Saturday, December 13, 2008

PedEgg Product Review

As promised, I told yall I'd have a post by Saturday evening after my test, so here you go :)

I first stumbled upon this product...i believe it's Chiara Shine's blog, either that or Incadescents (helen)'s blog. It's been a long while so I don't remember which! correct me on this if you know ^^()

so I've had this during the summer and forgot about reviewing it XD

I no longer have this as I donated it to my bf and his sister whose feet were in dire need of smoothing.

so lets get started with photos, as yall love seeing those more than reading what i have to say XD

after using it:

Cost: $9.99
Where to Buy: almost anywhere has it by now. Grocery stores, Walgreens, CVS, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Target


1) It's gentle so no need to worry about creating a bajillion cuts on yourself
2) Gets rid of the dead skin cells as promised
3) Affordable
4) Easy to clean (must soak this is hot hot water to clean the blades)
5) Has a safe "cover" to cover the blades when not in use compared to the regular ones that are open to everything, which could potentially gather up more bacteria or dust inbetween uses, so I like the lid/cover on this PedEgg


1) You get this "raw" feeling after you slough off the dead skin cells. I have tile floor, so it's always cold, and after using this PedEgg, my feet felt 3X as cold since the dead skin cells are off.
2) Gets addicting so I didn't know when to stop XD, which exacerbated the "cold" feeling while walking on tile. So as a warning: do NOT go overboard with this. Do little at a time to prevent over-exfoliating
3)If you didn't slough off all the dead skin cells evenly, then you're left with random "spots" of halfway exfoliated skin still hanging on your feet.

Rating: 3.8/5
Would I buy it again?: You don't need to because they sell refills of 3 blades for $9.99

My overall thought:

I do like this product, but I hated the "raw" feeling my feet felt, but of course that might have been due to me going crazy on over-exfoliating myself. It was fun seeing all the nasty dead skin cells deposited into the little pod thing though.

I think that you should only use this if you REALLY have rough feet. I have barely rough feet so this wasn't as necessary to use and it was easier to get that raw feeling of the feet. This was meant to be used by people who have feet that just won't behave and stay/become smooth. I didn't want to rate this at a 4 because I didn't think this product was all that, if you know what i mean, but I didn't want to give it a 3 either because this product did the job that it was supposed to do so I can't bash something that didn't do something bad to me. 3.8 sounds pretty fair.

I hope this helps! Leave me a comment if yall have a question yall want answered that I haven't covered.

See yall later :)


Just for other readers to know, click the Comment button to read what other bloggers had to say about this PedEgg and their experience.

After reading yall's comments, I guess I'm not alone in feeling that "raw" feeling that i didn't like on my feet. I just felt that my feet aren't as rough as other people, so I didn't think I needed to use it. I know there are people out there who have REALLY rough feet that after applying vaseline and thick lotions, it still doesn't go away, so I think the PedEgg, or any other brand that does this mechanical/blade exfoliating is for those who really need the extra helping hand.

Audrie, that's really good that you didn't have the "raw" feeling with this. I guess for anyone using this, yall should use a LIGHT hand to get off a small small layer. Maybe that might help, but I won't know for sure because I don't have the PedEgg anymore (gave to my bf's sister)

I use a different method outside of this PedEgg to smooth my feet, without the raw feeling. It's something basic, but with an "extra" thing added that I never thought to do. Stay tuned as that'll be one of my later posts :)


jeSmakeup said...

u r soOOo funny! hahaha that is kinda gross.. thats all that dry dead skin from ur feet? u must have really dry feet huh? i should get this for my bf! nice post =P btw... since my blog is on private... no body is going to receive updates on their blogroll n wut not..

Audrie said...

I have that thing too! Haha it's sooo gross when you look at the shavings, but my heels do feel really smooth afterwards. I didn't really get that raw feeling, maybe I didn't do it hard enough?? lol.

Iyah said...

My bro in law has the pedegg and tried it with his wife. They both liked it at 1st because it really works great but after a while, their feet became so dry and had lines from the pedegg. Their foot was not that smooth anymore. So they stopped the pedegg. :*( That's why I didn't get the pedegg before. :(

Askmewhats said...

i was told that scrubbing the heels of your feet will make it prone to dryness more :( :( not sure...but you're right, do not do a frequently as the "raw" feeling isn't good

Kimberly Tia said...

ohhhh my mom got these for both her and I from Walmart.She swears by it, left and right.

me on the other hand, I liked it - it worked, made my feet seem smoother, but I noticed a few days after my feet felt roughed up and raw, or too dry. so i started applying various foot creams with aloe socks to heal them.

jewels said...

looks kinda painful. I like Pumice stone over this. The stone looks more safe then this. I prob cut myself or something.

IchigoBunnie said...


don't worry you can't cut yourself on this. I was freaked out at first but it doesn't create cuts like most people (including me) think.

fuzkittie said...

LOL.. that's pretty gross, but I'm sure effective.

Risse said...

Okay, after spending a while looking through your posts, I think I've fallen in love with you! Lol, you're so cute! And wow, I'm here rubbing my feet wondering if I should try out that PedEgg thing. That's a lot of skin! o___O

*Nehs* said...

hi ichigo bunnie! thank you for your comment. For your question about the Monistat primer, in my experience it doesn't clog my pores, well maybe because I'm not using it everyday cause I don't wear make up everyday. I also have oily face, for me it controls the oiliness just a little bit. Maybe 5-6 hours before my foundation gets oily. In my opinion, it's a great primer. Makes my skin smooth. Hope this helps. Thank you! :)

Agnes said...

uhhhhhhhh that looks like its gonna peel my whole skin off T.T *traumatized*


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