Monday, December 22, 2008

ONI-CON 2008 Pictures

Hey yall!

aww i didn't get to bump into any readers of my blog at the convention but that's alright lol

anyhoodle, here are the pics from what i have at oni-con. I didn't want to put in too much cuz some of the pics are of my friends and I want to respect their privacy. A couple pics i cropped out my friends.

so here we go:

GIANT lanterns in the park

Thank you to my MOM for making this costume for me :) and for letting me borrow her 80's leggings lol

lolitas! aren't they gorgeous?

the other moogle

Lamborghini Gallardo convertable

TEAM ROCKET!!!!!!!!! old-school days of Pokemon. AWESOME

hehehe....I herd you Liek MUDKIPS!

the girl had to pee and had no where to put her Domo-Kun so she propped it up. I thought it was cute to take a picture of a random domo-kun in the girl's bathroom hehe


my owner, LuLu!

POWER RANGER!! you just can't mess with these guys. they are cool.

in the car with my friend making some faces, but i know she'd kill me if i had her face up here on my blog so i had to crop her out ^^()

there yall go :) pictures to look at ^_^

if anybody's curious of the makeup I used:


Buff'd Mineral Foundation in WOOL in ORIGINAL formula


-Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner in Black
-NYX Doll Eyes Mascara Volume in Extreme Black
- Lancome gift with purchase eyeshadow in "Peep" in the "Peep/Snap" duo (inner and outer corner)
- Sisley (old old...should throw away..) eyeshadow in Black (outer corner)
- Borghese really uber old eyeshadow in "Mauve Mist" (light frosty purple put at the MIDDLE of the eye, not inner corner)


i DID have on that lipgloss that May gave to me from the smokey eye contest but later on it wiped off so most pics of me are just my bare lips


I got a haircut the day of Oni-con on friday haha. I got more bangs up in my face cuz i thought it looked cute and wanted to try it out


fuzkittie said...

YOu looked adorable! Haha. Wow I had no idea you have such a... nerdy side to you. But it's totally cute. Hehehe.

Askmewhats said...

you look so pretty and cute! Your mom is so talented to have done your costume :)

jeSmakeup said...

i dont think u mentioned whered u go? and why the costumes? soOo cool tho.. such a cutie!

IchigoBunnie said...

hehehe, indeed, nerdy side of me ^__^ haha

thanks! sewing runs through the family...unfortunately it didn't hit me so i can't make me some clothes of my determined so im hoping i'll get into the sewing-family-bandwagon that has been going through the family tree XD

its in the title :) I went to Oni-Con, which is an anime convention. the costumes are called Cosplay, and you dress up as a character you like from an anime or video game, etc

Violet Honeybee said...

CUTE!!! haha omg it's been so long since I dressed up for an anime-ish convention.. Makes me wanna cosplay for anime expo next year hehe

Iyah said...

cute! :D What's an oni-con? it looks so much fun! :) and what state do you live? :)

IchigoBunnie said...

aww no fair u get anime expo! my place is so boring XD lately the conventions have been a failure and severely disorganized :( Hope you get to go to a convention :) it was refreshing to go when i didn't go to one for 3 years

Oni-Con is an anime convention where you dress up as an anime or video game character and there's lots to do. Fridays are concerts with J-rock/J-pop bands. My freshman year of HS i went to one that had Koda Kumi (i dun like her) but yea, they have people who generally are "smaller" and not as big as koda kumi.There's a room where you can buy japanese goodies from keychains to cat ears, posters, etc. you get to meet a whole buncha people :)

MiuMiu said...

omg you look so cute!!!
i miss the olden days when i could dress up without looking ridiculous lol
you're mom's so nice for making the costume

Mich said...

The Lulu in that picture is actually my best friend. Do you happen to actually know her or no? lol

Anonymous said...

ive gone to one of these things!! i LOVED IT!!! i was a CATLOLITA. was wicked fun OMG that Final Fantasy Charecter that you took a picture amazing, hope you had fun babe. im trying to catch up with your blogs sorry havent commented! im still a loyal reader ! ehehe.

Joanne said...

nice costume! i'm having problems visualising the wings, how did your mum make those?

IchigoBunnie said...


I was the one who actually made the wings, not my mom. My mom made the rest of the costume :)

I had a box for my keyboard, and so i tore it out to lie it flat, and then i free-hand drew the wings to how i wanted it to look like.

Then I got applied glue-stick to the entire front board after i cut it, then took the entire sheet of the un-cut purple Poly-satin cloth over the cardboard and used my hands to smooth everything out.

I then turned the cardboard over and did the same gluestick + cloth over board. Right now you can't see the board as clearly but u can still see an outline, so u cut around the cardboard shape, and voila, wings lol.

the attachment was the hard part. my mom literally stapled it onto my dress and in the very center base of the wings i kept some extra cloth hanging so that it could be directly sewn to my dress.

hope that helps :)


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