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VietNam Pics PART ONE- severely picture heavy!!!!!!

yea this took me like a freakin long time to go watermark these pics XD i know these aren't glamorous pics, but VN still has some parts of it that is quite undeveloped, and will probably stay that way. some of these civilians are actually happy the way they live, even though its inconvenient. a portion of these pics, the ones that are "poor" per se, is from Can Tho. Im not sure if i spelled that right..but oh well. I'll try to state where the pics came from bc i just selected a crapload to put up. hope yall enjoy!

Arriving at LAX airport in Los Angeles! ive never been to california :O

leaving LAX

T_______T....almost there. 51 more minutes. this was a 10.5 hr flight from LAX to Incheon, Seoul, Korea airport

the room i stayed at in my aunt's house. actually a huge size room. bigger than mine. perhaps...a 14 X 14 room. but the comp was SO SLOW O___O........but a comp nonetheless so it still worked

T____T...the bathroom i had to had ants crawling all over the sink and shower floors. the shower is a joke. the faucet gives out more water and this upstairs shower only gave out COLD WATER. I got sick immediately the day i got to VN. the pollution is so bad. my throat was sore and hurt. if yall go to VN, GET ONE OF THOSE MOUTH COVERUPS that you see on motorcyclists! it'll protect you!

real lychee :) . i think in viet it's spelled "ngan"...of course with accents that i cannot type. not sure though.

iono what this is called XD

the white and red fruit are Vietnamese pears. then the green one is "vu sua"...dunno if it's spelled "vu" or "bu" its supposed to taste like breast milk. i dun quite like it but my mom loves these fruits. its nostalgic for her cuz she ate these as a kid

Cho Ben Thanh. good bathrooms. crowded.too many vendors trying to sell you things.

i really like how i captured the words "Never Hide". makes the picture seem...somehow more meaningful even though i dun quite think those words apply to the scene of the picture ^^()

nobody really cares too much what lane ur in. everybody charges at each other xD

it is absolutely amazing how strong these people are. despite the good health i am provided, i know i can't carry this thing even with wheels on. i admire these people and their hard work and how strong they are.

i never got to ride one of these.... :( i feel so awful for these people bc they get so little amount of money for the strength they put forth in carrying people

this costed like $2USD

isn't it sad...? we're all bored cuz we can't find something online or something to buy and yet he REALLY has nothing.
picking every grain one by one. makes me feel bad for wasting rice because each grain took time to be picked by these people

their balance is amazing. it isn't like how in italy they do this. this is so different.

this is how they make Banh Trang :) .....dunno if i spelled that right either xD but its rice sheets so u can use it to make spring rolls and such

cute little kids finding entertainment by saying hello to us tourists :)

little kids swimming. this is their pool

but they're still happy to say hello

one of the few teens i saw. i usually saw lil kids

these weren't stray out in the open. they were caged behind the fence and they were used as entertainment for people. the guy had meat and sold it to give to the children to play with them

water market

you just...feel so horrible...when you see little children having to sell products for a living rather than go to pre-school and play on the playground or coloring with crayons.

two boats got into a fight XD they just finished slapping each other and pushing around XD! i don't know why though.

lady washing some washcloth...or clothes

when we got back from Can Tho tour trip back to Saigon, it flooded like crap. the taxi had to drive up the sidewalk and even then the sidewalk was enough to cover my whole foot. if i walked out to the streets the water would go higher

inside Diamond Plaza in front of Laneige!

the moron that i am did not test out the eyeshadows and makeup! why oh why was i so stupid!?! it was my only chance!

nice mall.

isn't that awesome!?!? a PUCCA scooter!!!

the other bathrooms i went to were actually worse than this.

on the tour bus..our new tour to go to Phan Tiet, Nha Trang, and Da Lat

the BEST fishball i ever ate. i dun think ANY other place makes it like this T___T

OMG THE BEST DESSERT EVERRRRRR. its like a crepe that's dried up with black sesame

it has crushed peanuts, coconut tiny bits, sugar, salt..something like that. SO GOOD. we had like 15 packs of these that had 5 in each pack. i freakin ate them all.....hehehehe

This is Nha Trang from Angella Hotel, the one i was staying at. It's brand new. only opened for a 2 months when i got there. This is from the 8th floor, sometime around 7-8am. beautiful isn't it? cept those stupid construction cranes are in the way....

but yea, this is where Miss Universe pageant was held last year

took advantage of the nice lighting........from the bathroom haha. same 8th floor of the breakfast dining area.

THE POOR LITTLE CHICKEN!!!!! i felt so bad!!

at some pagoda....we went to so many i couldnt keep track

eating Che Ba Mau in Cho Ben Thanh :) and this plaid dress is something i bought in VN. its really cute! it was $12

at the korean airport and I COULDN'T VISIT THIS SHOP!!!!! i am SO MAD. my mom rushed us to get past security so "we won't be late" even though we were an HOUR EARLYYYYYY omg. pissed me off so much bc this was my ONLY chance to see these korean makeup!! ughhhhh

etude house looks so cute T___T....i wanted to go in so badly...

some lil convenient shop in the airport. it sold some japanese and korean goodies, but no makeup related stuff

so yea. this is just part one. i still have more pics to go xD this was from my camera. i still have to surf through my dad's pics to put up cuz those pics contain pics of me bc i didn't get too much out of being the camerawoman.
iono when part 2 will come xD there's another 900 pictures to look through T____T.....
hope yall enjoyed some of these pics. i worked hard to get them up :)


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