Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Useless Gifts Get Returned While Flashy Gifts Remain Unused

Hi it is Stephen again and Happy New Year. I am sorry if you waited a long time for a new post. I felt bad for the people who were still vacationing and wanted to give them time to get back. THANK YOU gp!!! For explaining why blogger hates me and to use simple text for this post! THANK YOU!!!

For those of you who did not read the last post explaining why I am here instead of IchigoBunnie please read the last post and please comment on it and this one also. Thank you for the warm welcome and that you liked my post last time. With such a great response it really made me stress and wonder how I was going to make more? Going along with the after Christmas theme:

Normally during Christmas you get a lot of misc. gifts as well as the terrible gifts that beg the question “Why?” and then “WTF?” But it cannot be just them who are giving terrible gifts. I am sure at least you have given someone a poor gift during the holiday season or during any special gift giving occasion. At times it is because “I did not know what to buy for them.” but it is mostly being lazy and procrastinating till the last day. If you have ever gone to a store the day before Christmas it almost seems sad. The malls and stores are filled last minute shoppers frantically looking for any gift no matter how bad for the ones that they supposedly care about. Do you ever wonder what the story behind the present you’ve received is? For every poor present do you think they read you wrong, or do you think you already know the answer?

A lot of times gifts are just wants, never really something we need. However we convince ourselves the urge to have them is so great that it seems like a must. For me and Bunnie I hardly get her unnecessary things. I feel that something that she would need as odd as it maybe, is a better present than like if I got her stuff like perfume (although I did give her the VS perfume kit our first Christmas). I have mostly given her useful presents that she really depends on like, a Logitech keyboard and mouse, wireless, PCI desktop card, dry erase board fluid, an antenna (but will soon be rendered useless because of the requirement for a TV converter). One time I had given her a giant mattress foam pad because she wanted to make her bed squishier and more comfortable for her birthday. Even though it was looked odd giving your girlfriend a mattress pad during her birthday party, it did not matter since I knew it was going to be used more than almost any other gift she had gotten. My unabashed attitude toward presents is not only for Bunnie. This Christmas I gave a college friend a pack of Charmin toilet paper (of course this was not the only present given but a minor extra). This present was partly a gag but mostly because all they had was Scott 1ply tissue and we all know how terrible thin 1ply is compared to thick 2ply. Why don’t people give useful gifts that people might actually use or need anymore? Is it because that we are embarrassed? Is it that we do not know how or that we honestly don’t pay attention or care about the needs of others?

My questions to you dedicated readers are:

1) What was the worst, poor “Why WTF?” present you have ever gotten and/ your own “Why WTF?” present to someone you actually could consider caring about (not like a friend of a friend of a friend, but a real friend or loved one)? Please include if they still use it or think that they returned it. If you want you can also add their reaction to the gift.

2) What was the most useful and practical gift you have given and/or gotten someone regardless of how odd or cool it was? Please include if they still use it or think that they returned it. If you want you can also add their reaction to the gift.

The only requirement it cannot be something like an Ipod or any expensive entertainment system like a PS3 or LCD TV. This present has to actually have some thought or heart into it to justify it. Like for entertainment, a karaoke machine for someone because you know they love to sing and/with or without a great singing voice.

I am not sure that blogger has a limit on a comment so if it is too much and blogger rejects it, you can reply in two separate comments. Or if you just don’t feel like writing presents given and received for both questions you can answer only one if it makes you uncomfortable.

P.S. For those of you who are insanely rich and have given or gotten an expensive luxury car I would also like to hear about them too being the car enthusiast as I am.

P.S.S Thank you gp and everyone Happy New Year!!!

Stephen (bf and standin for Bunnie)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Vacationing :)

I'm sorry but I won't be able to blog for a while.

my boyfriend might be updating for me and babble here and there so yall can read on what he writes ^_^. Not sure if he will blog here, but he might hehe.

I won't have internet for a good while but the first week im sure i should have internet and can blog and go online from that point.

Hope to see yall soon!!!


Monday, December 22, 2008

ONI-CON 2008 Pictures

Hey yall!

aww i didn't get to bump into any readers of my blog at the convention but that's alright lol

anyhoodle, here are the pics from what i have at oni-con. I didn't want to put in too much cuz some of the pics are of my friends and I want to respect their privacy. A couple pics i cropped out my friends.

so here we go:

GIANT lanterns in the park

Thank you to my MOM for making this costume for me :) and for letting me borrow her 80's leggings lol

lolitas! aren't they gorgeous?

the other moogle

Lamborghini Gallardo convertable

TEAM ROCKET!!!!!!!!! old-school days of Pokemon. AWESOME

hehehe....I herd you Liek MUDKIPS!

the girl had to pee and had no where to put her Domo-Kun so she propped it up. I thought it was cute to take a picture of a random domo-kun in the girl's bathroom hehe


my owner, LuLu!

POWER RANGER!! you just can't mess with these guys. they are cool.

in the car with my friend making some faces, but i know she'd kill me if i had her face up here on my blog so i had to crop her out ^^()

there yall go :) pictures to look at ^_^

if anybody's curious of the makeup I used:


Buff'd Mineral Foundation in WOOL in ORIGINAL formula


-Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner in Black
-NYX Doll Eyes Mascara Volume in Extreme Black
- Lancome gift with purchase eyeshadow in "Peep" in the "Peep/Snap" duo (inner and outer corner)
- Sisley (old old...should throw away..) eyeshadow in Black (outer corner)
- Borghese really uber old eyeshadow in "Mauve Mist" (light frosty purple put at the MIDDLE of the eye, not inner corner)


i DID have on that lipgloss that May gave to me from the smokey eye contest but later on it wiped off so most pics of me are just my bare lips


I got a haircut the day of Oni-con on friday haha. I got more bangs up in my face cuz i thought it looked cute and wanted to try it out

Sunday, December 21, 2008

RiceBunny's LuLu Makeup Look Contest - PLEASE Vote For Me!

I'm #27!!! PLEASE PLEASE VOTE FOR ME! <- click to go to her page and scroll down. the voting poll should be at the very bottom VOTING ENDS 12 NOON TODAY!!!! This is a very SHORT voting time, so please please vote for me! (i never won any of the contests i've entered so far XD so it'll be nice for a change to win this. She's giving away this gorgeous scarf) Im falling really behind. I've got 22 votes so far and the leading girl has well over 400. FOUR HUNDRED (she did do a really really really good job though, so i can see why she has the votes) :( please help? XD I had finals only a couple of hours after i did this makeup. I woke up early in the morning to do this look before doing extra cramming and studying for my final. eek. I tried i tried! This is my look for LuLu

Thank yall so much :)

*sigh* i wish it wasn't a voting thing. Even if the voting thing is "fair" as in people can't cheat, it's still a popularity contest to see who has the most friends or family you know? I wish it was randomly drawn or RB picked out who she thought did the best job.


I'll have Oni-Con pictures up either today or tomorrow :)

see yall later!

As expected, I got criticized from one of RB's readers. Some girl said "#27 looks naked. gross" I realized that after i took the picture, and I wanted to crop out the picture from my neck up, but I thought RB would have though I photoshopped the whole picture--which I would never do, so I decided to leave it as is.

oh well, can't avoid immaturity right? And in all contests, we can't avoid biasness right? Especially in voting systems, the girl with the most friends and family wins--not the true deserving winner. Though there ARE cases out there where the girl who won DOES deserve it (i've seen it happen before), but for the most part, these contests are skewed.

Thanks for anybody who voted for me. Of course this time i lost as expected, but I enter these contests knowing that i will 99% lose. I try my best with the little amount of makeup i have (and low-end brands and free-bee makeups) in comparison to others. I won't give up though. I'll keep trying to enter contests. Maybe I'll win some day and maybe one day those people who cheat will lose.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Beauty Wish List

I've seen a couple of yall bloggers put up a wish list, and I ended up wanting to put up one too!

My list isn't that big, as I am wishing for practical gifts that I can actually afford to get, so there's nothing "grand" as others' stuff.

Disclaimer: Photos are taken courtesy from Coastal Scents, Victoria's Secret, and Everday Minerals.

CS Gel Liner $6.95
Im tired of the smudgies :( My current pencil eyeliner is actually REALLY good considered for a pencil liner, but I want to step it up a notch and go for this gel liner that people are raving about

CS Black on Black Taklon Liner $1.85 . Gotta have a eyeliner brush to use that gel liner :)

CS Pro Eyelash Defining Comb $3.89
I heard that metal lash combs work much better than the regular plastic ones at separating

CS Pink Duo Fiber Stippling Brush $7.95
I was thinking more of using this as a blush brush, not foundation. I heard this is good, but that it sheds and smells a bit. I already use my EveryDay Minerals Flat Top brush for foundation so I dont' need another foundation brush, but I do need a blush brush

CS Italian Badger Blender $2.95
I've never had a blending brush and every girl (or guy) needs a blending brush when doing eye makeup

CS Chisel Detail Mini Brush $2
I always wanted to hilight my "inner corner" of the eyes. I've seen this done in all japanese magazines and I remember watching bloggerette Kylie do this to her eyes and i saw a huge difference. This brush looks like it can do the trick

120 eyeshadow palette$24 (including Shipping)
I think 120 will make me not need anymore eyeshadows. I typically use stuff i've bought for 2-3 years ago, and stuff I got from my mom's bathroom. I've never really had a lot of eyeshadows like other girls so for $24, this is affordable and I think I can do lots of looks from this :) i want i want!

EveryDay Minerals Blush in Pink Ribbon (mini $4. large $8. loose powder)
Agnes did a blogpost and she swatched this color out, and I freakin fell in love with the color. It's so pretty and I love that subtle doll-pink on the cheeks without using a fuschia pink.

EveryDay Minerals Wafflecone Blush (pressed powder. $12)
Audrie swatched this out on one of her recent posts and wafflecone looks amazing. It looks like you can use this especially when you have heavy eye makeup and you don't want to put on color-blush that would make the whole face look too severe with too many colors. plus, this would make a great addition to the natural-look.

OPI Nailpolish in Russian Navy $8.
i LOVE this nailpolish color when I had my nails done at my friend's house that I wanna go have it myself. This color is too good to pass up.

Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes $16
If I can't get the Gel liner (which is soo much cheaper), then I'd love to have this eyeliner. I tried it at Sephora during the summer (as seen in my July 4th blog post) and this stuff did NOT budge. Amazing for a pencil liner, but $16 would make me quite poor for one liner, but still, this works so well.

And one last thing, Japanese Makeup. I know the 120 eyeshadow palette covers like 99% of colors i'd ever use in a lifetime, but look at them asian makeup! can you pass that stuff up? I see Fuzkittie and Lotus Palace and A WaterColour Sky always post up japanese makeup, and i know yall can't disagree on how good they look, both the packaging and the product itself.

This totals up to about $95 it's like $89, and then Im sure shipping for coastal scents will cost a bit more so I approximated at $95 to be fair. Ouch. Didn't realize my "downgraded" wish list still added up to be expensive XD or at least on my terms. Oh well, i'll collect these one by one, one day XD

I guess that's it for now :) I'll update any more pics for my wish list if i find more to wish for

I got one more test to go tomorrow. It's for geology. Im retaking my first test. There's no final for this class, but gosh i don't like my grade so I gotta do something about it so I'm hoping to get an A on this test to boost my gpa!!

see yall later :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

PedEgg Product Review

As promised, I told yall I'd have a post by Saturday evening after my test, so here you go :)

I first stumbled upon this product...i believe it's Chiara Shine's blog, either that or Incadescents (helen)'s blog. It's been a long while so I don't remember which! correct me on this if you know ^^()

so I've had this during the summer and forgot about reviewing it XD

I no longer have this as I donated it to my bf and his sister whose feet were in dire need of smoothing.

so lets get started with photos, as yall love seeing those more than reading what i have to say XD

after using it:

Cost: $9.99
Where to Buy: almost anywhere has it by now. Grocery stores, Walgreens, CVS, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Target


1) It's gentle so no need to worry about creating a bajillion cuts on yourself
2) Gets rid of the dead skin cells as promised
3) Affordable
4) Easy to clean (must soak this is hot hot water to clean the blades)
5) Has a safe "cover" to cover the blades when not in use compared to the regular ones that are open to everything, which could potentially gather up more bacteria or dust inbetween uses, so I like the lid/cover on this PedEgg


1) You get this "raw" feeling after you slough off the dead skin cells. I have tile floor, so it's always cold, and after using this PedEgg, my feet felt 3X as cold since the dead skin cells are off.
2) Gets addicting so I didn't know when to stop XD, which exacerbated the "cold" feeling while walking on tile. So as a warning: do NOT go overboard with this. Do little at a time to prevent over-exfoliating
3)If you didn't slough off all the dead skin cells evenly, then you're left with random "spots" of halfway exfoliated skin still hanging on your feet.

Rating: 3.8/5
Would I buy it again?: You don't need to because they sell refills of 3 blades for $9.99

My overall thought:

I do like this product, but I hated the "raw" feeling my feet felt, but of course that might have been due to me going crazy on over-exfoliating myself. It was fun seeing all the nasty dead skin cells deposited into the little pod thing though.

I think that you should only use this if you REALLY have rough feet. I have barely rough feet so this wasn't as necessary to use and it was easier to get that raw feeling of the feet. This was meant to be used by people who have feet that just won't behave and stay/become smooth. I didn't want to rate this at a 4 because I didn't think this product was all that, if you know what i mean, but I didn't want to give it a 3 either because this product did the job that it was supposed to do so I can't bash something that didn't do something bad to me. 3.8 sounds pretty fair.

I hope this helps! Leave me a comment if yall have a question yall want answered that I haven't covered.

See yall later :)


Just for other readers to know, click the Comment button to read what other bloggers had to say about this PedEgg and their experience.

After reading yall's comments, I guess I'm not alone in feeling that "raw" feeling that i didn't like on my feet. I just felt that my feet aren't as rough as other people, so I didn't think I needed to use it. I know there are people out there who have REALLY rough feet that after applying vaseline and thick lotions, it still doesn't go away, so I think the PedEgg, or any other brand that does this mechanical/blade exfoliating is for those who really need the extra helping hand.

Audrie, that's really good that you didn't have the "raw" feeling with this. I guess for anyone using this, yall should use a LIGHT hand to get off a small small layer. Maybe that might help, but I won't know for sure because I don't have the PedEgg anymore (gave to my bf's sister)

I use a different method outside of this PedEgg to smooth my feet, without the raw feeling. It's something basic, but with an "extra" thing added that I never thought to do. Stay tuned as that'll be one of my later posts :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Another Tiny Life Update because Agnes Wanted One :)

Agnes wanted another update from me XD

I'm sorry there's no pictures :(

Finals week!!! ugh.

I have my Economics final TOMORROW so i'll be studying and cramming a lot today.

Then next week, I'll have my calculus final on Tuesday and my Geology final on Wednesday.


for you HOUSTONIANS, i am going to ONI-CON. I'd love to meet some of yall who read my blog :) I'm awefully curious who yall are!

I'll be dressing up as a MOOGLE :D. That's my goal at least. I've already got my antenna headband done. I just need to add the ears, but yea I still gotta make the clothes part of the costume XD

so after the Oni-Con event is done, you bet that this blog will be updated with pics from this anime convention :)

I think I am going Saturday, but not sure. I have a 3-day pass for Friday(19th) Sat(20th) and Sunday(21st). I'm not going to go all three days. I'm pretty sure I'm going on a Saturday though because I need time to make my costume. It also depends on my ride from my friends cuz i'm going with a group and they're my ride.

I have a review I want to put up so most likely you'll see it tomorrow night, after my final :) I'll try i'll try!

see yall later and thank yall for being patient with me :)


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