Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pics of My Face at My Friend's Birthday Party

LOL that title sounds so conceited XD HAHA sorry!!!

id post pics of my friends too but i can't. I need to respect their privacy!

I haven't really posted my face too often (cuz i end up feeling conceited for it) and haven't done much with makeup so I thought to use that opportunity to show the simple makeup i had on.

plus, yall like pics right? :D



my friend's hand is holding the wire

^bought condoms as a funny joke gift cuz my friend turned 18

Makeup Used:

-Aveeno Ultra-Calming Moisturizer SPF 15
-Neutrogena Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 55
-Monistat Chafing Gel (primer)
-Buff'd Color Corrector in MINT (to cover up redness)
-Buff'd Mineral Foundation in WOOL, ORIGINAL formula
-NARS Orgasm Blush

-ULTA single eyeshadow in Bermuda Sand all over the lid
-Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner in Black (lined the top lid only)
-NYX Doll Eyes Mascara Volume (time to switch out to a new bottle of this...)

-ULTA lipgloss in Princess

Product Review: Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield Fortifying Base & Top Coat

I remember going to ULTA ...some time ago. Like...iono couple months ago haha

and I needed a base coat and top coat, and the cheap person that I am went to buy this Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield Fortifying Base & Top coat.

Here's the low down on it:

Cost: $2-3 depending where you live
Claims to: basically make your nails stronger, less brittle, and smoother, all while being a base and top coat keeping your nail polish chip free and shiny

What do I think about it?


1) affordable price

2) works alright as a base coat. Does the job, but I have never used other base coats so I can't really compare, but from what I see it does the job okay, not outstandingly great, but not bad either.


1) a bit thick and sticky... or is this how base/top coats are supposed to be!?! iono, but i dun like the stickyness of it

2) it doesn't work well as a top coat. I mean, yea my nail polish lasted 5 days but due to the thickness of this or whatever, i keep getting "dents" in my nailpolish. It seems to never actually dry. It feels dry to the touch but geez its so "moveable" all the time even days after u put it on. The shine wore off ur nails after u have ur nails touch something. So it didn't keep its promise in keeping things shiny

3) the bristles seemed to pick up on the color of the nailpolish you painted your nails with. This didn't happen to my friend's base/top coat when she painted my nails back on Halloween 2008. The bristles for this is clear, so maybe thats why...? But in either way, I don't like it cuz it sorta smears the nailpolish a bit. eh.

Rating: 3/5, and if im more critical, this would be a 2.5/5
Would I buy again? NOPE!!! onward to hunting down for better base and top coats.

I mean, its not like it doesn't do anything...its works "okay" as a base coat, but top coat to me is a no no.

I feel that everybody should probably splurge a little bit more on base and top coats. That's my lesson out of buying this. You dont' necessarily have to spend a lot. AskMeWhats is a great example of only spending like $2 on TheFaceShop top coat while having it still work great, but I don't have TheFaceShop anywhere near where i live to buy it. But all in all...I think its worth to spend a bit more on base/top coat cuz its what keeps your nail color thriving, living, and shiny throughout the week.

Hope this helps yall!

Mini Gift Given from JesMakeup!

hey yall! a bad blogger. i havent posted in a while XD hope yall aren't mad at me ;.;

one more month until school's over!!! then time for summerschool (history and BCIS im thinking)


anyway, i joined a "Itty Bitty Contest" by JesMakeup a little bit ago to try to come up with a name for her blog.

She's so sweet to have given everybody a little something :)

and here's my little somethin i got:

1) Dove Sensitive Skin beauty bar (im using this to wash my face atm! )
2) Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Sunblock lotion SPF 30
3) cute purple mini palette of eyeshadows and lippies.
4) cute hello kitty sticker!

JesMakeup was so kind to consider what an allergic freak i am haha. my skin is outta whack and so she put that into thought to get me these gifts :)

thank you JesMakeup :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Update on my Accounting Test

omgahhhhh i got a good grade on my Accounting test!!! im excited!!!! ahhh feel of reliefff.

not an A but a high B!!! ive got the most difficult teacher in the whole accounting department so getting this grade makes me HAPPYYYYYYY

I needed to just say that. i just had to. im excited :)

when you work so hard and it actually pays off, its an amazing feeling

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mini Update On Life

I just finished my ACCT Exam 2 today.

First half was so easy. and Im sure i got all the concept questions correct

however. the second half of the test was saddening to me. i couldn't figure out a couple problems. I know yall are like, oh just a couple problems, but no. there are 33 questions on this test so if i miss one that's 3 pts off!

as long as i get a minimum of a B, then im happy. I was honestly hoping for an A.

I have an amazing friend who tutors me for accounting and i feel awful that i guess i let him down in a way? like..if i dun do well on some acct assignment, I feel sorta bad cuz he spent so much time to help me and i can't deliver the grade that i was hoping to get.

i understood the material a lot and all the examples in the notes. I guess im just a bad test taker..? =/ meh.

So now, I have a women's studies Project due this Monday April 6, along with test corrections.

Then on Wednesday April 8 I have a History test.

which means, I will be busy until Wednesday is over :(

I'll see if I can post on Thursday and Friday , hopefully.

school really eats up ur life!

Then after this spring semester is done, i have summer school = ='' ......

and am trying to get a job this summer. I have no idea when to apply because I don't want to like...apply and then (if im lucky to even get hired...) i wouldn't want them to call me in to work right away, you know? I just want a summer job.

ummm...yea ive been pretty sleepless lately. Ive formed a bad habit (while also have work to do) of staying up til 2am on average, sometimes at 1am, and at one point i went a whole week of sleeping at 3am. awful for my health and eyes. im exhausted.

i hope yall people out there are doing well :) and good luck to those who have the ridiculous workload of college -- i share ur pain.

see yall later!


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