Sunday, December 21, 2008

RiceBunny's LuLu Makeup Look Contest - PLEASE Vote For Me!

I'm #27!!! PLEASE PLEASE VOTE FOR ME! <- click to go to her page and scroll down. the voting poll should be at the very bottom VOTING ENDS 12 NOON TODAY!!!! This is a very SHORT voting time, so please please vote for me! (i never won any of the contests i've entered so far XD so it'll be nice for a change to win this. She's giving away this gorgeous scarf) Im falling really behind. I've got 22 votes so far and the leading girl has well over 400. FOUR HUNDRED (she did do a really really really good job though, so i can see why she has the votes) :( please help? XD I had finals only a couple of hours after i did this makeup. I woke up early in the morning to do this look before doing extra cramming and studying for my final. eek. I tried i tried! This is my look for LuLu

Thank yall so much :)

*sigh* i wish it wasn't a voting thing. Even if the voting thing is "fair" as in people can't cheat, it's still a popularity contest to see who has the most friends or family you know? I wish it was randomly drawn or RB picked out who she thought did the best job.


I'll have Oni-Con pictures up either today or tomorrow :)

see yall later!

As expected, I got criticized from one of RB's readers. Some girl said "#27 looks naked. gross" I realized that after i took the picture, and I wanted to crop out the picture from my neck up, but I thought RB would have though I photoshopped the whole picture--which I would never do, so I decided to leave it as is.

oh well, can't avoid immaturity right? And in all contests, we can't avoid biasness right? Especially in voting systems, the girl with the most friends and family wins--not the true deserving winner. Though there ARE cases out there where the girl who won DOES deserve it (i've seen it happen before), but for the most part, these contests are skewed.

Thanks for anybody who voted for me. Of course this time i lost as expected, but I enter these contests knowing that i will 99% lose. I try my best with the little amount of makeup i have (and low-end brands and free-bee makeups) in comparison to others. I won't give up though. I'll keep trying to enter contests. Maybe I'll win some day and maybe one day those people who cheat will lose.


*Nehs* said...

I vote for u. hope u win! ;)

IchigoBunnie said...


thanks so much :) i appreciate it a lot

Iyah said...

aw! *hugs* You did a pretty good job though! :)

How old are you again? When I was still living at home, Id wish that I can buy this and that because I see my friends with all these brand name clothes and make up and of course, I want it. I waited..

Not too long enough, remember I ran away from home? lol. I wasn't telling you to ran away from home. Somehow, its better off to live with parents you know? Free of debts! :) But my boyfriend then, husband now buys me all my stuff, and yes he bought me mac make up and all those brand names. lol. until I had my very 1st job, and now I can't stop spending :P

I know time will come and you will be able to get everything you want :) don't lose hope!:)

Yumeko said...

HUGS! i thought u did a good job!

Askmewhats said...

Hey, don't worry, I'll vote for you :) I love your look! :) Pretty make up! and i don't care if you look naked!

IchigoBunnie said...

iyah: i left you the comment on your blog :)

yumeko: thank you! ^_^ i actually don't think i did that great of a job (i was rushing in the morning as i mentioned i had a final exam after doing this makeup haha)

askmewhats: i so LOL'ed when you said "i don't care if you look naked!" lol. and thank you for voting for me :) i appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

one of my favorites. the dark color lip looks nice on you not everyone can pull it off i certainly cant! hehe no really like i have square lip like FISH so i cant.awe.... this is nice dear.

Anonymous said...

you know i TOTALLY agree with what you said in the edit.

yeah people are wicked immature dont let that stop you , you have a really amazing knack for makeup so keep it up!


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