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Olay Quench Body Lotion Active Hydration with Green Tea & Vitamin Complex Product Review

Hi yall :)

I know some of yall may find it really dumb for me to do a product review about lotion because most lotions are generally the same, but hey, I don't find any harm in reviewing the product :)

On the back of the bottle, it has a paragraph of what this lotion does and claims. In a nutshell, this is what it claims and promises:

1) Quick to absorb into the skin
2) Non-greasy
3) Prevents dryness
4) Provides an immediate burst of moisture that continues for 24 hours
5) Strengthen skin's resilience against everyday drying conditions

*This lotion I have was labeled for Normal to Dry Skin*

I'll let you know if this bottle of lotion lives up to its claim and babble a little bit more.

1) Yes, it's quick to absorb into the skin. It's not like it absorbs in 5 seconds so don't expect that, but I honestly don't feel like if I touch something i'll leave a small glob left or whatever. This really does absorb quicker than most lotions.

2) Yes, it's correct in saying that it's non-greasy. This is paired up with the quick-to-absorb factor. This lotion isn't super thick and it doesn't have this ridiculous residue on your skin, and of course, it doesn't have that greasy feeling

3) For preventing dryness, I think it does do the job for a daily basis, but my skin doesn't get super dry, so that may be a factor. I just don't feel like it's some super-man when it comes to preventing dryness because I'll get dry anyway if it's really cold weather. I honestly don't think lotions in general can fully prevent dryness. It's drinking plenty of water that will truly hydrate you from the inside out to keep you from being dry, so I will only give half credit to this Olay Quench lotion for preventing dryness. But still, it does do the job.

4) for NORMAL skin like mine, it DOES give an immediate burst of moisture. I don't need a crazy amount of moisture to satisfy my skin, but my skin still needs to drink the lotion. So, I will say yes to this claim. HOWEVER, when I used this on my boyfriend, who has really really dry skin, and has a bit of Excema, and this "Normal to Dry Skin" formula of Olay quench did NOT give him the immediate burst of moisture. I did have to rub it in more and apply slightly more to make his skin happier. But for the other areas of his body that isn't as dry, this lotion provided enough moisture, but I still don't think that it satisfied his drier skin like it satisfied my Normal skin. So for my skin though, the moisture DID last 24 hours, give or take a few. BUT I had to moisturize myself everyday to keep up with that good moisturized feeling I get. The back of the bottle DID say to "use daily" so its not like it was claiming that this lotion would make the moisture last for a week or something, so yes, it did live to its claim.

5)I don't have enough evidence from my 1-2 month's worth of using this that this builds up my skin's strength to hold up against skin-ruining factors. My skin FEELS nicer, but I don't think it's necessarily more "protected". My skin still gets lil paper cuts. It still is prone to anything really. It'll still get chapped if I'm in cold weather. The only "protection" I can think of is if you're born with tough skin already and if you put sunscreen on to prevent yourself from sunburns and such. So no to this claim since i haven't exactly seen anything that would make it a "yes".


-gives me the right amount of moisture for my NORMAL skin
-absorbs so much quicker
-readily available at most stores
-makes my skin feel soft and smooth, and makes my shaved legs feel even silkier =P

-I consider it pricey in that it's almost $7 for this 11.8FL OZ (350 mL) bottle. I got mine on sale for $5 flat at Walmart though, but when I went back there a couple days ago it was back up to $7. I see other lotions sell for like $3 for the same amount, but this IS cheaper than buying lets say, Bath and Body Works lotions, as they are like $10 for even less than 11.8 FL OZ

- I don't like how they labeled it as "for normal to dry skin" because I clearly saw that this formula didn't work for dry skin. This one is more geared for Normal skin. Olay DOES have another formula for more drier skins, so those of you who have drier skins can test that one out. They should have just labeled this "For Normal Skin" only.


-I personally love the scent, as it smells fresh and clean, sort of like fresh laundry, but since everybody's noses are more or less sensitive than others, its really up to your nose if it likes the scent or not

-i LOVE the SHIMMER in this lotion, but some others may be completely turned off by it. I love the shimmer because it gives that lil extra punch of "glow", so to speak. The shimmer bits are very very tiny and reflect off of light, but it does NOT make you look like a disco ball at all, so you don't need to worry. But if you hate shimmer, then please do stay away from this product because every pump has lots of these lil shimmery guys.

Pictures anyone?

can you see the sparkles? click the picture to maximize it if you need to

I hope I helped somebody! Let me know if you have any questions :)


Hey there

I am really sorry for not updating -____-

I got back from vietnam a week from school started. My bf came over and my room was re-done by my boyfriend (thank you!)

by the time the fun was over i had to go to school in a day. I had to make sure to get my books and figure out my classes and all, so i've been busy.

i do have pictures from my vietnam trip that i want to share. since i don't have class fridays, i think i am able to spend some time to watermark pictures and put them up.

i hope you enjoyed the brief stay of my boyfriend running the site hehe :) He might drop by again if he wants to say something later on.

I'm very sleepy and have lots to read already.

the classes i am taking:

Financial Accounting:

It's supposedly deemed as the "harder" accounting between financial and managerial accounting and I have a tough, BUT good teacher. I'll have to keep up reading and stay after for any tutorial available to make sure i understand this stuff.


My teacher is interesting, and out of one day i already learned something i haven't heard before, so i am happy. Im obviously hoping for an A in this class to boost my gpa but im actually hoping to learn some history because in HS, they just repeat the same crap over and over again and id like to learn something new and better understand what's going on.

Women's Studies:

to fullfill my humanities credit, but im also curious of gender roles and such. I don't like this class though. It's not because of what we have to learn, but its the people in there. People seem to cannot express their opinion without someone interrupting the other trying to put down their words. Lots of people talk very firm in this class as if their opinions are facts and they really shove what they think down other's throats. It's really annoying. Can people not act mature to express their opinions without being put down and interrupted? Despite of how annoying this class will be with our 90% in-class discussions, I hope to get an A, as most people have mentioned this class is rather "easy".


the teacher is good so far and i like her, but i dont' know how the material will be yet. im actually scared ish.

So Im sorry for my random absences. I hope yall understand that being a full-time college student requires your attention to do the work. Lots of other bloggers are busy too with doing work and school at the same time, and some even have children to look after, so I hope yall don't expect too too much out of all of us bloggers who are busy in real life.

i WILL try to update though. If i have time, i'll try to make lots of posts and save them up so I am able to provide yall with information and help and fun.

Hope yall are doing well out there. Happy New Year and see yall soon!!!


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