Thursday, February 5, 2009

Life Update + Shoes.Particularly Heels.

Accounting takes up so much time!

I am so exhausted for that class. I spent literally 4 hours to do my homework and thinking so hard for each and every question given.

Tougher this semester, but oh well, its making me work harder and learn more.



I wore my 3 inch black close-toed heels today to school since i only have one class. I thought it was fine to wear. Little did I know that my friend who took me to school parked about 3/4 of a mile away from the building im supposed to go to. I thought I could handle it, but the weight of the backpack was putting pressure onto the balls of my feet.

Not only that, but my school's grounds mostly consist of cobblestone, broken ones for that matter and so i always had to watch out for my heel not to get stuck in a hole or trip across the uneven rocks.

I am thoroughly exhausted from wearing those heels.

Yet, i see other girls wear like 4-5 inch heels. HOWWW. I am begging, HOW do yall girls wear heels and yall's feet don't hurt??

any tips? any advice? It's not just the feet that hurt, but i physically feel exhausted like I just worked out. My hips hurt and my calves (back of legs) get sore. Am I just weak and need to go t the gym more to build some leg muscles??? XD

ladies, if you have high-heel tips, advice, and help to give me, im welcoming them all. I see so many cute heels, and if Im lucky, they are affordable, but my feet and physical strength seem to be affected negatively by them. oh the luck ;.;....

Thank yall :)


Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i think you just need to wear em more often and u will get more used to it ^^

fuzkittie said...

Haha, I think it just takes practice... just do it more and you'll get used to the pain.. xD I know, my advice is useless! Anyway, I definitely feel pain when I wear heels sometimes but I don't really care.

FuN and MakeUp said...

i dont know the tricks to it.. it really depends on wut heels u get too.. sometimes wen i wear my first new pairs they start to hurt.. but the 2nd i wear them, its different.. feels better.. so mayb u just gotta get use to it. and i didnt kno we can wear high heels to college!

Aradani said...

cushion pads. and lots of them. I even layer different ones. lol they make them more bearable.

Chiara said...

Rofl Practice, girl did you breakem in? Chunkier heels usually feel better than stilletos

Violet Honeybee said...

Depends on the shoes.. I have a pair of low heels that hurt my feet more than my 4 inch heels. lol. It also helps if you wear them often so your feet and legs get used to using the different muscles. Those gel inserts are life savers too hahha!

Julienne said...

One of my friends tells me that medical/surgical tape helps her, and she wears heels ALL the time. I haven't tried it yet, but it couldn't hurt to try. :]

Audrie said...

I agree with everyone here, it simply just takes practice!! I have been wearing heels since I was 14 haha and I definitely was not used to it at first, but I insisted on it anyway because I love the look of heels and the extra height it gives me, now I can't really walk in shoes that don't at least have a little bit of a heel. It's also the quality of the shoe I believe, it sucks that it's this way but more expensive designer brand shoes just fit and wear so much better, oh how I wish it were the other way around!
I've never tried any cushions or tapes so I can't comment on those, but my advice is just practice! Also wear them around the house to break them in :)

Agnes said...

and i thought i was the only girl that can't walk well on heels.. finally i found someone to share my sorrows with xD

Anonymous said...

i wear lots of Flats myself, however when i wear heals , the important thing is proper posture. i think alot of people tend to slouch alittle when wearing heals because they feel self conscious of being taller? i dunno if thats the case with you but anyways i have back problems so i cheat and wear a back brace under my clothing. it helps i go the hole day with out feeling uncomfortable,

or you can get one of those girdle things. those are much slimmer than a back brace and more elegant.

also if its one of those shoes where there is alittle extra room, put some cotton on the tip because this will prevent your foot from slidding down eliminating chances of blisters due to friction of the shoe.

hope this helped babe.

keep in mind new shoes always need to be broken out first and no matter what you do they will be uncomfortable for the first 5 times.
oh and vasoline workes too!

k take care i LOVE your blog!

kawaiikao said...

they take a while to get used to and for me, i bought some of those squishy insert things and those make a BIG difference. I think I got them at aldo, but you can get them at any shoe store :]


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