Friday, December 12, 2008

Another Tiny Life Update because Agnes Wanted One :)

Agnes wanted another update from me XD

I'm sorry there's no pictures :(

Finals week!!! ugh.

I have my Economics final TOMORROW so i'll be studying and cramming a lot today.

Then next week, I'll have my calculus final on Tuesday and my Geology final on Wednesday.


for you HOUSTONIANS, i am going to ONI-CON. I'd love to meet some of yall who read my blog :) I'm awefully curious who yall are!

I'll be dressing up as a MOOGLE :D. That's my goal at least. I've already got my antenna headband done. I just need to add the ears, but yea I still gotta make the clothes part of the costume XD

so after the Oni-Con event is done, you bet that this blog will be updated with pics from this anime convention :)

I think I am going Saturday, but not sure. I have a 3-day pass for Friday(19th) Sat(20th) and Sunday(21st). I'm not going to go all three days. I'm pretty sure I'm going on a Saturday though because I need time to make my costume. It also depends on my ride from my friends cuz i'm going with a group and they're my ride.

I have a review I want to put up so most likely you'll see it tomorrow night, after my final :) I'll try i'll try!

see yall later and thank yall for being patient with me :)


Kylie said...

good luck on ur final! ull do great :)

Jane said...

Good luck honey!

Iyah said...

Thanks for the comment girl! GL with your finals!:) Yeah we celebrate our wedding anniv & bf/gf anniv on the same day which is 11. :)

miemiemie said...

good luck dear!:) i miss your updates already..:)

fuzkittie said...

Good luck!! Have fun at the conference~

IchigoBunnie said...

thank yall!! :)


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