Monday, February 23, 2009

Meet Platypus

Hey yall!

i FINALLY finished the last of my 3 tests today!

i got a bit too lucky actually. next time i have got to study more because I can't depend on good luck forever, but im glad luck was on my side this time fully because i seriously needed it bc i was too exhausted. (though, it WOULD be nice to have good luck on my side ALL the time ^_^ )

anyway, onward to...


This is a stuffed animal my boyfriend gave me a while back and i just haven't blogged bout this cute guy yet!

its technically a duck, but it looks like a platypus to me, so i named him Platypus.

here are some pics. he looks much cuter in person, but photos is all i can give for now.

im hoping to blog again soon. and just fyi, the vietnam pics will definitely have to be on hold. 900 pictures on my camera, and 800 or so on my dad's camera. i need to sort through all of them to pick the ones i want to put on here. I also need to take pics of the clothes i bought. (it's so hard in vietnam to find something NOT fake! so forgive me for buying one or two items that are fake. you just can't find anything regular much in the markets)

so without further adeu, here's Platypus. I hope he made u happy as much as he makes me happy =)

so thank you to my bf for this awesome gift :)
he's given me other gifts as well that i want to show, so i will put those up later.
oh im so behind in blogging T__T....
thank yall for waiting and putting up with me.
see yall later!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


like the title says, Happy Validay! =)

man ive been an awful blogger =___=...i haven't been blogging at all. you can blame accounting and women's studies for my absence

oh, and also, my computer has been crashing lately and running slow.

i kept trying to figure out why..but i guess my comp is just outdated? or maybe i just have a crappy video card. or i need ram. or both.

so having that said i haven't been able to open up adobe photoshop efficiently to watermark pictures.

even my bf was like, OMG u need to update ur blog. put this pic up, put that pic up. haha! he wants to see a new blogpost from me too! XD

im considering maybe installing photoshop onto my laptop to use instead of this desktop cuz my desktop comp is outta whack.

My bf forgot to bring the RAM he bought for me so im gonna get it later and put it into the motherboard....see if that makes any difference for the meanwhile.

I do want to put up pics, even if im busy. but i know this weekend is busy cuz my bf's over for valentine's and then i gotta do accounting hw(will take 2-3 hrs), accounting extra credit quiz (will take an hour or two), read women's studies book for every-day inclass discussions.

I've got an accting test feb. 20, next friday, and a History test feb.23, next monday. awful! i haven't even started reading a thing for history cuz acct and women's studies consumed my brain.

mannnnnn ive got so much to show yall!!!

just to list a couple things i want to show:

-Buff'd foundation & color corrector
-new eyelash curler
-the massive load of gifts my bf bought me
-stuff i bought from vietnam
-overall pics and scenary from vietnam
-nails (2 diff colors)

i do have a lot of stuff to post T___T...maybe too many....aaaaaaa what am i gonna do ;.;...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Life Update + Shoes.Particularly Heels.

Accounting takes up so much time!

I am so exhausted for that class. I spent literally 4 hours to do my homework and thinking so hard for each and every question given.

Tougher this semester, but oh well, its making me work harder and learn more.



I wore my 3 inch black close-toed heels today to school since i only have one class. I thought it was fine to wear. Little did I know that my friend who took me to school parked about 3/4 of a mile away from the building im supposed to go to. I thought I could handle it, but the weight of the backpack was putting pressure onto the balls of my feet.

Not only that, but my school's grounds mostly consist of cobblestone, broken ones for that matter and so i always had to watch out for my heel not to get stuck in a hole or trip across the uneven rocks.

I am thoroughly exhausted from wearing those heels.

Yet, i see other girls wear like 4-5 inch heels. HOWWW. I am begging, HOW do yall girls wear heels and yall's feet don't hurt??

any tips? any advice? It's not just the feet that hurt, but i physically feel exhausted like I just worked out. My hips hurt and my calves (back of legs) get sore. Am I just weak and need to go t the gym more to build some leg muscles??? XD

ladies, if you have high-heel tips, advice, and help to give me, im welcoming them all. I see so many cute heels, and if Im lucky, they are affordable, but my feet and physical strength seem to be affected negatively by them. oh the luck ;.;....

Thank yall :)


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