Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fuzkittie's Mix N' Match Contest! - Playing with Neutrals

Hey long time no blog!

I actually have time this weekend since I don't have a test until next friday--whoot whoot! So DO expect to see another blog entry sometime soon. It'll be a product review, fyi :)

Onward to fuzkittie's contest!

I added my own twist to the contest. It's mix n' match, but I wanted to mix n' match neutrals because, lots of people associate neutrals as "plain" or for work, or perhaps even "boring", and I wanted to depict the 3 different outfits in 3 different "themes" so to speak. Each one is for a different occassion and a different type of look you're trying to portray. My contest entry is aimed to mix and match the neutrals to show that neutrals aren't that boring and don't always have to be seen as plain blah colors.

Hope you like them girls! (and GUYS, if yall read my blog)

also, apologies for my face looking so bad. I don't have any makeup on at all and i came back from school and grocery shopping with my mom and also eating dinner, and i'm also really tired--so please bear with my bare face (yea........i purposely did the whole bear-bare joke thingy cuz im corny like that.....XD dun make fun of me)

Click on the images to enlarge them if you want to see the clothes details more, or unless you want to see my dirty groggy face XD

Outfit #1:
~ This look is depicting a "party" look--obviously leaning more of a casual party, going to a club, or perhaps a hot date
~ outfit consisted of 1 tunic ($3 on sale), waist-shorts worn underneath because the tunic is sheer and short ($10 on sale), dark brown Steve Madden boots($40 on sale), Mint store's brown purse ($35 reg.price)

Outfit #2:
~ This is a "sweet-innocent girl" look. It's more conservative, but there's a kick to it cuz the heels are a bit sexy.
~ outfit consisted of a Romeo & Juliet Couture dress($40 on sale), Free People beaded loose tank($3 on sale), Nina Dolls heels ($16), Guess Purse (borrowed from sister)

Outfit #3:
~ This is a flirty look that's casual. this is more of a girl's night/day out outfit, shopping, casual date, going to school, or simply just hanging out with your friends. The red pumps and red purse are supposed to add that "flirty" kick to the outfit.
~ outfit consisted of the same Free People beaded loose tank ($3 on sale), Bui Yah Kah skinny jeans ($40 reg price--brand only found in TX), shoes bought from Ebay ($12), Hello Kitty purse (given as birthday gift from my friend)

FIVE Main Items Used:
-Halter Tunic
-Free People Loose Tank
-Romeo & Juliet Dress
-Bui Yah Kah jeans

Accessories(sorry for the lack of accessories. I don't really have accessories =[ )

-Mint brown purse
-Guess cream colored purse
-Hello Kitty red purse
-my James Avery Sterling Silver double heart bracelet worn in each outfit
-my James Avery Sterling Silver limited edition butterfly earrings (you can't see them because my hair's covering them though)
-Floral red pumps
-Nina Dolls shoes
-Steve Madden boots
-my Fossil watch that i wear every single day with every single outfit
- Sunglasses

Thanks for reading!.......or just looking at the pictures =P lol. We all know we love seeing pictures more than we do reading! XDD but again, thanks for visiting my blog :)

see yall laterr!!

oh wow! i just noticed that this is my 100th post!!

whoo hoo!! :)


Fabuless Beauty said...

To answer your question about EcoTools - Yes, you would think that brushes in a set are of lower quality to individual brushes. But these brushes are pretty high quality for the price. As for the eyeliner brush, I can use it to apply a thin to medium line. As long as you have control, you can make it as thin or wide as you want. For the blush brush, I've never used the MAC 187 or any stippling brush, so I can't compare it to that.

Cute outfits..btw...

Iyah said...

CUte choices of clothes! :D Really nice! :D said...

Hotness. You can definitely pose like a model!!

jeSmakeup said...

gorgeous outfit... the jean one is the best! =] hmmm theres someone that looks like u? how funny... go stalk her n take a pic n share it wit us! hahaha

Audrie said...

gahhh you are SO effing cute!! Can I take you home with me please?? I especially like the first party dress, sexy!

fuzkittie said...


Aradani said...

Woo! hot supermodel legs you got there! very nice entry

Anonymous said...

Very nice clothes!! Love your brown bag!!!!! I want one so bad >_<

IchigoBunnie said...

thank yall!! :)

Bittenbefore said...

i'm not sure where to find kate or lavshuca near u

but i know ebay has kate sometimes as i read some other bloggers buying them there?

else let me know if u need help

Jane said...

i'm in love with the first two looks.

woohoo to the 1000th post mark!


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