Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Tag Stolen from Nic Nic & Update on Life

I wanted to post up a review but I feel really tired today and I can't deal with adobe CS3 spending an hour again to watermark pics. Perhaps I'll do it tomorrow or something. I practically knocked out in the car this morning while my mom drove me to school. I was trying to study for my govt test and review around but my eyes couldn't take it and i just fell asleep til I got to school. And even then, I felt so exhausted all day long. I don't know why. I've been sleeping near midnight on a regular basis, so maybe that's why..? Other college students sleep at like 2am or something yet they're fine and here I am a slug.

After a lot of help from people at school, I only managed to get a 70.95 on my 3rd govt test, but with my extra credit points, I got an additional 8.5 points giving me a grand total of a 79. Almost a B. I just need a B in this class >_<. I have 3 more tests after this to bring that grade up and hopefully I'll make it cuz my 2nd test score was a total of 77 with extra credit, and so far i haven't taken my extra credit for my 1st test and my first test ended up as a 63 =(. So even if I did get my full 10 extra credit points on that one, that'd only total to a 63. I'd have to make a minimum of an 86 on the next 3 tests to give myself a B in that class IF i remain at a 63 for my 1st test. I hate this class @_@ anyway, I decided to fill this lil guy out below. I'll go to bed early today or something...I'm just feeling so exhausted >_<

4 things I did today:

1. went to school to all of my classes and took my govt test
2. showered
3. played with makeup
4. sleep

4 things on my to-do list:
1. get more sleep
2. clean my room
3. study for my Econ test that's on Monday coming up
4. Hang out with my boyfriend cuz he's comin home this weekend!!!!! yayyyyy ^___^

4 guiltiest pleasures:
1. all the makeup i bought x.x...i think i wasted so much money and spent so much time on them @_@
2. sweets.....chocolate chip cookies, pocky, brownies, chocolate covered pretzels, Starbucks Java Chip Mocha Light with Whipped Cream....yea....
3. Archer Farms (target brand) chips. they are SO good. I have to refrain myself from eating the entire bag in one sitting.
4. hot long showers. i just steal all the hot water....XD

4 random facts about me:
1. i HATE tomatoes. yea, that includes ketchup people. i just can't stand tomatoes. I've TRIED year after year and STILL hate tomatoes...they make me gag and feel nauseous. Oddly though, I DO love pizza, particularly Papa John's pizza--their tomato sauce is something I actually really like *shock*
2. I actually think very low of myself a lot of times, but contradictingly, I have times where I think I'm on top of the world. I switch back and forth very quickly and mainly stay down in the dumps.
3. im obsessed with creating "the perfect stop" when I drive.
4. I exaggerate on everything, so people who know me have to take my words lightly and know that I am not lying on whatever I said. I just exaggerate for laughter purposes and joking purposes and to make the convo a bit more interesting. It's great to make people laugh :)
so exhaustedddd

and i still have my calc homework to do and it's already 9pm....gah. im falling a bit behind in calculus all because of that STUPID substitute teacher we had. He was HORRIBLE. you can't even understand a word he's saying so half of the time ur trying to figure out what he's saying and then try to understand the lesson. He never explains what he's about to do. It's like he just writes stuff on the board and doesn't say why he did it or what step he's on. Glad my real teacher's back, but that substitute teacher seriously completely ruined my train of thought. I was doing just fine until he stepped in. ugh.

this was our second time having that substitute and we all know he's a bad teacher. So at first our entire class was in anticipation of whether our teacher is coming or the substitute cuz it was 5-10 minutes past the time to start class, and right when the substitute teacher walked in, literally EVERYONE moaned " awwwww" in a whiny disappointed way, not a "aww" in one of those cute ways. That was so embarassing to let the sub hear that XD but it was hilarious XD you could just FEEL the pain the entire class felt when we all saw him come in XD falling behind in econ cuz my teacher seems to be rambling stuff..and its like....confusing. I'll just read the book. i have a test monday, and have to read ch.6-10.'ll take me forever!

oh oh oh, bad luck came upon me on MONDAY and TODAY.

so on monday, my guyfriend texted me and i was so concentrated on texting him back (he asked me if i needed a ride home and i sure did need a ride home!!) so i wasn't watching where i was going, and after all the rain we've been getting in my city, there's this giant puddle of murky water in front of the science & research building that I got out of. oh no, it wasn't the murky water i stepped in. I dodged that quickly.....

.........only to land in the MUDDDDDDDDDD. MUD MUD MUD MUD.

my ENTIRE 2 feet were SOAKED and DROWNED in MUDDDD. EWWW!!

the 2 guys behind me was like "oh....ew.." I am assuming they were sympathizing my misfortune.

So I quickly walked to the nearest restroom having to walk squishing around in dirty dirty mud--it was disgusting. I spent 10 to 15 minutes cleaning my feet looking like a moron to everybody who came into the bathroom. I clogged the sink with all the mud and dirt that came off my feet. ugh. Then I Purell'ed both my feet, and I STILL have dirt under my nails @_@...

As for today, it was raining again. So right when me and my friend walked under a tree, it started to POURRRRR. I quickly got out my umbrella and though it helped some, we ended up soaked to the MAX. My jeans were fully soaked up all the way near my knees and my jeans started to feel heavy from all the water.

Immediately RIGHT after we got into the library doors....the rain stopped. completely. it grew ridiculously sunny outside and not a drop in sight. gay man. so lame. mother nature hates me and my friend or something. It wasn't raining when we were inside the cafeteria. it only rained while we were outside. then back into the library the sun is shining.....ugh ugh ugh. I felt sooo cold cuz of the water and freezing air conditioning @_@ my nails turned purple! i was sooo cold ;.;

so yea....there's what's happening on my end.

alrightee i better go now. see yall soon hopefully!


jewels said...

you need lots and lots of coffee!!!
maybe naps during the day will help you be alert?

jeSmakeup said...

u gotta eat tomatoes gurl! its healthy for u =)

eBeautyBlog said...

WHaaaaaaaaaaa WHAT???!! No ketchup? awww...girl, how come? I love ketchup. I refused to eat any MacD without ketchup!!! Booohooo! well, at least you like pizza...phew!

Good luck on your tests! I hate school life. But love it when people talk about it...especially, their suffering. It made me feel GLAD that I'm OUT!!! I know, I'm evil! LOL. But seriously, I hope you do well :)

btw, I posted the picture of the ingredients for the GA foundation. Check it out!

miemiemie said...

yes coffee can help..when i was still a student, i make it a point to drink coffee every morning..even those starbucks on the go chilled ones, the ones in bottles of 4..i've been drinking them for ages but still i don't know what to call them, they're very helpful in keeping me awake during the mornings..drink vitC supplements too..and you should make it a point to take short naps,hope that helps :)

Nic Nic said...

aww thanks for doing that tag :D like you i need MORE sleep! LOL.

student life sounds hard, Ganbatte! as the japanese would say lol.

yeah i totally hate wet weather >_<

Glow Chaser said...

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Emilita said...

Thanks for all the insightful comments on my blog :) Lol, I know what you mean about the perfect stop when you drive, and I too love a good Java Chip light frap at's been months though since I've had one. yum.

Sorry to hear about your bad luck with grades and the weather. At least you don't perpetually cough like a sick donkey like one of my housemates. (Smoking for 20 years will do that to you, I guess.)

Hope you're feeling better!

Jane said...

everyone seems to be advocating coffee here. lol.

i don't drink coffee often, instead i recommend exercise!

when i use to exercise daily i could survive each day with less sleep and my face wasn't as puffy.

but now that i'm getting sluggish i get tired so much easily and sleep 10 hours a day!!!! said...

It seems like you have a lot of studying to do!!! Good luck girls!

btw, you must join my contest. Yes, it's a MUST!!

Anonymous said...

You've been tagged to do an entry on: "What's your trademark?" For details, please see:


{If you can't because you're too busy right now, it's okay. I understand =].}

yumeko said...

ahah thanks for telling me about it! guess i wont buy anymore then, good thing tonight is my last batch then!! XD!!

no no burst bubble, thought it was too good to be true too

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

aww that sucks :( I hate too when I get drenched from the rain on my way to work but fortunately I haven't had to deal with mud puddles yet.

makeup is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine too :S I spend a disproportionate amount of time and money on it considering how little opportunities I have to wear it. However it does help de-stress me...


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