Monday, December 28, 2009

Product Review: Mandom Cleansing Express Sebum Cleansing Lotion

Hey yall!

Haven't seen yall for quite some time. How's everybody doing?

It's about time I do another review. I've neglected this blog yet again.

So as the title says, I'm doing a product review for the Mandom Cleansing Express Sebum

Supposedly it gets you "Ready for bed as soon as possible" as indicated by the bottle at the very bottom.

Does it really?

What I use it For:

I use this mainly to remove face makeup and eye makeup, not as any toner. When I use my Mario Badescu Silver Powder, I use this to wipe off the powder after it has dried. Other than that, I don't use this for anything else.

Face Makeup:

It removes like 80% of my foundation in my opinion, but regardless of anything I use for removing face makeup, I'll always wash my face afterwards with my Shiseido Perfect Whip Cleanser. I use a cotton pad and moderately soak it with this and wipe it all over my face. I think it does a pretty decent job at removing my foundation.

Eye Makeup:

Get this in your eyes and your eyes will cry and burn. I saw so many youtubers use this over their eyes so I thought, O hey maybe I can use it too, but it hurt my eyes so effin bad when I accidentally got it in ( I assumed it was eye safe bc all the other girls seemed to use it on their eyes T.T...) removed maybe ....40% of my makeup? definitely not enough. It didnt remove the last traces of eyeliner and mascara. It did a fairly good job with taking away my eyeshadow though.


The bottle looks nice to me and they give you quite a lot of fluid too. However, the pump is "jerky" ish. Like when I press down on it, sometimes it'll go down quickly, squirting out too much product. Then some other times it'll come out fine. I don't like that because I tend to lose a lot of product through the inconsistent product dispensing.

Mandom Cleansing Express Sebum Ingredients List:

Overall Rating: 3/5
Cost: $14+ tax .... PRICEY >=(
Packaging: 2/5 (it's pretty but the pump totally kills it for me!)
Would I Buy This Again: Maybe...If I cant find something better to take off my foundation then I'll repurchase. I just hate the price...

So in essence that "ready for bed as soon as possible" claim doesnt really happen lol. Gotta still clean up the mess it leaves.

See yall later :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Product Review: Sana By Noevir Nameraka Facial Cream

Hey yall :)

Time for a long due ACTUAL post with pictures.

Today I'm gonna review Sana By Noevir Nameraka Facial Cream. i...THINK that's the name of it??? I went to a couple different sites that had this same product, yet it was called like...2-3 diff names. So quite frankly, I'm confused xD

Anyway, lets get to the review.

It's a moisturizer, and since its written in all Japanese, I cannot translate a darn thing to tell you what it claims to do! :( I will tell you this though, it is a thick cream that isn't easy to spread and it does not absorb into my skin quick. It'll take a while and will have a slight residue feeling afterwards, even though your skin will feel moisturized and sorta soft.

This moisturizer at $14 AND with NO's pricey to me. I remember buying my Aveeno Ultra Calming moisturizer and it had SPF15 and absorbed nicely. This just honestly doesnt seem worth it.

Initially it calmed down my skin, but that lasted what, a week? It just sorta didnt become something pleasant to put on my skin because it takes forever to spread this across my face, and it doesnt really spread evenly.

I think this moisturizer isnt good to apply everywhere around the face, but more rather dry patches. And even then, it still didnt quite solve my dry patches too well.

Good thing though is that it has no scent whatsoever, so any of you who are sensitive to smells, this will make your nose stay happy.

The jar isnt too big, and you can see on the jar it says it's 50 grams in weight.

I got this at Nippan Daido at Wilcrest and Weistheimer.

Basically, this moisturizer didnt help me nor did it hurt me. However, my skin didnt feel its greatest either with this, bc I think this is just too thick on my combination-oily skin and my face just didnt glow or feel refreshed when i put it on. It felt more like a chore than anything else, sadly. I'm almost done with it all. I just need to finish it to get my money's worth outta it.

Overall Rating: 2.5/5
Packaging: 3/5 (nothing too special, nothing boring either. just avg)
Cost: $13.99 + tax
Would I buy this Again? No. Not worth the long drive to the store to get something that doesnt work with my skin.

In a Nutshell:


1) No scent

2) decently moisturized. did its job, but nothing more


1) Pricey for what it does, or more rather, what it doesnt do or have

2) hard to smooth over face

3) too thick

4) in a jar. not as hygienic in most people's eyes, though I personally dont mind, its just I'd prefer it to be in a bottle

5) too far to buy

.....even my sister didnt like it when she asked if i had a moisturizer she could borrow for the moment... xD so that makes both of us not quite liking it..she too said its way too thick.

By all means, this is not a terrible product; its just too basic, and even if it were $5 instead of $13..i still wouldnt rebuy it.

hehe cinnamoroll in the background :3

of course the left side is with flash, the right side is without flash.

Hope yall are doing well and hope this review helps some of you out there :)

Thanks for visiting and being patient with me about blogging since I havent done a diligent job at being a blogger :(

See yall later!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Im sorryyyy :( :( :(

Ive just been so busy T__T

To the anonymous commenter:

thank you for writing in :)

I have tried the DHC Acerola 100 but then I stopped bc my skin broke out pretty bad (NOT because of the acerola. its just my skin was acting up cuz i was off my acne-pills) and i put it on hold. right now my skin is getting back in shape and im starting to use it again. I havent seen results though from before as much. I'm worried if it wont live up to its hype. And I must admit, that "maple syrup smell" that people complain about is like no joke. I usually dont mind smells, but geez this smells a bit too strong to my liking to the point where it sorta demotivates me to use it. I almost feel like it isnt doing much to my skin. But I havent been using it consistently and im sure thats why.

I'll try to incorporate it into my skincare more often now to see if it'll make a difference. I hope it isnt a waste of $22 plus the shipping i paid..


i kno i dont update as much as people want, and im sorry :( . i have work(i pulled a freakin 10 hr shift on saturday with almost no breaks) and school like everybody. maybe im just not that good at time managing skills. ill try to blog a post at least this week with pictures xD

thank yall for being patient with me.

see yall later!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Update on Life

Hey yall!

Sorry for my absence :(

Where have I been and what have I been doing?

1) Entrep test that im sorely disappointed in. I didnt do poorly by any means. But its just not an A. im so close to an A T___T i need a gpa boost as always.

2) Chemistry test

3) accounting test that i took just yesterday that i probably literally failed :( i hope they give a hefty curve because my teacher didnt teach some of the stuff that was put on the test!! well.just some of the formulas..but it was a difficult test

4) ive just been lurking around blogs

i have 3 projects due this friday as well so im gonna be busy til after thats done. Im sorry :(

hope everybody is doing well.

see yall later!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Black Nails with F21 Nail Decals

hallo hallo :)

i painted my nails like...i think thursday last week so i took these pictures a bit late--thats why u see my nails growing out in these photos...sorry!! xD

I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nailpolish in Black and I bought nail decals from Forever 21 at the Woodlands Mall (currently i dont see it at the one in First Colony or Memorial City Mall..ill go check there again cuz i havent visited in a while). These nail decals were just $1.80 so its a good value :) They stick on rather well.

I used Seche Vite Top Coat from Sally Beauty and Orly Bonder for a base coat.

people at work have complimented me on them so im happy :) they were very easy to do.


Entrep tests are much harder than i thought and i did poorly on my accounting test. im sad :( my accting teacher is soooo freakin useless. im just reading the book now to understand things bc its just getting ridiculous. At least the other two classes im sure ill get an A in..but i was really trying to shoot for an A in accting this semester. Now that def wont happen. oh well. As long as i bring up this pathetic grade to a B, then im good. My gpa needs a face lift :(

How are yall doing lately? :)

See yall laterr ^___^

Saturday, October 3, 2009

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Purchase

Hey yall :)

Shop N' Chomp shared a code for DHC Free Shipping on her blog, so I sure took that code and put it to use!

With my first purchase of DHC with the Acerola Gel, I got myself a sample of the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and I ended up liking it quite a bit. I used it twice from one sample packet to remove my foundation. I would hope that I like it as much as I liked the sample.

I've seen this product on so many blogs, how girls will rave about how this removes all makeup without drying your skin and how it isnt oily for oily-skin girls like me. I guess I finally see what's the hype about! :)

I got 4 samples of course with the purchase:

1) Mineral Mask (got this again bc i dont think one time use of this would make me see if its good or not to buy since its so pricey at $35)

2) Soothing Lotion ( a toner, I probably wont buy it cuz its so pricey at almost $20)

3) DHC White Sunscreen (doesnt hurt to find new sunscreen that might be better for my skin. I remember Kiitsyy liking this sunscreen)

4) Velvet Skin Coat (primer for the face. I'll test this out with my Chanel Teint Innocence foundation to see if its better than the cheap Monistat Chafing Gel)

btw, here's the free shipping code. Remember, it ENDS OCTOBER 12, 2009

code: 9500557765568

Click here for DHC

After using this product, I'll review it :)

See yall later!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just bought Chanel Teint Innocence Foundation!

Hey yall!

I needed better foundation and instead of buying random eyeshadows and such, Im focusing more on my SKIN, skincare, health, all of that, because I know makeup wont look good on if I have bad skin, so Ive been trying to take care of myself more, and I felt like buying good foundation is a good investment. I can go cheaper on eyeshadows and eyeliners, but foundation is VERY important because its your whole face!

I first went to First Colony Mall in Sugarland to try out Shiseido Dual Balancing Foundation, but unfortunately it had sulfates :( . My cousin recommended that to me saying its amazing, and I see her with it on and she looks incredible, but no, my allergies had to get in the way! boo....

So lets try this foundation thing again. She also recommended me MAC's Studio Fix Liquid Foundation, and again, Sulfates :(

I tried powder foundation from Shiseido and MAC, both dont have sulfates, but the powder is too sheer to cover up my acne scar type skin, so I knew I had to look more into liquid foundation.

I then remembered I used my mom's Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation back in 10th grade for homecoming and it was amazing, but back then I wasnt allergic to sulfates YET, so unfortunately YET AGAIN, sulfates in this GA foundation got in the way.

The Clea de Peau lady made me go over to her lil area to try on their powder foundation, applied wet, then set it dry. I didnt like it. Sure it had no sulfates. But for one, the color didnt match, and two it felt TOOOOO DRYYY for my acne-prone Retin-A micro user combination oily skin. Not to mention it was like $115?? i cant pay for that!!

So that Clea de Peau lady told me to go to Saks Fifth Avenue ( I was currently in Neiman Marcus) to go check out the airbrush foundation Luminess. Um, yea, sure it has no sulfates, but I cant hack over $300++ for the machine and the $40 bottle foundation. The basic start set was $179 but could only be found at that Galleria Dillards across the street from Neiman Marcus.

I make my way over to the Chanel counter to give it a shot. The girl who worked with me was nice, but SO forgetful AND CARELESS. First off, she color matched me wrong. I didnt know til I went out in daylight and saw how pink Alabatre was for me. Second, she said the concealer was $30, but when it rung up it was $40 and i didnt kno til i got home when i looked at the receipt (we exchanged it for another chanel foundation for my mom). But, we did get that gift bag thingy for spending over $75, which really was just a buncha random samples of perfume from diff brands. The only thing I liked was the bag itself, which I now use as a school folder/journal/book bag and the sample of Clinique lipglosses (im wearing one of the colors in my pics below)

I went back to Chanel today to exchange the color and now I'm color matched to Chanel Teint Innocence Foundation in CAMEO #20 Intensity 1.0 (at the bottom of the foundation jar it says Clair-Cameo) This baby costs $47 plus tax for 1 fl. oz. Saleslady said it'll last 3 or so months if i use it every day. I wont use it every day so I think it'll last longer for me. And, I dont apply with as much foundation as that lady used on me. I just want to even out my face for the most part so I dont have such a red blotchy face. Just for special occasions would i layer this on for a bit more coverage.

***For these pictures below, I took it with the color ALBATRE, not Cameo, the color I just exchanged for today ***

again Albatre was a bit too pink for my obviously asian yellow skintone haha. and it was a tad too light for me, but i wanted to camwhore anyway :D i havent put up a picture of my face in a while I guess.

-only foundation on, but I am wearing Clinique Full Potential Lips Plump and Shine lipgloss in Glamour-Full (gift with purchase sample), though it sorta wore off by the time i took this pic

and if anybody wants to know what I'm wearing in that photo, its a strapless dress from Free People. I borrowed it from my sister so I dont know what the real name for it is though. And the belt I got from my New York trip in Flushings in one of those underground shopping halls.

also, in the background on my bed is a Marc Jacobs wallet, given for my birthday from my sister :) I use it actually to store my precious Canon Powershot SD870 IS. I never had a camera holder and I already have an actual wallet, so i thought this MJ wallet my sis gave was perfect--perfect fit for the camera too! score :) I guess I'll take a closer picture of that wallet for a later post.

Hope yall are doing well :)

see yall later!



btw, i'll of course be doing a review of this foundation later after i tried it out while wearing it at work and at school and at events, etc. I wanna give it a good test run before letting out my opinions of it :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Goodies I Bought! New Cell Phone and New Skincare Product

Hey yall!

Hows it going for everybody?

So far my classes are pretty good but Managerial Accounting is BORING ME TO TEARS.

Like, he's good at explaining, its just he has that MONOTONED voice thing going on and says "um" after every word so it gets annoying and boring very, very quickly in a 1 - 2:30 class time.

Chem is fun and my teacher takes each lesson rather slowly. I just signed up for my test slot today, there were only 5 slots left for the time I needed! Next time I gotta sign up the second midnight hits the day that I need to sign up...

Entrepreneurship class is pure AMAZING. My teacher is SO funny and the examples he gives are great. Open book and open notes test, but I will read all my notes and book beforehand like he isnt allowing us those open resources because we only have an hr to do 50 questions.

GenB (General Business class) is pretty laid back. Most stuff is completion grade, BUT they give you LOTS of little stuff to do, so its not like I dont have work to do, I have a LOT. Basically its like HS, lots of easy, BUSY work.


So what have I been up to?

I got the Samsung Exclaim! Dual Slider phone. I'm excited.

And I've been reading up on wonderful reviews of the DHC Acerola 100, so i FINALLY placed an order on it.

I hope that I get as good of results as the Makeup Alley girls have raved about. I need to get rid of acne scars and even my skin out. I hate that i APPEAR like I have acne, when I actually dont, accept for like maybe a couple here and there. So I'll test this lil guy out for quite some time before I can do a review on it.

The 4 samples I chose were:

1) DHC Deep Cleansing Oil - I heard so many good things about this on how it removes makeup and doesnt break people out. I definitely need something that will remove all my makeup because I wear makeup when I go to work and I wanna make sure I have everything off my face. I hope this stuff works and doesnt break me out!!

2) DHC Mineral Mask - again, lovely 4/5 stars or even a bit higher, on Makeupalley so I'm trying to give this a chance. The squeeze tube alone costs $35!! That's so pricey! but then again if I think about it, it IS cheaper than sheet masks in the long run....

3) DHC Acerola Cream - I wanna try out new moisturizers and was intending on buying the Clinique Moisture Surge Extra Thirst, but that is so pricey at like $40 or so, so I thought to give this cream a whirl hoping it might be a better option? But since it's cream, I dont know if it'll be too thick for me. Oh well, thats why I got the sample right? to try it out

4) DHC Concentrated Eye Cream - I just wanted to try this out on a whim, though I probably should have picked something else out like their sunscreen =/ but I'm always up to try eye creams

Extra Bonus Sample Given:

5) DHC Cleansing Foam - I have never heard of this but it seems to get mediocre to good reviews. I think its a basic foaming cleanser, but I have yet to try it out.

It'll take me a while to try out everything because I dont want to overwhelm my skin. I can't pile on everything or else in case something goes wrong, I wont know which product caused what. For now, I'm trying out the Acerola 100, using it morning and night on my left and right cheek. Right where I have lots of small scars.

Have yall tried any of these products? How did yall like them? Anything that you think I should know about em? Anything you suggest me?

I hope to hear some feedback on the product samples shown :3

I'm sorry my bloggie has been so dead :( I neglected it for a bit too long. I hope yall come back to visit!! :)


All products are 100% my opinions and thoughts. I am not paid to review any products I post. Use the product and advice/suggestions at your own discretion. Thank you!

Thanks for Visiting!