Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mini Update On Life

I just finished my ACCT Exam 2 today.

First half was so easy. and Im sure i got all the concept questions correct

however. the second half of the test was saddening to me. i couldn't figure out a couple problems. I know yall are like, oh just a couple problems, but no. there are 33 questions on this test so if i miss one that's 3 pts off!

as long as i get a minimum of a B, then im happy. I was honestly hoping for an A.

I have an amazing friend who tutors me for accounting and i feel awful that i guess i let him down in a way? like..if i dun do well on some acct assignment, I feel sorta bad cuz he spent so much time to help me and i can't deliver the grade that i was hoping to get.

i understood the material a lot and all the examples in the notes. I guess im just a bad test taker..? =/ meh.

So now, I have a women's studies Project due this Monday April 6, along with test corrections.

Then on Wednesday April 8 I have a History test.

which means, I will be busy until Wednesday is over :(

I'll see if I can post on Thursday and Friday , hopefully.

school really eats up ur life!

Then after this spring semester is done, i have summer school = ='' ......

and am trying to get a job this summer. I have no idea when to apply because I don't want to like...apply and then (if im lucky to even get hired...) i wouldn't want them to call me in to work right away, you know? I just want a summer job.

ummm...yea ive been pretty sleepless lately. Ive formed a bad habit (while also have work to do) of staying up til 2am on average, sometimes at 1am, and at one point i went a whole week of sleeping at 3am. awful for my health and eyes. im exhausted.

i hope yall people out there are doing well :) and good luck to those who have the ridiculous workload of college -- i share ur pain.

see yall later!


applecider918 said...

I heard college is supposed to be easier than high school, doesn't sound like it. :/

I hope your test score is good!

Audrie said...

awww I"m sorry to hear you bogged down with so much work!! Don't stress out too much on your accounting test, I'm sure you did great :) I've been a pretty big slacker all throughout college haha, but you obviously sound like you work really hard and you will definitely see the rewards of your hard work in the future :)

Yumeko said...

ah sorry to hear abt the test, hope it goes ok!!!!

hang in there! sch sure is tough!

IchigoBunnie said...


in a way it IS easier. My last semester was pretty much blow off. i had so much time it was ridiculous. you get to pick what time to take ur classes and with what teacher so that comes to an advantage, but unfortunately this semester im packed full of the classes that give tons of busy work. :(


its ok. i knew what i signed up for with acct. i knew it was gonna be a lotta work, but geez i didn't realize history and especially women's studies would rob my life!

i do hope that my work pays off, cuz unfortunately most of time i still get bad grades despite all my effort, but oh well. Hope for the best, and expect the worst , i suppose :)


thank you! yea, im definitely trying to hang on. one more month til school ends for this spring semester!! :D

Askmewhats said...

I guess you really know how to answer but just got too stressed during exam day itself! Sorry to hear about that..I hope everything will be ok!!! :)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

aww hope you're not too stressed out with work. Im sure youve done better than youve expected :)

miemiemie said...

ooh you're busy too..i hope all goes well, argh i hated my college summer break for me as well, i had to work in hospitals then -_-


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