Friday, October 31, 2008

Nina Dolls Heels - Yay or Nay?


I need your help :)

I bought a pair of heels today for $15.99 at Ross, and I'm on the fence. It's like my mom thought they looked too old for me and she used the word "prostitute" cuz she thought the t-strap design was very provacative.

Though I disagree with her, I still am very open to any response. I'd hate to look like a tramp going outdoors and looking much older than I really am, so Im not upset at my mom's response, but rather it makes me look more thoroughly into these shoes whether they are good or not.

These were stuffed under a pile of JUNKKK. it wasn't even in the shoe racks. I guess someone might have hid it to buy it later? I don't know, but they were a size 6 and a perfect fit. I feel it's very Urban Outfitters--i love that store. These shoes look rather vintage in a way to me.

It's genuine upper leather (very soft to my picky picky picky feet) and had small studs. I like the straps because they provide extra support to me and I know they won't "slip off" like other heels can. Also, these are 4 inch heels. highest i've ever had. my other boots i've got are 3.5 inches, so i'm weary if i'm able to balance in these as i am the epitome of unwomanlyness when it comes to walking in heels XD

so ladies, here are the pics. PLEASE do not be biased from what you just read. I do like these shoes, but I'd appreciate any and all unbiased opinions. If they really do look trampy, please tell me (so that way i know to return them). If they look too old for me, as in makes me look grandma ish, please let me know. If they are very chic and in fashion, let me know. I am open to all opinions to make my final decision to keep them or not :)

These were the very last pair so that's why i bought them cuz i just had this feeling that i'll regret it if I don't buy it.

so yea, enough blabbing from me, here are the pics:

this is the gorgeous vintage-victorian ish looking fabric under the brown leather. its the interior of the shoe. i like this detail :)

so yea, there you go.

I'm just worried cuz despite that I am 18, I don't look like it. Heck, my pin up girl look, i look really....little-girl ish XD considered for the actual age that pin ups are supposed to look like. Usually some stuff that looks good on other people my age end up making me look like im 15 and trying too hard or something and i definitely do not want to look like that.


Yes? keep them.

No? return them.

Thank youu :)

and please please be honest as you can be and don't just agree with me just know what i mean right? sometimes when one of our friends are like "OMG don't these look great??" and you dont think it looks good but yet you say "yea they do" anyway as to not upset your friend? Well I just really want a real and honest response--you'll save me from any humiliation if there were to be any with these shoes.

again, thanks


Anonymous said...

okay babe, you definetaly DO NOT look like a tramp! not at all. it is a sexy shoe. but in a classy way. and dont worry about looking younger. its better this way i mean i get mistaken for being older and i HATE it hehe.
much better to look younger than older. and you know who you are and how old you are. i think, if you really like this shoe, then go for it!

jamie said...

not slutty at all! just sexy but not extremely. lol!:) moms are like that i think! :P

imee said...

i like it, looks different =)

Anonymous said...

those are hot!
...but not in a trampy way, lol.

- aika - - said...

sexy :D

Bittenbefore said...

personally i like them
and i dont think they are slutty at all

show us an example of an outfit u wear it with?

Kelly said...

These are def. not "prostitute" shoes. Those are way taller haha.
I really think these are very chic and in fashion.. esp. the way it's designed. It's like gladiator shoes but with heels.

I don't think it makes you look older either :)

Moms usually disagree.. but just go with how you feel :)

jewels said...

lol i need to see the whole outfit.

but shoes look great!

Anonymous said...

i'm very jealous of youu, they're gorgeous! & your shoes do have that vintage feel to it, which is also great cause well, at least i'm into that sort of stuff so maybe i'm a little biased that way. eh sry ><

don't listen to your mom though. all asian moms are like that (i know from experience as well lol). they need to get with the times!

Anonymous said...

they remind me a bit of these ones i saw at forever21. nice, real leather is definately more comfortable than faux :]

Askmewhats said...

I honestly think your mom "thought" it looks like a prostitute because of the Height probably, but honestly, looking at the photos, I would say KEEP IT, it looks gorgeous and I envy you for being able to wear heels like that :)

IchigoBunnie said...

梅子 : thanks :) oh btw what i meant by looking younger, is that I didn't wanna end up looking like, lets say a 13 year old TRYING to look older. Since I dont look old, I felt like I appeared to be a teeny-bopper person attempting to look older XD haha

jamie: hehe, i guess so. i guess mom's will always look at their children as just plain children, not adults.

imee: thanks! that's exactly what i thought too. When i saw it, i thought it looked so different, and very unique so i was like...i gotta have it XD

anonymous @ 5:27 PM and aika: thanks!

bittenbefore: hmm..outfit. Maybe that should be another post! thanks for the idea :) I just gotta figure out what to wear it with... XD

kelly: hahhaha @ "prostitute shoes are WAY taller" lol. I know right? i saw those types of shoes before and they're like...i think 6 to 8 inches tall XD

jewels: yea, the outfit probably would make a huge difference. When i tried these on in the store, I wore a black 3-quarter sleeve shirt and jeans

anonymous @ 8:08 PM: i know really. our old-time parents really gotta speed up with society XD I know 18 is young, but my mom sees me as an 8 year old. my mom didn't want me to drive out last night at 7pm cuz she said it was too dangerous for me yet my friend's house was 5 minutes away XD asian moms will always be....asian moms XD

anonymous @ 10:41PM: whoaaa that's interesting how these pair look the same as the F21. Honestly, since F21 usually copies off of designer shoes, I think F21 actually and probably copied off of the shoes i got. Nina is a rather pricey brand--not extremely, but my shoes were supposed to be $80 retail, and I saw this Nina store in "The Galleria", which is a really expensive mall over at my place, so I know my shoes are probably from that store (and thank god i got them for $15!). thanks for the link for the comparisons and such. im glad also that my heels are shorter than the ones at F21 or else i wont' be able to walk XD lol

askmewhats: based upon your answer and everybody else' i guess so that this shoe is a KEEPER! lol and i agree with you. My mom mentioned 2 things that she felt made it looked prostitute-y. The extreme "heel height" that was 4 inches as mentioned earlier, and the straps. My mom hates those loopy straps. She thinks they are ment to look all "sexy" and stuff and she still hasn't managed to believe that i'm an 18 year old. And holy crap, you see people like Taylor Momsen from Gossip girl (gorgeous girl) who's 15 and wearing short dresses and super high heels both on and off the screen, and you see Miley Cyrus doing the high pumps, and you see Hayden Panettiere who's 19, just a year older than me wearing Christian Louboutin shoes which are 5 inches tall. My mother never complains about those girls around my age yet she looks at me as the little slut apparently. I'll keep my head up and wear these shoes!! :3

Jane said...

i think they're really cute

they look like they are genuinely from a different era

Fabuless Beauty said...

Those shoes are cute and so inexpensive! If your mom is concerned about those shoes, maybe wear these with pants. Honestly, you aren't going to wear these everyday!

Aradani said...

i think they're rather stylish and are fine for how old you are now and later on. I think they will be a nice addition to your closet. what i really like about them is that i haven't really seen anything like that (gladiator,peep toe, sandal mix)around. and $16 is really good for it. lol imma check my neighborhood ross tomorrow, love those stores!

jewels said... are so cute...reading thru your comment, i was giggling inside.

It felt like you were talking to me face to face some how. hahaha that desperate scent of want and liking to a plaid coat.

Plus the hat..i agree..some hats makes me look like a robber too. prob b/c i have a round face too >_<

miya said...

definitely not trampy and they were such a good deal! i think they would look super cute with a skirt and colorful tights!! i say keep them!!

Ms. _____ 2 be ! said...

I think they look alright but not prostitute like.

CKR said...

I don't think they look slutty, but the strap will make your legs appear shorter because it cuts off the leg line. Then again, we can't see your whole leg in the pic, so it may look fine. Other than that, they are very cute!

Anonymous said...

I love them! If it makes you feel any better, my mom would complain about those shoes as well So, KEEP THEM

debbie said...

come on, they are HOTTT!
def. a YAY, dear! ;)

Jennifer said...

I think they look more "Xena: Warrior Princess" than "prostitute"


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