Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Life Update

Hey yall.

I'm sorry if I might not be able to blog in a while. Here's my school schedule to fill yall in:

Wednesday Nov.19:
- Econ HW due at 5pm
- Calculus Quiz due by midnight

Thursday Nov. 20:
- Calculus HW due when arrived to class

Friday Nov.21:
- Supposed to be my Govt Exam 5, but I might push it off and take it next week.

Monday Nov.24:
- Govt Exam 5 last day to take it

Tuesday Nov. 25:
- Calculus test review session

Wednesday Nov. 26 - Sunday Nov. 31: Thanksgiving break

Wednesday Dec. 3:
- Geology Test

Thursday Dec. 4:
- Calculus Test

Wednesday Dec. 10:
- Govt Final

Saturday Dec. 13:
- Econ Final

Tuesday Dec.16:
- Calculus Final

Wednesday Dec.17:
- Geology Final

So yea I'm pretty busy needing to study @_@

I've got 2 posts that I really want to make but I have to put school as priority so I'll take it one week at a time. My goal is to get my Govt test done THIS Friday so that next week i'll be a bit more free.

Even then, immediately after my thanksgiving break I've got a geology test and Calculus test to study for. then immediately Finals start a week after.

too. much. work.

then again....i procrastinate. I need to stop doing that....

Next semester I'm going to take Accounting, Women's Studies, Management, and History. HOPEFULLY I'll do a better job at keeping up with my work because I am honestly disappointed in myself with the grades i've gotten so far. I'm not failing, but I'm not satisfied with myself. I gotta work harder to bring my pathetic GPA up :(

I'm sorry if I disappointed some of yall in my lack of updates but school's really got me filled. If I get my govt test done friday, i'll probably post my blog by this weekend, but if I take my govt test on Monday, you won't see me blog until that monday night or tuesday,etc.

see yall later, and hopefully soon ;.;


jamie said...

can relate to graduating so its really rush rush rush!:D

fuzkittie said...

Sucks! That's a lot of work~

Bittenbefore said...

good luck!

jewels said...

keep it up.

Kelly said...

History was the worst class i ever took.. so boring!!!
But if you're into history.. it'll be for you :)

Do you use Aplia for economics? I hate eco.. ugh. It's boring too! lol

Best of luck with everything!!

jeSmakeup said...

thats a lot of work, studying n skooling! take it easy.. keep ya head up gurl!! said...

Whoa, you're such a busy bee!

Good luck, dear!

jewels said...

i totally know what you mean. with daylight savings or if the power goes out, I have to end up fixing all the clocks in the house. My parents jsut don't get how to use the buttons. When the dvd player doesn't work they go asking me. N i always emphasize to them, if i move out what they gonna do with out me??? You know what their response was?? well my mom said she'll learn then, was like like why cant you learn now. pisses me off sometimes. b4 the DVD play I remember it was the VHS. HOw to record, hahah so after years, they finally understand how.

and with cell phones. all they know how to do is dial out with phone numbers they know off their heads. I tried showing them how to view contacts....5 years later i am still showing them. >_<

Anonymous said...

ahhhh looking at your schedule just reminds me of my crap i have to take care of. gives me a headache pfftt!!
keep it up though!

Kylie said...

omg i was sooo busy with school too! :( thankfully i got two projects done with and now i just gotta worry about finals.. eek. i hate econ btw.. i nearly failed that class last last quarter. btw, i just saw your post about samy products.. sorry! but u can purchase them at ulta or even target! i dont think they're expensive at all.. so check it out :)

miemiemie said...

you don't need to apologize for not updating dear..but it sure looks like a lot of work..haha i recall my college days, all of my time was alloted for thesis, hospital duties and wasn't fun at all..but everyone has to go through being BUSY in school one way or'll get through it :) good luck and don't forget to take some breaks..

jie jie said...

goodluck kiddo! i think as the semester nears it ends, you feel that stress as if everything is just happening all at once.

Kimberly Tia said...

oh my gosh....
go you for getting your education on mama.
stick to it, and hang in there.
it'll pay off in the end ^_^


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