Monday, October 6, 2008

Update on Life

I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to blog about my haul and other stuff like I said. I have the pictures ready it's just that I haven't had time to watermark them yet and it takes time to open up Adobe Photoshop to watermark them and sort out photos I want to use and also it takes time on what to say about them. Lots of times photoshop freezes up my computer since it takes up SOOO much memory so sometimes I keep having to start all over again so blogging ends up longer than i anticipate all cuz I don't have enough RAM on my computer. I only have 512mb to work with photoshop CS3 and so I need to get like 1gb or so to make that system run smoothly cuz I have the entire adobe suite on my computer--talk about memory eater!

Anyway, I didn't think I was gonna be that busy so I underestimated the amount of work I needed to do.

I had a Calc test today which I am sure I did well on :) so whoo hoo! and so I spent the weekend studying for that, and also hanging out with my friends at the fitness center cuz I was going crazy cooped up in the house so I needed to get out asap.

Depending on when I'm scheduling my govt test, I might have the test this Friday. If not, I'll have it sometime next week on Tues or Wed.....ack.. I should go to the reservation site to see if there's even any room on any of those days @_@

I feel so horrible about my Govt class. I have absolutely no clue how to make a good grade on the test! I failed both tests...well, technically I got a "D" but still, I can't accept that grade! I need to at the very least get a B in that class and it's so disappointing that I tried so hard last time staying up late at night to study only to get a 69.5 . Luckily I got an additional 8 points through my extra credit, but still...I know I can do better than that and I hope I do for the next 3-4 tests! I gotta make up for it and I better study early this time rather than do it last minute like last time. *sigh*

Oh, I started getting into Gossip Girl :3 At first when I saw that show previewed, I thought it was just blah blah blah stuck up girls and the typical stereotype, and I guess it sorta is, but honestly, the fashion clothes drew me in XD haha. Then I watched 2 full episodes on the CW39 and I ended up liking it. Sure, I don't like how the girls act and such, but I think it's good that I have something to look forward to watch on my non-cable TV.

That show makes me want to learn how to sew. I've been fashion designing sketches for...maybe 2 years now? I have a rack of clothes designs that I'd love to make but I dont' know how to sew or cut the fabric to correct proportions! I tried to research up classes up in my city but sadly the closest apparel/clothing sewing classes are like 1-2 hrs away from me! i can't freakin drive that far to go to classes. The gas to drive there will probably cost more than the class course itself! Ugh. it really makes me sad cuz I really wanted to learn how to sew clothes this summer but I had academic based summer school classes (Intro to Psych and Finite Math) and I can't find any classes that aren't based on grades. I dont want to take a class at school or something and have to get graded on it cuz it's rushes you to learn and I want to learn at my own pace, and learn what I want to make, not like quilts or pillows--i wanna know how to make clothes. Sadly it's pretty costly to buy a sewing machine, a mannequin, and fabrics =/.....If any of yall have very concise tips and tricks or know of any website that's very good at explaining sewing (with visual effects), i'd appreciate it if yall could share any links.

hmm...what else...i've just been in a super blah mood. Same routine day in day out. Go to school. Eat & study alone. Go home. Stay in my room alone. Talk to my bf. Sleep. Wake up and start the process over again. Every day feels so empty =/'s 6:19pm over here at the time I'm typing this so I better go shower quick so I can get my work done and watch Gossip Girl :P


jewels said...

no one at home like a relative or a friend, can teach you how to sew? You didn't learn how to sew in highschool?
lol I had home ed in highschool, sewing, cooking, woodwork and welding.

lol too bad i don't have patience for sewing. lol just too hard for me, cant' control the machine. my mom's sewing machine is one of those professional ones. One step goes zooooommmmm.

Good luck in school.

lol Its addicting kinda. My first designer bag was the Burberry bag. lol after that, i am always eying other bags...but these purchases normally take like 6mths to a yr to decide upon. its expensive...can't buy the wrong bag. =)

jewels said... hear that your grandparent's skills didnt' get past to you.

I think it just comes with practice. can you buy patterns and try that first?

Anonymous said...

SEW?!?! SEW?!?!? WUAAA ~ hEy IchigoBunnie i learned how to sew by myself like u i really wanted to learn how to sew!& my mom knows how but she dont have time sooo i started to learn by myself WOOOO ~ SO U WANT HELP?!

ISSS NOOOT that difficult to learn: STEP BY STEP I CAN HELP YOU HmmM

1:] First of all you CAN'T MAKE A CLOTHES without a SEWING PATTERN! there is people who buy already made it is not EXPENSIVE is cheap! you can find on FABRIC STORE OR EVEN ON E.BAY!!!!!!

2:] U will need a sewing machine! YEAH IS EXPENSIVE but u can buy on E.BAY I bought from there and there is some who is just for $80 or LESS! LOOK FOR IT!!

3:] IF u want to learn the step by step how u can go to YOUTUBE it helped me A LOTTTTTTTTT!!!!!

ANd if u need more help look for BOOKS that teach you ^^v or i can even help with some stuffs ~

I REALLY LOVE FASHION 2 ^^ ~ if u need help im here like u helped me before oh well have a nice day!

IchigoBunnie said...


whoa thanks so much! ugh, I don't know why i didnt think of going on youtube! *doh* I just looked up some videos and they're really helpful! hopefully maybe next summer when I actually have a break from school I'll try to figure out how to clothes. I'm thinking of a mini skirt right now.. :3

jeSmakeup said...

sewing is a fun hobby but i dont kno how..... i love arts n crafts too... heheh anyways i hope ur doin good!

jeSmakeup said...

what GOV. test are you studying for, or wut is it? skoo? well GOOD LUCK ON IT! study hard =)

yea its dime size... but its like a lot in there still... so to me its still very good! i want the coasta scent ones.. do u have any so i can start askin questions too hahaha

some are matte n some shimmery.. half n half, still very worth it!

u should buy it from on ebay, its cheaper too
make sure u ask her to lable it FRAGILE all over or something so u wont get any broken up powders.. i told her that n mines came in good condition.. cuz not everyone did... so be aware of that k =)

well as for me, im ok... just being a fatty.. havin that time of the month so im goin crazy for sweets! im havein some donuts rite now =X hahah take it easy k... =)

oh did u check Mays new update? she said to email her so u can get a lil prize too or somethin.. heheh

Jane said...

you could get a sewing book from the library or buy one.

my life seems mundane as well. we should go and get wasted at a frat party. haha


not my style...well at least not the completely drunk part

jeSmakeup said...

oOoh is this studying for school? because sounds like history stuff.. not a job type.. haha well good luck on it!! i hope u do well =) and so that can relief some stress... yea May is a sweetheart! hehehe

well the 120 e/s palette is 23 bucks for me... compare to other EBAY users..

and coasta scent is 22$ but s/h which ur total is nearly 30 bucks... sucks s/h is sooO much! i want it.. but i still gotta save some $ cuz that is a lot of $ and im jobless...

jeSmakeup said...

do u kno any other products that contain Bismuth Oxychloride .. cuz my face hates it too from bareminerals too... i need to kno so i can watch out.. i have terrible sensitive skin like u except mines not oily hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hiii ~ ^^

Oh ~ Dont get stress studying too much!! And when you made dont forget to show me!!!

AHaaa IchigoBunnie can i Add ur link ( Blog ) to my blog?! big fan of urs ^^ ~ bye


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