Wednesday, November 26, 2008

OPI Russian Navy Nailpolish

I went over to my friend's house on Halloween night and I had my nails painted.

I completely forgot what's the name of this nailpolish though :( It's this deep rich color. Obviously dark sapphire blue with lots of purple undertones and micro shimmer glitter, so depending what light you're in, you can see a strong blue, or a strong purple, or perhaps both.

Since taking this picture with flash and no flash didn't give me a good lighting option, the blue stood out more in these photos. I wish I could show yall the true blue-purple of this color cuz it's gorgeous!!

FYI, these pictures were taken 5-6 days after I had my nails painted.

Then I kept the whole manicure on for one more week. It started chipping around the 8-9th day, and even then it only chipped on 2-3 fingers total. ....Then i started getting peel-happy and started peeling the nailpolish off haha. Do yall catch yourselves doing that? Like peeling off your nailpolish? it gets addicting....XD

Now, I don't know what base coat or top coat my friend used but obviously it's working miracles cuz my nails never have its polish stay on this long. And when I mean that I don't know what the brand name is, literally, the bottle had NO name on it. It was a blank nailpolish bottle XD so I couldn't tell for my dear life what it was that she used.

This isn't much of a review, more rather sharing my experience cuz, I don't know how i'd be able to review this, but oh well, I'll label it as product review anyway..

onward to pics!

in my room with artificial lighting. no flash.

The rest of these photos were taken with the lowest flash setting in my room with the same artificial lighting.

click on this picture above to make it bigger. you'll be able to see the purples better in this one :)

You'd have to look super duper carefully to see the purple in it. I promise you this is a pretty color!

I tried looking on OPI's website to try to find the name of this color for you, and if I am not mistakened, this is "Russian Navy". i SWEARRR it has to be the name of it!

I'm so glad it's finally Thanksgiving break! but alas, that means I have to study my butt off for my geology test and calc test that's on Dec.3, literally a week from today :(

well, I'll be blogging about other things sometime this week hopefully! I know I keep saying that but I don't quite know my schedule for this week so I'll try :)

see yall later!


fuzkittie said...

Russian Navy is one of my fave dark polishes! <3

Fabuless Beauty said...

I love OPI nail polishes. They are incredibly long lasting!

Bittenbefore said...

nice!!! i love tat color

Anonymous said...

mMmmm i like that color i may have to hunt for it :P

Emilita said...

I am a Russian Navy fan too. The little red sparkles are so tiny but pretty.

mayaari said...

I love Russian Navy - I even wore it during the summer! as a makeshift french tip, haha.


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