Thursday, October 9, 2008

Last Week of Summer + Whole Foods -- Pic HEAVY

Okay so I decided to post pone the mini TINYY haul I got last week until later because this blog entry is longgggggggg overdue!

As you can probably tell, this event was the last week before school started, which was...I think August 16th or 17th..somewhere around there, and this lasted until August 24th.

There's just wayyyyy too many pics I wanted to put up so I kept procrastinating on it.

Today it took me a grand total of ONE HOUR to only freakin WATERMARK my pictures for this one post!!!!!! that time does NOT include me typing all this either. Stupid Adobe CS3 kept freezing up on me and then shutting off so I kept having to restart that program over and over and over and over and over.. OMG it was SO ANNOYING.

BUT! because I love yall, I presevered through the time-consuming CS3 to watermark these pics and to put them up, so please enjoy! :)

Whole Foods Market:

Section: FOOD

the entrance. 2 story whole foods! whoot whoot!!

check out all the desserttt!!!

I absolutely LOVE the strawberry candy they just made here

Section: Miscellaneous

Section: MAKEUP

isn't Whole Foods awesome? they even provide a SINK for you to test out their products and clean yourself up!!! man ALL grocery stores need to do this! These are the testers.

and these are the to-buy products

Glo Minerals

**BTW these makeup stands right there are only a couple that they had. Whole foods had more but I didn't have time to take a picture of them since we were rushing. Plus there was a wholefoods worker there in the cosmetics section so I felt weird taking pics...

Swatches of the Dr. Hauschka Liquid Eyeliner in Black and Brown

This picture was taken in the parking garage of Whole Foods, with the lowest flash setting ( negative 2)

taken in the natural light outside while riding in the car

after i put my hand under the faucet back at my bf's sister's apartment. I did not use any soap and nor did I scrub or anything. I just put the water on top of it and as you can see, the liquid liner is loosening up and after I did this, I could wipe this all of in 1-2 swipes of tissue paper.

extra info on the eyeliner:

I really loved the fine-tip brush of this liquid liner. you can make lines as thick as you want or as thin as you want and the packaging is that gold tube you see in the other picture of the makeup at whole foods. The packaging looks so classy--reminds me of YSL touche eclat type of packaging in a way. The tube is like all metal or something of the same material feeling and this guy costs $18--I didn't buy it of course. I felt that this worked just the same as my Loreal Line Intensifique Liquid Liner. The formula is relatively the same but I LOVED the Dr. Hauschka's brush tip. To me, it's amazing, and I'd love for loreal to have the same tip. Now the Loreal does come in a version with the brush tip rather than the felt tip I'm using right now--so maybe if I have money I'll put that guy to the test.


(fyi, this is me 2 weeks after I had my wisdom teeth surgery so I couldn't smile right so sorry for the slight gloomy face--i tried to smile)
This was my face before school started. No makeup whatsoever. no foundation, no eye makeup..nothing. Sure my face wasn't perfect, but I could walk outside and my face didn't even look oily and it was pretty clear. *sigh* if only i can have that skin back now!! >_< My Bf's Sister's Roomate's CAT:

For you cat lovers or pet lovers, here's a couple pics of this adorable, hyper, crazy cat :3 Please don't steal any of these pictures cuz I had to try hard to time the camera correctly to get these shots and these pics are all my work.

LOL the cat looks so....estactic to see me.....

that's my bf's chicken robot toy that does the Chicken Dance. We turned on the chicken toy and the cat freaked out and ran away XDDD hahaha poor guy

nom nom nom...

he had a great time surfing through the hawaiian punch box and the lucky charm cereal box...silly cat


Hawaiian Punch Cat Burrito!! lol. That's my bf's hands and feet in this pic lol

lol the cat fighting back at my bf while he was picking the cat up.

Well hope yall enjoyed all of that! I purposely postponed the haul pics cuz this post has more pics to show yall. I felt bad that I haven't been able to blog lately due to my school schedule so I thought to make it up with a picture-packed post.

Thanks for reading and visiting :)

see yall later!!


royalmocha said...

Hiya, i hope we have whole foods here in la islas filipinas:) ur cat is too cute:)cat in the box:)

IchigoBunnie said...

royalmocha: thank you! actually that's my boyfriend's sister's roomate's cat. haha i know thats a mouthfull to say ^^() but yet, it isn't mine. I used to have a cat but it sorta ran away when we moved to our new house.

jewels said...

those yummi desserts makes me want to buy all of them!

fuzkittie said...

Hello! The kitty pics are adorable~ Esp the one where he's stretched through the paper box, haha.

Woah 2 story whole foods?!! That's so awesome!! Look at all the yummy desserts!

In response to your question about the rollers... Yea I pretty much just positioned them where I would curl my hair if I used a curling iron. :]

mayaari said...

If I could shop at Whole Foods for all my groceries, I totally would :) they're remodeling the WF near me, so that it looks a little more like the one you went to - can't wait until it's all done!

Anonymous said...

wow! those desserts remind me of the ones they had in cabo but everything was pretty much out in the open & freshly baked! it was really good!

i know what you mean about things taking forever to post & stuff..i still have YET to post up my vaca pics but i think i'll be able to finish tonight so it should be up sometime tomorrow?

jeSmakeup said...

Hahhahah ur cat is crazy! so cUUuute tho.... yUmmie look at all those deserts and cake..... im seriously have the munchies!! time of the monty u know hahah wuts ur etnicity?

miemiemie said...

you look so pretty without makeup on! you don't even need it anyway!:)

haven't used the maybelline pure makeup foundie the past few days coz i got sick. but i will try it when its not too hot anymore here..i might get too oily if i use it here in the philippines..its so freakn hot in here!

miemiemie said...

aww that's too bad. til now i still don't know the specific stuff i'm allergic too..lately i've noticed that i end up in rashes with drugstore sunscreens..something in them i'm allergic..dunno what though..which sucks,coz i hate the sun!

Nic Nic said...

i agree with the other ladies, you are pretty without makeup!!

great food porn... lol cakeeee!

jeSmakeup said...

i wouldnt have thought so... hehehe

oh yea forgot to say thanks for the information on the BO =)

alien man?! said...

ahhh your kitty is so <3 <3 <3

and your smile is gorgeous, what are you talking about :D

are you using Vista? my entire adobe suite CS3 would keep crashing on it so i had to downgrade to XP soon after i got my laptop.

IchigoBunnie said...

i know right? it looked so good--but my god they were so freakin expensive XDD. They had this GIANTT s'more and they made it pretty unique and i wanted it, but they charge you by the pound/weight and I think it could of easily costed me $5-10 for a piece...*sigh*

hey there :) lol yea that cat was having the time of his life in that box. He's still a kitten and roughly half a year old--more or less.

And dude, thanks to you, I actually had a DREAM about rollers HAHAHAH. I was so sad in that dream bc my curls didn't curl at all XD ...nightmare? yes =P lol

ditto! i'd LOVEEE to shop at Whole foods for the rest of my life if i had the MONEY!! haha its so dang expensive in there but it's an amazing grocery store. god, even the FISH and MEAT section smell decent/good whereas other grocery stores it would reek--especially asian grocery stores...smelly! lol

answered you by a comment on your blog :) (in which you already read)

miemie & Nic Nic: aww thanks! I didn't "need" makeup when I had clear skin at that time, but right now, I sure need to conceal the really bad scars! it's pretty bad scarring unfortunately.

alienman: haha thank you :) I'm using XP with the entire CS3 Suite and it STILL messes with my computer. I just need more ram..preferably 1gb cuz this program is just eating up all my memory on my computer!

kae said...

you're welcome :) yeah, it's really great b/c when i did pink's contest and packed all that makeup on my face, it really deep cleaned it cause when i swiped my face w/ my toner, there was no makeup residue at all :)

wow i didn't know whole foods had makeup! i haven't been to one in a looong time! the marzipan fruit looks good too :)

Kimberly Tia said...

omg YUM.... i love marzipan -- and its soo pretty!!
my grandmother would always bring me a marzipan pig from Holland as a gifty when she would visit in the US. ^_^

kae said...

sure, i can do that for you :) i'll try to have it up by tonight! btw hope you don't mind me linking you, looks like you've got some interesting stuff on your blog :)

eBeautyBlog said...

Hi there,

Nice blog!!!

I will try to look for the ingredient list and post it for you. I'm not sure I still have the old one but I'll probably gonna need another tube soon so if I can't find the old one; I'll post the new one once I get it. Will let you know :)

Fabuless Beauty said...

Whole Foods does have an impressive beauty department. I can spend hours there!

eBeautyBlog said...

Funny!! I wondered the same thing. But even with a higher SPF, you'd still need to reapply at certain point if you're out directly in the sun. I'd reapply it over the makeup/foundation. It may seems weird, but it works!!! I rather feel weird than being burnt, would you?

Bittenbefore said...

wow this post is all sorts of love!
i adore and miss whole foods and that cutie cat!!

yah i love the curved tip for nail polish too, makes it so much easier
i've been looking at the opi paint pens ,wonder if they are good

ah which japanese magazines do u like? i'll scan some for you ^^

eBeautyBlog said...

It tastes like cucumber!!! HAHA
Actually, it's not so bad. It depends on which ingredients you put more in. I tend to add a little more honey so it tastes really sweet and refreshing!!! But then again, much of the drinks/foods that are healthy for you taste bad!!!

btw, you came across as Chinese/Korean or something else rather than Viet to me

Emilita said...

Cute cat!

And those desserts look really, really good. I rarely go to Whole Foods but I want to make a trip now, if just to wonder around.

Kimberly Tia said...

Hi Girlie...

This is what i found out online for Mandom ingredients:

Ingredients are:
Water, PEG-6 Caprylic/Glycerides, Sodium Citrate, PCA Ethyl Cocoyl, Arginate, Tochopheryl, Acetate, Disodium EDTA, Citric Acid, Butylene Glycol, Glycerine, Hydroxylated-Lecithin, Caprylyl Glycol, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract [green tea] , Glycine, Soja Seed Extract [Soy]

Also trying calling Ohayousa, I found the people there to be VERY helpful with explaing product lines, because I bought both Mandom cleansers, and apparently the blue one is more for oil/combination skin, and pink is for normal skin.

hope it some what helps - my skin is REALLY sensitive, but I found this mandom to be really nice on my skin.

SUGABUM said...

I know, I want the 870IS so badly!! I'm a really paranoid person, so I stick protective stickers on all my electronic screens, even if they claim to have anti-scratch abilities. When the sticker gets little scratches, I think to myself, "muahaha, see it DOES pay to be more cautious!" LOL, I'm such a dork.

And in regards to your post, that is a lot of makeup for a supermarket to carry! And I like their sample testing area. Ooooh, and does the strawberry candy taste like strawberry? And your cat is soooo cute! I actually read this post when you first posted it, but I'm always so behind on blog posts that I've begun lurking to speed up the pace of reading everyone's blogs, haha.

So are all the pictures you post on your blog taken with the 870IS? Oooh, and did you buy an extra battery for it? Or do you think it's not necessary?

jewels said...

ya i guess i gotta shop around for a new lash curler. its hard, b/c you can't really try it out.

alien man?! said...

Yea, apparently, property taxes are the catch, but I've been renting the whole time I've lived in Oregon, so I wouldn't know ^_^;

ahbeeedotcom said...

oh man .that all looks great to eat. btw hun the contest ends october 15 midnight :) so ill definitely love it if you join :)

Agnes said...

mmmmmMMmmm yummy food! and you look LOVELY!!

kae said...

hi, the review is up :)

Audrie said...

omg no wayyy, Whole Foods look sooo nice, it's like a freaking department store! The one by where I live is so tiny and crowded. I guess it's true, everything is bigger in Texas haha. Nice to see you posting again! Your skin looks great and so glowy! And your cat is adorable, I have always wanted a cat...

kae said...

you're welcome :) i'm sorry, i don't know your name! or maybe i'm just not looking hard enough lol. you should definitely give it a try. hopefully it works for you! also, pick up a small tube of aquaphor for the night time . i think that really helps with keeping the peelys away longer.

Da Ly Huong said...

Hey IchigoBunnie, do you go to UH. Sorry if you not, 'cuz I saw a girl looks just like you at my school. Anyways have a nice day ^^

Aubrey said...

hey there :) the orly doesnt leave dent marks on my nails for sure, it dries within 15 mins too which is great! hope this helped ya<3


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