Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Useless Gifts Get Returned While Flashy Gifts Remain Unused

Hi it is Stephen again and Happy New Year. I am sorry if you waited a long time for a new post. I felt bad for the people who were still vacationing and wanted to give them time to get back. THANK YOU gp!!! For explaining why blogger hates me and to use simple text for this post! THANK YOU!!!

For those of you who did not read the last post explaining why I am here instead of IchigoBunnie please read the last post and please comment on it and this one also. Thank you for the warm welcome and that you liked my post last time. With such a great response it really made me stress and wonder how I was going to make more? Going along with the after Christmas theme:

Normally during Christmas you get a lot of misc. gifts as well as the terrible gifts that beg the question “Why?” and then “WTF?” But it cannot be just them who are giving terrible gifts. I am sure at least you have given someone a poor gift during the holiday season or during any special gift giving occasion. At times it is because “I did not know what to buy for them.” but it is mostly being lazy and procrastinating till the last day. If you have ever gone to a store the day before Christmas it almost seems sad. The malls and stores are filled last minute shoppers frantically looking for any gift no matter how bad for the ones that they supposedly care about. Do you ever wonder what the story behind the present you’ve received is? For every poor present do you think they read you wrong, or do you think you already know the answer?

A lot of times gifts are just wants, never really something we need. However we convince ourselves the urge to have them is so great that it seems like a must. For me and Bunnie I hardly get her unnecessary things. I feel that something that she would need as odd as it maybe, is a better present than like if I got her stuff like perfume (although I did give her the VS perfume kit our first Christmas). I have mostly given her useful presents that she really depends on like, a Logitech keyboard and mouse, wireless, PCI desktop card, dry erase board fluid, an antenna (but will soon be rendered useless because of the requirement for a TV converter). One time I had given her a giant mattress foam pad because she wanted to make her bed squishier and more comfortable for her birthday. Even though it was looked odd giving your girlfriend a mattress pad during her birthday party, it did not matter since I knew it was going to be used more than almost any other gift she had gotten. My unabashed attitude toward presents is not only for Bunnie. This Christmas I gave a college friend a pack of Charmin toilet paper (of course this was not the only present given but a minor extra). This present was partly a gag but mostly because all they had was Scott 1ply tissue and we all know how terrible thin 1ply is compared to thick 2ply. Why don’t people give useful gifts that people might actually use or need anymore? Is it because that we are embarrassed? Is it that we do not know how or that we honestly don’t pay attention or care about the needs of others?

My questions to you dedicated readers are:

1) What was the worst, poor “Why WTF?” present you have ever gotten and/ your own “Why WTF?” present to someone you actually could consider caring about (not like a friend of a friend of a friend, but a real friend or loved one)? Please include if they still use it or think that they returned it. If you want you can also add their reaction to the gift.

2) What was the most useful and practical gift you have given and/or gotten someone regardless of how odd or cool it was? Please include if they still use it or think that they returned it. If you want you can also add their reaction to the gift.

The only requirement it cannot be something like an Ipod or any expensive entertainment system like a PS3 or LCD TV. This present has to actually have some thought or heart into it to justify it. Like for entertainment, a karaoke machine for someone because you know they love to sing and/with or without a great singing voice.

I am not sure that blogger has a limit on a comment so if it is too much and blogger rejects it, you can reply in two separate comments. Or if you just don’t feel like writing presents given and received for both questions you can answer only one if it makes you uncomfortable.

P.S. For those of you who are insanely rich and have given or gotten an expensive luxury car I would also like to hear about them too being the car enthusiast as I am.

P.S.S Thank you gp and everyone Happy New Year!!!

Stephen (bf and standin for Bunnie)


IchigoBunnie said...

Finally after 7 hours it the post works!

Askmewhats said...

Happy New Year Stephen and Ichigo :) :) :)

gp said...

NP :) Glad you got the post up!

Also to answer your questions...

1) The worst present I've ever gotten was a random glass dolphin from a dollar store, mostly because my supposed best friend hardly gave much thought into it when I spent days trying to think of something to make her (I like to draw/create and customize gifts). It's disappointing, especially when the item is obviously re-gifted. Many of the gifts I give however aren't useful, unless you find art useful, but I do believe they appreciate them nonetheless, as they're still hanging on their walls.

2) The best gift I've ever gotten was a cat. My previous cat of 9 years had to be put down old age and disease, and I was devastated. My parents took me to the Humane Society in the Fall and we adopted a grey tabby kitten. It's not only a gift to me, but also to an animal who needs a home.
I'm not sure what the best gift I've given was, perhaps the drawings I make in tribute of my relationships and passed family/pets are most rewarding.

Happy New Year, IchigoBunnie & Stephen!

Agnes said...

Happy 2009 Ichigo and Stephen!!


Anonymous said...

After posting that entry, I have read the Twilight book, & I completely agree - so much better than the movie! I'm definitely hooked now! :)

Anonymous said...

ahh ichigo! havent commented on your page in a while sorry bout that but i am just as interested as always to read yoru page! hehe.
stephen! good job standing in! =]


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