Friday, November 7, 2008

Gothic Lolita Contest Entry

Miss KIMBERLY TIA is holding a Gothic Lolita contest and I always wanted to dress up lolita so it even if i don't win, it was REALLY fun dressing up!!!!

Seriously, if i run out of cosplay outfits for anime conventions, i might go as gothic lolita cuz it's so fun :3 This is a look i NEVER go outside wearing so it's a great twist and i love the "attitude" it gives off.

So here are the pictures. Hope you like them!!! :)

*NOTE* Please please excuse my insanely dirtyyy mirror :( i haven't cleaned it in a while XDDD

i took this picture to focus and show the makeup i did (blue-aqua gradient to black and blue lips)


Buff'd Mineral Foundation in SUNGRASS (too light for my skin but did that purposely for the lolita look)


-ULTA eyeshadow in LUNA on the first half of the lid
-Sisley eyeshadow in BLACK on the outer V (applied wet)
-used Neutrogena Eye Makeup remover to define the outer V and clean it up a bit
-Prestige Waterproof eyeliner in BLACK on both top and bottom lid
-N.Y.C. Glamour Eyelashes in 974A


-Loreal HIP paint in SECRETIVE applied all over lip as base
-CoverGirl Eyeshadow in Aqua Paradise applied all over lip
-C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries Mentha Lip Tint in No. 1137 to moisturizer and shine the lips


-White and black flower hair accessory on either side of my pigtails was from Claire's
-the mini hat was found as decorations at my homecoming dance my senior year of HS so I snagged 2 of these hats
-lace choker was bought at an anime convention


Mana from Malice Mizer! :)


ilurvemakeup said...

How adorable! LOVE how you are branching out of your comfort zone as far as makeup goes. I'd totally wear the eye makeup in public hehe :)

kawaiikao said...

i really love your entry!! i'm posting mine later on today but gosh...i really don't know what to do...a lot more of the girls leaned toward the goth side rather than lolita :p yours is great!

jeSmakeup said...

oh gurl! u did an awesome job!! wuts ur name? sorry i cant remember >_< good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

this is such a different look from you! BUT I LOVE IT! i think you look great!

jewels said...

wow nice job.

Askmewhats said...

oh my goodness! YOu transformed! You look so different! well done!!!!

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

girl you look awesome! I'm so impressed by how well you nailed the look! You should do more of these looks :D I'm so lazy to do contests myself especially where dressing up is involved, lol.

Iyah said...

You look very gothic lolita-ish! :D Very nice! :D *new reader*

Nic Nic said...

you make a good gothic lolita! haha great pose and costume!!

Bittenbefore said...

i loved malice mizer ! so great choice choosing mana! said...

I LOVE IT!!!!! You totally rock in this look. Love love it!!!

Fabuless Beauty said...

Great job! You look so different!

Iyah said...

Your situation is really hard but I know you can make it through. Hang it there :) Everything happens for a reason. Patience has its own rewards :)

fuzkittie said...

You did an amazing job! So bad ass!!! :D I love it.

Emilita said...

You look so cute. The makeup is great and the accessories really put the look over the top.

L.V. said...

wow. you did a wonderful job! :-)


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