Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mini Gift from May from the Smokey Eye Contest

Hey yall :)

I received a gift package not too long ago from May because I was one of the contestants for her Smokey Eye Contest. I didn't win, but May was really sweet and gave all the contestants a little something in the mail.

Here's what I got!

1) Smashbox Cream Eyeliner Sample
2) Lipgloss. I don't know the brand name of it...
3) Harajuku Lover's perfume samples ( i love "Love" and "Lil' Angel" the best of them all)

Here's a closer look at the lipgloss. I really love it! very glittery and sheer, but it isn't chunky glitter so thats good. I really want to find out what the brand name of this lipgloss is so i can repurchase! May! I wanna kno what it is :O


see yall later :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

OPI Russian Navy Nailpolish

I went over to my friend's house on Halloween night and I had my nails painted.

I completely forgot what's the name of this nailpolish though :( It's this deep rich color. Obviously dark sapphire blue with lots of purple undertones and micro shimmer glitter, so depending what light you're in, you can see a strong blue, or a strong purple, or perhaps both.

Since taking this picture with flash and no flash didn't give me a good lighting option, the blue stood out more in these photos. I wish I could show yall the true blue-purple of this color cuz it's gorgeous!!

FYI, these pictures were taken 5-6 days after I had my nails painted.

Then I kept the whole manicure on for one more week. It started chipping around the 8-9th day, and even then it only chipped on 2-3 fingers total. ....Then i started getting peel-happy and started peeling the nailpolish off haha. Do yall catch yourselves doing that? Like peeling off your nailpolish? it gets addicting....XD

Now, I don't know what base coat or top coat my friend used but obviously it's working miracles cuz my nails never have its polish stay on this long. And when I mean that I don't know what the brand name is, literally, the bottle had NO name on it. It was a blank nailpolish bottle XD so I couldn't tell for my dear life what it was that she used.

This isn't much of a review, more rather sharing my experience cuz, I don't know how i'd be able to review this, but oh well, I'll label it as product review anyway..

onward to pics!

in my room with artificial lighting. no flash.

The rest of these photos were taken with the lowest flash setting in my room with the same artificial lighting.

click on this picture above to make it bigger. you'll be able to see the purples better in this one :)

You'd have to look super duper carefully to see the purple in it. I promise you this is a pretty color!

I tried looking on OPI's website to try to find the name of this color for you, and if I am not mistakened, this is "Russian Navy". i SWEARRR it has to be the name of it!

I'm so glad it's finally Thanksgiving break! but alas, that means I have to study my butt off for my geology test and calc test that's on Dec.3, literally a week from today :(

well, I'll be blogging about other things sometime this week hopefully! I know I keep saying that but I don't quite know my schedule for this week so I'll try :)

see yall later!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Life Update

Hey yall.

I'm sorry if I might not be able to blog in a while. Here's my school schedule to fill yall in:

Wednesday Nov.19:
- Econ HW due at 5pm
- Calculus Quiz due by midnight

Thursday Nov. 20:
- Calculus HW due when arrived to class

Friday Nov.21:
- Supposed to be my Govt Exam 5, but I might push it off and take it next week.

Monday Nov.24:
- Govt Exam 5 last day to take it

Tuesday Nov. 25:
- Calculus test review session

Wednesday Nov. 26 - Sunday Nov. 31: Thanksgiving break

Wednesday Dec. 3:
- Geology Test

Thursday Dec. 4:
- Calculus Test

Wednesday Dec. 10:
- Govt Final

Saturday Dec. 13:
- Econ Final

Tuesday Dec.16:
- Calculus Final

Wednesday Dec.17:
- Geology Final

So yea I'm pretty busy needing to study @_@

I've got 2 posts that I really want to make but I have to put school as priority so I'll take it one week at a time. My goal is to get my Govt test done THIS Friday so that next week i'll be a bit more free.

Even then, immediately after my thanksgiving break I've got a geology test and Calculus test to study for. then immediately Finals start a week after.

too. much. work.

then again....i procrastinate. I need to stop doing that....

Next semester I'm going to take Accounting, Women's Studies, Management, and History. HOPEFULLY I'll do a better job at keeping up with my work because I am honestly disappointed in myself with the grades i've gotten so far. I'm not failing, but I'm not satisfied with myself. I gotta work harder to bring my pathetic GPA up :(

I'm sorry if I disappointed some of yall in my lack of updates but school's really got me filled. If I get my govt test done friday, i'll probably post my blog by this weekend, but if I take my govt test on Monday, you won't see me blog until that monday night or tuesday,etc.

see yall later, and hopefully soon ;.;

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Loreal DeCrease Eyeshadow Primer Product Review

Loreal Decrease has been one of the most talked about for a dupe or substitute for UDPP or TFSI.

For some it has worked, some it hasn't.

Unfortunately for me, it didn't work :(

Lets take a look at the pictures and I'll talk more about the product afterwards.

- affordable
- readily available at your local Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, and any other drugstores rather than having to go to Sephora
- clear tube so you see how much you have left

- applies chunky
- even though you can't see it in the picture, when you blend it out you see a harsh line (some may not be bothered by this but i am)
- when smoothing it out, it feels like "creamy chalk"
- so does NOT last 8 hours. More like, one or two at most.
- the creasing isn't just a smudgey that you typically get. As you can see from the photos, practically ALL off the eyeshadow migrated to my crease so when I open my eyes you can't even see the eyeshadow anymore because it all moved to the crease!
- the colors don't pop. It helps for the color to show up SOME, not a little, but not a lot. just SOME. below average.

Product Rating:

Overall: 1/5
Price: 3/5 (can be bought anywhere from $6-9)
Packaging: 3/5 (just avg and basic. Nothing bad, but nothing good either)
Would I buy this again?: NEVERR

So some of yall MIGHT think I applied it wrong. Lets take a look of the different ways I tested it out:

1) 3 large dots with no foundation or powder underneath
2) 3 small dots with no foundation or powder underneath
3) WITH foundation underneath
4) Loreal HIP Paint applied OVER Decrease
5) Loreal HIP Paint applied UNDER Decrease
6) applied a small layer of nude-ish eyeshadow first and then applied Decrease and then applied my other eyeshadows

So yea, I tried quite a bit of ways and each one of them resulted me in creasing. However, I must say that a combination of foundation/powder underneath, decrease, and then Loreal HIP Paint lasted the longest, but that only got me to like 3 hours before it started getting really muggy.

However, there are factors why this doesn't work for me and might work for some others:

1) I have oily lids. My face skin isn't AS oily my eyes are.
2) I live in Texas. It's humid and hot.

maybe i just got a defective one?? I don't know. Now I'm stuck with this product at home, so I just use it when I play around with makeup so that I don't waste my UDPP. I just get disappointed even when I play around with it cuz it just doesn't hold the eyeshadows well at all. Yes it's easier to blend, but at the cost of making the eyeshadows move really easily into the crease.

I know some of you out there use this and swear by it, and lucky for yall it works. I WISH it worked because this costs less than half than UDPP, but alas, it doesn't work for me, so this product gets a thumbs down. Perhaps if you have drier skin than me and live in a less humid environment, it'll work.

Hope this helps somebody :)

see yall laterr

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fuzkittie's Mix N' Match Contest! - Playing with Neutrals

Hey long time no blog!

I actually have time this weekend since I don't have a test until next friday--whoot whoot! So DO expect to see another blog entry sometime soon. It'll be a product review, fyi :)

Onward to fuzkittie's contest!

I added my own twist to the contest. It's mix n' match, but I wanted to mix n' match neutrals because, lots of people associate neutrals as "plain" or for work, or perhaps even "boring", and I wanted to depict the 3 different outfits in 3 different "themes" so to speak. Each one is for a different occassion and a different type of look you're trying to portray. My contest entry is aimed to mix and match the neutrals to show that neutrals aren't that boring and don't always have to be seen as plain blah colors.

Hope you like them girls! (and GUYS, if yall read my blog)

also, apologies for my face looking so bad. I don't have any makeup on at all and i came back from school and grocery shopping with my mom and also eating dinner, and i'm also really tired--so please bear with my bare face (yea........i purposely did the whole bear-bare joke thingy cuz im corny like that.....XD dun make fun of me)

Click on the images to enlarge them if you want to see the clothes details more, or unless you want to see my dirty groggy face XD

Outfit #1:
~ This look is depicting a "party" look--obviously leaning more of a casual party, going to a club, or perhaps a hot date
~ outfit consisted of 1 tunic ($3 on sale), waist-shorts worn underneath because the tunic is sheer and short ($10 on sale), dark brown Steve Madden boots($40 on sale), Mint store's brown purse ($35 reg.price)

Outfit #2:
~ This is a "sweet-innocent girl" look. It's more conservative, but there's a kick to it cuz the heels are a bit sexy.
~ outfit consisted of a Romeo & Juliet Couture dress($40 on sale), Free People beaded loose tank($3 on sale), Nina Dolls heels ($16), Guess Purse (borrowed from sister)

Outfit #3:
~ This is a flirty look that's casual. this is more of a girl's night/day out outfit, shopping, casual date, going to school, or simply just hanging out with your friends. The red pumps and red purse are supposed to add that "flirty" kick to the outfit.
~ outfit consisted of the same Free People beaded loose tank ($3 on sale), Bui Yah Kah skinny jeans ($40 reg price--brand only found in TX), shoes bought from Ebay ($12), Hello Kitty purse (given as birthday gift from my friend)

FIVE Main Items Used:
-Halter Tunic
-Free People Loose Tank
-Romeo & Juliet Dress
-Bui Yah Kah jeans

Accessories(sorry for the lack of accessories. I don't really have accessories =[ )

-Mint brown purse
-Guess cream colored purse
-Hello Kitty red purse
-my James Avery Sterling Silver double heart bracelet worn in each outfit
-my James Avery Sterling Silver limited edition butterfly earrings (you can't see them because my hair's covering them though)
-Floral red pumps
-Nina Dolls shoes
-Steve Madden boots
-my Fossil watch that i wear every single day with every single outfit
- Sunglasses

Thanks for reading!.......or just looking at the pictures =P lol. We all know we love seeing pictures more than we do reading! XDD but again, thanks for visiting my blog :)

see yall laterr!!

oh wow! i just noticed that this is my 100th post!!

whoo hoo!! :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Gothic Lolita Contest Entry

Miss KIMBERLY TIA is holding a Gothic Lolita contest and I always wanted to dress up lolita so it even if i don't win, it was REALLY fun dressing up!!!!

Seriously, if i run out of cosplay outfits for anime conventions, i might go as gothic lolita cuz it's so fun :3 This is a look i NEVER go outside wearing so it's a great twist and i love the "attitude" it gives off.

So here are the pictures. Hope you like them!!! :)

*NOTE* Please please excuse my insanely dirtyyy mirror :( i haven't cleaned it in a while XDDD

i took this picture to focus and show the makeup i did (blue-aqua gradient to black and blue lips)


Buff'd Mineral Foundation in SUNGRASS (too light for my skin but did that purposely for the lolita look)


-ULTA eyeshadow in LUNA on the first half of the lid
-Sisley eyeshadow in BLACK on the outer V (applied wet)
-used Neutrogena Eye Makeup remover to define the outer V and clean it up a bit
-Prestige Waterproof eyeliner in BLACK on both top and bottom lid
-N.Y.C. Glamour Eyelashes in 974A


-Loreal HIP paint in SECRETIVE applied all over lip as base
-CoverGirl Eyeshadow in Aqua Paradise applied all over lip
-C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries Mentha Lip Tint in No. 1137 to moisturizer and shine the lips


-White and black flower hair accessory on either side of my pigtails was from Claire's
-the mini hat was found as decorations at my homecoming dance my senior year of HS so I snagged 2 of these hats
-lace choker was bought at an anime convention


Mana from Malice Mizer! :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

RANT. Asian Mothers. Girls, You Know the Deal

I don't get it.

Everything has progressively gotten worse. To be honest with you, I just want to run away, but I have no where to run to, and no money either. I don't have a car and I live in freakin Texas so I can't walk ANYWHERE. To go to a place it's like you have to drive there. On top of that we have horrible weather. And possibly one of the most crimes committed in the country in our city so i'm not exactly safe if I were to go outside the house doors.

I am going CRAZY.




"you better study or else you'll fail"

blah blah blah.

am I really that much of a failure? NO! I know I'm not! I don't drink, I don't do drugs, I may not go to the best college but I'm not failing anything. The only thing I'm doing is Asian-Failing.

I'm tired of being called a failure. I'm sick of being picked at EVERYTHING. literally EVERYTHING i do is wrong. It doesn't matter how much evidence is presented to prove my innocence or to prove I am correct--to my mother I am wrong.

Funny thing is that as each year passes by, my mom thinks i grow exponentially dumber and more helpless and more of a failure. She mentally abuses me so much I am surprised she hasn't physically abused me-- as in slap, or whatever.

I want to move out into an apartment but I can't bc I don't have money. On top of that, I don't even have a car to drive myself around even if i do get an apartment. The bus systems are okay--but not safe enough for a tiny girl like me to be riding around.

I am trying to numb things out. I am trying to not care. I am trying, but honestly, there's only so much and for so long I can do this. I can't stand being criticized over something i didn't do wrong, and it's not even regular insulting. It's bullying and bashing and abusing my mentality.

I don't even feel loved in my home. Hugs? none. Someone to tell me they love me? only my boyfriend.

I just feel bullied to the max. I am the only one living in my house right now with my parents so I logically am the only target left.

What am I supposed to do with my life now. I'm falling apart inside and everything hurts.

For those who have dealt with this, or are currently dealing with this, how do you survive!!?! I'm stuck.


yea unfortunately I already tried talking to my mom.

i cried. I told her she hurts me (and yes i used the word hurt). I've ran the mailbox--what an accomplishment -___-...and called up my aunt to pick me up but she obviously called my mom and they were chatting away while i was out in the rain. I tried yelling. I tried not saying anything to her and "temporarily accepting her words", I've tried talking in a respectful tone. I tried so much. It's hard to see yourself care so much when the other doesn't care in return.

and sadly this has been going on my entire life. It's just now it's gotten exponentially worse.


All products are 100% my opinions and thoughts. I am not paid to review any products I post. Use the product and advice/suggestions at your own discretion. Thank you!

Thanks for Visiting!