Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Beauty Wish List

I've seen a couple of yall bloggers put up a wish list, and I ended up wanting to put up one too!

My list isn't that big, as I am wishing for practical gifts that I can actually afford to get, so there's nothing "grand" as others' stuff.

Disclaimer: Photos are taken courtesy from Coastal Scents, Victoria's Secret, and Everday Minerals.

CS Gel Liner $6.95
Im tired of the smudgies :( My current pencil eyeliner is actually REALLY good considered for a pencil liner, but I want to step it up a notch and go for this gel liner that people are raving about

CS Black on Black Taklon Liner $1.85 . Gotta have a eyeliner brush to use that gel liner :)

CS Pro Eyelash Defining Comb $3.89
I heard that metal lash combs work much better than the regular plastic ones at separating

CS Pink Duo Fiber Stippling Brush $7.95
I was thinking more of using this as a blush brush, not foundation. I heard this is good, but that it sheds and smells a bit. I already use my EveryDay Minerals Flat Top brush for foundation so I dont' need another foundation brush, but I do need a blush brush

CS Italian Badger Blender $2.95
I've never had a blending brush and every girl (or guy) needs a blending brush when doing eye makeup

CS Chisel Detail Mini Brush $2
I always wanted to hilight my "inner corner" of the eyes. I've seen this done in all japanese magazines and I remember watching bloggerette Kylie do this to her eyes and i saw a huge difference. This brush looks like it can do the trick

120 eyeshadow palette$24 (including Shipping)
I think 120 will make me not need anymore eyeshadows. I typically use stuff i've bought for 2-3 years ago, and stuff I got from my mom's bathroom. I've never really had a lot of eyeshadows like other girls so for $24, this is affordable and I think I can do lots of looks from this :) i want i want!

EveryDay Minerals Blush in Pink Ribbon (mini $4. large $8. loose powder)
Agnes did a blogpost and she swatched this color out, and I freakin fell in love with the color. It's so pretty and I love that subtle doll-pink on the cheeks without using a fuschia pink.

EveryDay Minerals Wafflecone Blush (pressed powder. $12)
Audrie swatched this out on one of her recent posts and wafflecone looks amazing. It looks like you can use this especially when you have heavy eye makeup and you don't want to put on color-blush that would make the whole face look too severe with too many colors. plus, this would make a great addition to the natural-look.

OPI Nailpolish in Russian Navy $8.
i LOVE this nailpolish color when I had my nails done at my friend's house that I wanna go have it myself. This color is too good to pass up.

Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes $16
If I can't get the Gel liner (which is soo much cheaper), then I'd love to have this eyeliner. I tried it at Sephora during the summer (as seen in my July 4th blog post) and this stuff did NOT budge. Amazing for a pencil liner, but $16 would make me quite poor for one liner, but still, this works so well.

And one last thing, Japanese Makeup. I know the 120 eyeshadow palette covers like 99% of colors i'd ever use in a lifetime, but look at them asian makeup! can you pass that stuff up? I see Fuzkittie and Lotus Palace and A WaterColour Sky always post up japanese makeup, and i know yall can't disagree on how good they look, both the packaging and the product itself.

This totals up to about $95 it's like $89, and then Im sure shipping for coastal scents will cost a bit more so I approximated at $95 to be fair. Ouch. Didn't realize my "downgraded" wish list still added up to be expensive XD or at least on my terms. Oh well, i'll collect these one by one, one day XD

I guess that's it for now :) I'll update any more pics for my wish list if i find more to wish for

I got one more test to go tomorrow. It's for geology. Im retaking my first test. There's no final for this class, but gosh i don't like my grade so I gotta do something about it so I'm hoping to get an A on this test to boost my gpa!!

see yall later :)


MiuMiu said...

I say you should get everything on your list right now then make a new list before christmas XD i think the MUFE eyeliner should be on my list as well
good luck on your test!

fuzkittie said...

Nice list! :D Yes, Japanese makeup is irresistable~

IchigoBunnie said...

LOL!! good plan. get this all, and then have another round of wishlisting :3 lol

thanks :) your bloggie always makes me lemming for Japanese makeup...they're so shimmery and iridescent... :3

Askmewhats said...

ohh goodluck with your exam, I want that TRUE black gel liner from CS too!!! Lovely wish list! I hope you get to have at least half of it :) or all!

makemeup said...

Yes you are right! Every person who likes makeup needs a blending brush!!! I wanted to try the CS Italian Badger blending brush too! But they are currently out of stock right now. =[

Audrie said...

I am eyeing some CS brushes too! Although I probably have enough already. The ones that I want are always out of stock :(

Anyway, good luck on your exam! I'm almost done with mine as well.

Violet Honeybee said...

wow that palette is HUGEE!! you probably wouldn't even need to buy any shadows with that lol

J A Y M <3 said...

heyy...i just stumbled across your page just now! but anywho, lemme know how you like those CS brushes...i'm planning on buying some eyeshadow brushes as well but i'm not quite sure if i should just get some lowe cornell's...

lol, anyway happy blogging :)

IchigoBunnie said...


welcome to my blog!! :)

im sorry but i don't think i'll be getting these brushes any time soon XD, and what i mean by that, i probably won't get them til way next year :( I don't have a credit/debit card. This all is a "wish" list for now that I would hope to get, but I can for sure tell you that i can't get these makeup babies til next year :( , when i do get these, i WILL do a review of them--i promise! ^_^

REI 麗 said...

I wish you the best of luck! <3

Joey said...

Nice list (:

I haven't written a list because I don't really need anything, haha!

Btw. I don't usually put foundation on my forehead since my hair covers it and since my foundation color matches so well, who can tell the difference?! haha.

miemiemie said...

hahaha i never did my wishlist this year, though my mom asked me to..but i figured all the stuff i want can only be bought online..she never goes online and she won't use her CC..but i do anyway and she doesn't like it.hahaha

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

Hey Snugglebunny! I have Russian Navy AND some Pink Ribbon (mini size). I don't really want to keep either of them so they're yours if you want? Email me if you're interested :)

Agnes said...

i saw my name @.@... i am flattered. haha!

i wanna have a wish list too!!! but wait i think someone tagged me on something. once i am done with that tag, i'll do myself a cosmetic wish list and pray that someone (hinting my bf) will buy for me T.T

Fabuless Beauty said...

Great wish list. I still have yet to try Coastal Scents.

CuttiBeBe said...

the list seems really reasonable. it's not over the top and it's most of the stuff you will use every day anyways. GET EVERYTHING. i hope santa sees that you've been a good girl this yr, lol.

japanese makeup is definiely one of my biggest weakness now. it is not "that" much more expensive than american brands, but the quality is so much more superior and it definitely will enhance asian eyes better - something about the way they use shimmer/shades, it really contours asian eyes.

happy holidays! i wish you get everything u wanted and do a FOTD. =)

Iyah said...

Great wishlist you got there! :) I hope you get them all! :D

Yeah I'm in love with japanese products. The Lucido Curling Lotion was the only one that made my curl stay like that for hours.. it was amazing! Most products weigh my hair down and the curls werent bouncy. Super thanks to other beauty bloggers, I discovered this. I think they are available online :)

I had been breaking out since I stopped LYNA. But thanks to Laneige, a japanese brand of skincare, my acne is getting better :D


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