, and has an amazing sense of fashion) that if I wore the cute & pretty clothes she wears outside, I'd stick out like a sore thumb. Sure enough, I did stick out like a sore thumb today. She encouraged me to go ahead and wear the pretty clothes that I like despite my surroundings. Unfortunately most people just wear shirts and jeans, and its like, I don't want to conform my fashion sense to the style of all the other college girls. I have my own style that I like and so what if I think every day is a good opportunity to celebrate and dress up? as long as I don't wear like some prom/homecoming dress on a daily basis, then I think what I wear is just fine.

What do yall think? have yall had a situation where yall wore cute clothes that yall liked and it ended up being a disaster as identified but your peers?



received the first 4 comments this morning:

thanks yall :) makes me feel better a lot.

It's just that guyfriend has been...well....criticizing me on more than one occasion and I can never figure out whether he's kidding or not. One time he was, the next time not, then back again he was--its like I don't know what to actually take to heart and what to just joke about.

One time he said I dressed slutty (i know, wtf.) He had no idea how awful I felt after he told me that and I asked him "are you joking or are you serious because I can't tell." He replied "......well...uh...half and half.....yea..." -____- I mean, I'm sorry TEXAS is freakin HOT and HUMID yearround so i need to wear tank tops and some revealing clothes of some sort to combat the heat--even during the winter, in the afternoons I literally can go outside in shorts and shirt--and in fact, i did do that when i was in tennis in HS. I wore my short athletic shorts and a tank top in the middle of winter while playing & practicing tennis at school.

Then during July 4th weekend, you can actually go back to one of my old posts from July 4th and see the makeup I wore that day. I went with my friend to Sephora and my friend really wanted me to put on some blue-ish eyeshadow so I went to go play with some makeup and then my guyfriend, when we finally got home and went out to dinner in our big group, he asked me "omg...what's all that junk on your face???"

my mouth dropped and i had a sad face and my friend who asked me to put on the makeup said that it looked pretty and fine to her, she didn't see any problems.

The thing is, is that me and my guyfriend are the types to make fun of each other all the time and we know to take each other lightly. You know what i'm talking about right? It's like, known that me and him always quarrel around in a joking manner and such, but I feel that in some subjects, he just goes too far. He did apologize to me once for "accidentally" insulting my "small boobs" -____-.......he said he didn't mean to insult, and honestly I know he wouldn't insult someone purposely like that, so he called me up to apologize to me about it, but still, had he used his brain ahead of time, guys should know NOT to insult a girl like that!!! even if it WAS joking, seriously. there's a fine line where I can take a joke despite how insulting it is, and the line where it's flat our RUDE and MEAN.

so yea, definitely i'll instill yall's words in your comments into my mind--I shouldn't care what neither my mother or friends think of how i wear since I like what I'm wearing and it feels comfortable and heck, since i buy them, i might as well make use of the money right?

As for my test, unfortunately I made a 69.5 . before I got a 63.4 so I did bump up a couple points, but freakin studied til 1:30am for this test and i still fail!?!!??!? At least I still have...i think3 or 4 more tests..i believe it's 3 tests and then the i better study hard for the next one >_<....this sucks. I tried so hard yet my efforts still didn't pull through.

alrightee i'll be going now--better get some sleep cuz i slept at 2am ish and had to wake up about 6am.

thanks for reading and the encouragements :)


REI 麗 said...

Hey Ichigo,

You shouldn't worry about what other people think of your clothes. They're just comformist to the typical jeans and tee routine, which can be really boring, or even athletic shorts. Ew...those make me shudder.

I literally dress up everyday in my quirky style and I definitely stand out in the crowd, but it doesn't make me feel bad or worried about what others think. I just go with this thought that "hey, I feel and look good about myself so that's all that matters, it's not my fault they can't spare ten minutes to throw on something cute."

So don't feel bad, so what if you dress like "high-fashion?" I dress like a five year old porcelain doll with all my lace and frilliness and curly hair, so who's worse on the scale of abnormacy? JK! Love ya lots!

Anonymous said...

haha one of my guy friends hate any of my woven sweaters / cardigans. he thinks they look like "grandma wear", but i LOVE them & i don't care what he says. & guess what? it grew on him :P haha

it doesn't sound like what you wore would look strange? (picture?) i think i've worn something similar! but with boots :P haha in any case, it may have just looked DIFFERENT to him because he doesn't see you wear that sort of thing?

jie jie said...

hun, everyone's taste is different. if you think you look good, wear it out. I think you have an eye for good clothes and know how to combine it well. i don't see anything wrong with you dressing it up a bit. though if you're in engineering, you will most likely stick out. i remember going to english class where everyone were from different colleges, and the girls dressed so cute and guys were like models out of A&F catalogs.. while when I go back to comp sci bldg or any engg bldg, you don't see a lot of ppl dress up. just shirt and jeans/shorts.

charlieee said...

hi! i don't think what you wear was ugly or anything. it's not that uncommon to wear black tights under a short...esp during fall.
maybe your friend is just nor used to seeing this kind of style. 'unusual' doesn't necessarily equal ugly.
and pretty clothes are meant to be worn! =D

Anonymous said...

Hi ~ im new to Blogger
and i was reading ur blog ur post are so nice to read^^ Oh well.
AND ~ I really like the way u dress i think is really stylish!
oh well have a nice day ^^ ~!!

Agnes said...

seriously!!! i think everyone deserve to dress pretty and cutely whenever they want! i couldn't bother about stares and all. Instead, its a confident boooostttt~

we are young, we deserve some fun time dressing up and those cute frilly clothes <3 xD

ilurvemakeup said...

That's too bad about your MB samples - some didn't do anything for me at all, while some did. If you have scars on your neck or even the back of your neck, test there first. Hopefully you won't get a reaction, it's such a wonderful product!

Jane said...

your guy friend thought your outfit was ugly? too bad for him. i wear whatever i feel good wearing and i think i look fantastic when i do. lol

thanks for visiting my blog. i read a lot of beauty blogs, but i rarely comment on them because i feel my blog is really unrelated...

you seem like a great girl



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