Sunday, November 16, 2008

Loreal DeCrease Eyeshadow Primer Product Review

Loreal Decrease has been one of the most talked about for a dupe or substitute for UDPP or TFSI.

For some it has worked, some it hasn't.

Unfortunately for me, it didn't work :(

Lets take a look at the pictures and I'll talk more about the product afterwards.

- affordable
- readily available at your local Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, and any other drugstores rather than having to go to Sephora
- clear tube so you see how much you have left

- applies chunky
- even though you can't see it in the picture, when you blend it out you see a harsh line (some may not be bothered by this but i am)
- when smoothing it out, it feels like "creamy chalk"
- so does NOT last 8 hours. More like, one or two at most.
- the creasing isn't just a smudgey that you typically get. As you can see from the photos, practically ALL off the eyeshadow migrated to my crease so when I open my eyes you can't even see the eyeshadow anymore because it all moved to the crease!
- the colors don't pop. It helps for the color to show up SOME, not a little, but not a lot. just SOME. below average.

Product Rating:

Overall: 1/5
Price: 3/5 (can be bought anywhere from $6-9)
Packaging: 3/5 (just avg and basic. Nothing bad, but nothing good either)
Would I buy this again?: NEVERR

So some of yall MIGHT think I applied it wrong. Lets take a look of the different ways I tested it out:

1) 3 large dots with no foundation or powder underneath
2) 3 small dots with no foundation or powder underneath
3) WITH foundation underneath
4) Loreal HIP Paint applied OVER Decrease
5) Loreal HIP Paint applied UNDER Decrease
6) applied a small layer of nude-ish eyeshadow first and then applied Decrease and then applied my other eyeshadows

So yea, I tried quite a bit of ways and each one of them resulted me in creasing. However, I must say that a combination of foundation/powder underneath, decrease, and then Loreal HIP Paint lasted the longest, but that only got me to like 3 hours before it started getting really muggy.

However, there are factors why this doesn't work for me and might work for some others:

1) I have oily lids. My face skin isn't AS oily my eyes are.
2) I live in Texas. It's humid and hot.

maybe i just got a defective one?? I don't know. Now I'm stuck with this product at home, so I just use it when I play around with makeup so that I don't waste my UDPP. I just get disappointed even when I play around with it cuz it just doesn't hold the eyeshadows well at all. Yes it's easier to blend, but at the cost of making the eyeshadows move really easily into the crease.

I know some of you out there use this and swear by it, and lucky for yall it works. I WISH it worked because this costs less than half than UDPP, but alas, it doesn't work for me, so this product gets a thumbs down. Perhaps if you have drier skin than me and live in a less humid environment, it'll work.

Hope this helps somebody :)

see yall laterr


fuzkittie said...

Thanks for the thorough review!

jewels said...

thanks. I'll stick to UDPP then. I am still on my first tube of UDPP, and I had it for a year now. So its worth every buck, since it worked for my very oily eye lids.

Kimberly Tia said...

awww just when i was hoping to turn to a drug store brand primer to save me some $$ -- great review girl, you saved us other gals from wasting our moolah.

i'll still to my urban decay primer potion it's my new BFF! said...

You can see the crease from the pictures there! Thanks for the review. I've been wanting to try this but maybe not now...LOL...we'll see, I guess.

I think Asian rocks when it comes to packaging and making makeup look cute, fun and appealing. Sephora and Ulta is NOTHING compare to those makeup brand in ASIA. SUX!!!

What were you doing at Sephora when you were in Elementary eh??? Early start, I see....BAD!!!

IchigoBunnie said...

you're welcome!

oh wow, 1 year!?!? im totally sticking to UDPP then. thanks for telling me!

kim tia:
oh no im sorry to burst your bubble XD . Technically you can still try this if you want. Lots of drugstores allow you to return the item if they don't work out for you. If you have UDPP, then stick to it! well worth the money

ebeatyblog (cinthia):
YEAA doesn't the creasing look so GROSSSS!?!?! XD haha. If you have the money, go for UDPP, but honestly, this decrease IS worth a shot because there really are people out there who just LOVE this stuff. You can return it to the store (if your drugstore allows it--some stores dun but my Walgreens allows any and all returns and so does my local HEB grocery store, even opened products can be returned. ask the store for return policies )

LOL sephora in elementary. I actually never really bought anything. My mom back then was really into makeup(and now she isn't) so my mom would always take me and my sis to the MAC store and Sephora and we'll play with stuff, but never bought anything XD

and yea, Asia totally kicks ass with the ENTIRE product. Packaging is perfect and so creative and unique and the product itself works better than U.S. stuff. i SOOO need to get my hands on asian makeup!! ;.; no more U.S. product spending for me! XD

jeSmakeup said...

nice review.. i have oily lids tooo? i hate it! lol it gets all sticky..

bittenbefore said...

ah i have oily lids too
thanks for sharing

i havent tried UDPP but i do hope to do it soon
i bought a new eyelid base recently, will let u know if it worls

Askmewhats said...

I know it works for some people , for me, UDPP still works better , i have the same crease line that you have on the final photo! We do wish it works huh! :)

Iyah said...

Thanks for the review. Very thorough :) Its really worth to just splurge on a UDPP or TFSI because they last long also. I had my UDPP for 8 months now and it still alot :)

miemiemie said...

at first this primer did its purpose..however i've noticed that if i stay in a hot area for a little starts creasing :( toofaced is still the primer for me :)

i missed commenting on your blog..i'm just too lazy to click the comment link and start typing..hahaha

makemeup said...

thanks for visiting my blog! Wow i have this Loreal decrease e/s primer too. But it hasnt crease on me yet. So far i heard UDPP is really good! So you might try that out.=]


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