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Posh Dome Eyeshadow Brush Product Review and Pics

A while back, maybe a month or two ago, I went to to the grocery store by myself and stumbled upon a section of Posh brushes! I was so surprised my grocery store had it!! Oh, and get this, they were selling it CHEAPER than the price online!

i was like, SWEETTT.

So I'll talk about the brush here. Now, I don't have much brushes. Im poor XD I'm a poor college student to be exact XD, so my perception of brushes may be different from yours. I haven't had the priveledge of being able to buy or use high end brushes so if I say this brush is hard or soft or whatever, it's upon my perception of what i've experienced previously.

Also, when it comes to brushes, there really isn't much to talk about XD I'll try my best to go as indepth as possible and see if there's anything a person would like to know about this brush.

of course, since yall probably want to see the pics first before what I have to say about it, here you go =P :

How big is the brush?
From the widest part of the brush, side to side, it's 1.5cm(a little more than half an inch) and from the base of the hairs to the very tip, it is approximately 1.2cm tall(about a little less than an inch), and the lenth of the entire brush, from the very very tip of the hairs of the brush to the tip of the handle, it measures approximately 12cm (about 4.75 inches)

Does it shed?
I'm very surprised of the quality of this brush! it only shed about....maybe one or two hairs , max 3, since i got it, but for the while that i've had it, it hasn't shed a hair!

Does it bleed when you wash it?
Nope. not at all!

Soft? Hard? How does it feel?
I would say it's firm enough to do the job but soft enough where your eyes don't hurt. I have easily irritated skin and this doesn't irritate it. Now I wouldn't say this is the softest thing in the world, but it's pretty darn close in terms of being able to be dense and firm while still be decently soft. On a scale 1 through 10, with 10 being the softest, I'd say this brush is sitting at...7, and if i were to be very very critical, I'd say this would be a 6.5 at the lowest. More than average, but still not up there. However, since I haven't experienced high end brushes, I don't know if eyeshadow brushes are supposed to feel like this XD all I know is that i like it haha

What's your opinion of how it looks and the packaging?
I like how it's sealed in a lil zip lock with a plastic strip to hold the zipper closed so that way you know nobody tampered with it beforehand, but of course you should always wash your brush anyway before you use it. Oh, and the red laquer? I love it. It looks so classy and I haven't had anything chip from this. I also LOVE the handle of the brush. It's not too long nor too short! I hate to have uber long handles as they will bump into the mirror when you apply makeup and I hate it when things are too travel sized to the point where your fingers can barely hold the handle and you end up having little control. Hah not with this Posh one. fits in my hand rather nicely.

NOPE! $5 Online it costs a couple bucks more but lucky me my grocery store sells it for cheaper so I got a pretty good deal on this brush!

Is this worthy of a repurchase?
YES. yes yes yes. I use this brush THE MOST out of all the brushes I have (which isnt much to begin with anyway XD!! haha) But yes, I find myself reaching for this a lot and I love it so if I need to get another one, I'll go buy it.

How about other Posh brushes?
I have no idea since this is my very first Posh brush. I am aware that with any company, products can really vary! sometimes one item is like HG material and some other item is like a piece of crap so I am wondering myself whether other Posh brushes measure up to good quality or not. Let me know if you yourself know XD haha :)

EDIT: Added 2 more " Q & A" :

Does it pick up the eyeshadow colors well? or do you have to keep swirling it around to get anything on the hairs of the brush?
YES it picks up the colors well =P haha

Does it blend well?
Well this isn't a blending brush, so I can't say it doesnt live up to it's claim since it's not specifically made as a blending brush, but it does a decent job at it. It's not like it creates harsh lines and it's not like you have this airbrushed blended look. You can't expect perfect blending from a basic eyeshadow brush that just applies eyeshadows. However, go ahead and look at my my 2 contests that I put up before. I used this eyeshadow brush for it. You'll see that it does the job for blending if you look at it "long distance" wise but if you look uber uber up close (which i don't know why in real life some random person would do that to you), then you'll see that it isn't fully and properly blended. Just use this brush to apply eyeshadow normally, partially blend it if you want, and get yourself a blending brush to finish the job :)


Overall: 4/5, and if i were to be very picky, i'd say a 3.8/5
Cost: 2/5 ($5)
Does what it's supposed to: 4/5

So there you go. Another post :) Hope it helps some people. If you have any questions feel free to ask


' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

Nice review! I like the red handles on Posh brushes, but I shouldn't be buying anymore brushes...haha.

Anonymous said...

:D! i like the color of the handle haha it's pretttyyy.
i haven't seen posh brushes around me but always wanted to try, now you make me want it even more :(

jeSmakeup said...

wut!?? lol wuts the website?? or where at the grocery did u get it? nice review! =)

kawaiikao said...

thanks for review! i need to go out and get me one of these brushes since i keep hearing great things from them! your look was great too! she should have had two winners :[ thanks though!!

jeSmakeup said...

cool thanks =) i like the brushes!! im prob gonna try them out.. btw wut is RYC? lol

Bittenbefore said...

looks interesting
i like the fact it doesnt shed!!

Askmewhats said...

wow thanks for your review, now I want them too :)

fuzkittie said...

Hey girl~

Skirts ride up on me all the time, hahaha. I also have to keep pulling them down to make sure I'm not showing any goods, lol. A good way to insure that you're safe is by wearing boy shorts underneath. That way they don't really look like underwear in case you do show something! :]

jeSmakeup said...

haha you r soo funny! well i guess ill take RYC as is then lol why dont u join the natural beauty contest? hehe go for it! just have some fun..

alienman said...

you got tagged, hottie

ahbeeedotcom said...

hey sweety thanks again for joining the contest you really came close! anyhoo. im loving these brushes for the price that they are it looks really worth it


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