Friday, October 24, 2008

Revlon SuperLustrous Lipgloss in Pink Pursuit Review and Swatches

SORRYYYYY I haven't posted a LONGGG time!!! sorry sorry sorry!

I've been uber busy with school and as yall already know, my photoshop like crashed on me cuz I think my computer's memory couldn't handle CS3 suite or something so I had to put in my old adobe 7.0, which works just fine since all I need to do is watermark, so no biggie for the downgrade.

so yea, I'll try to put up more posts asap! again, sorry for the delays!!

So this lipgloss is pretty much my FAVORITE lipgloss!

At ULTA, I originally bought Maybelline Pure Makeup only to find it irritating to my skin (it had sulfonate...i didn't think it would be THAT bad since im mainly allergic to sulfA--with an A), but no, the color was way off and not good for my skin anyway, so I traded in the foundation for this lipgloss.

I was debating whether to buy this or not since I wanted my $5 back and this lipgloss would have costed me an additional $2, but I caved in to buy it cuz I knew it was gonna bug me if I don't get this lipgloss and I'm SO glad I went with my gut instinct and bought it! I have tons of lipglosses I got as gifts from friends and also really old ones, freebee ones or whatever, and I don't need any more lipgloss, but this Revlon Pink Pursuit caught my attention and I freakin wanted it.

I originally saw swatches from Jie Jie (as you can see from my blogroll). She has TONS of swatches since she has like almost all the revlon lipglosses so visit her blog if you wanna see other swatches. So yea, her swatch motivated me to get this lipgloss :)

here we go :)

in my room with -2 flash (lowest flash setting)

by the window with natural lighting. no flash.

in my room.light from my ceiling. lowest flash setting

same flash settings as above.


Overall: 4.5/5
Color Payoff: 5/5
Price: 3/5 ($6-7 for drugstore. im a cheapo and i find that pricey XD )

dude, all lipglosses are sticky to an extent but this one isn't goopey and it isn't like glue. I find it relatively non-sticky considered for a lipgloss

Chunky glitter?
nope. you can tell from the photo. small glitters that will reflect the light and give shimmer but without the child-like chunky glitters that you would find at Claire's or something.

Where is it available at?
Walgreens, CVS, ULTA, your local grocery store, Walmart, Target. I got mine at ULTA because none of my walgreens, cvs, and grocery etc etc carried it. I got lucky to snag the LAST Pink Pursuit at my nearest ULTA! whoot whoot :3

Does it moisturizer the lips or leave them dry and flakey?
this lipgloss leaves my lips moisturized! :) that's one of the attributes i really love about it

How about the packaging?
it's in a clear acrylic or plastic-like rectangular prism and it's rather durable. This is probably the classiest lipgloss packaging for american drugstore products in my opinion. It looks sleek and simple and elegant. Everyone has their personal preference and opinions but I really like their packaging. It isn't bulky so it's easy to slip in your purse.

One of the biggest hugest thing i love about the packaging, is that when you turn the "knob" at the top to "close" your lipgloss, it makes a "snap" noise to lock in place, so you KNOW nothing's gonna leak in your purse! It makes sure that it's fully closed, so if you have this lipgloss, feel and hear the "click" and you know your purse and makeup bag is safe from lipgloss-leaks.

How about the applicator?
LOVE IT. I love how it deposits the right amount of lipgloss. I hate those other applicators out there that have a GIANT goop at the bottom or have too LITTLE amount. This one's just right! I'm not even kidding. It's also a slim applicator making it easy to apply on your lips and not get messy like others. I don't like huge applicators because I want to get more of a precise application without having to use a lip brush so this lipgloss does the trick.

Any other questions? ask away!

Hope the swatches helped yall ^_^


fuzkittie said...

Wow that looks REALLY pretty!!! said...

pretty lippie. I've never tried revlon lipgloss before. Sounds interesting.

Askmewhats said...

awwwww You SHOULD love it, it looks wonderful on your lips!

Anonymous said...

oOo that looks pretty! i like the color, it looks very nice

Bittenbefore said...

pretty!! i like the glitter! i have never used anything from revlon before so i will check it out!

Jane said...

pretty! thanks for the swatches


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