Thursday, April 16, 2009

Product Review: Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield Fortifying Base & Top Coat

I remember going to ULTA ...some time ago. Like...iono couple months ago haha

and I needed a base coat and top coat, and the cheap person that I am went to buy this Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield Fortifying Base & Top coat.

Here's the low down on it:

Cost: $2-3 depending where you live
Claims to: basically make your nails stronger, less brittle, and smoother, all while being a base and top coat keeping your nail polish chip free and shiny

What do I think about it?


1) affordable price

2) works alright as a base coat. Does the job, but I have never used other base coats so I can't really compare, but from what I see it does the job okay, not outstandingly great, but not bad either.


1) a bit thick and sticky... or is this how base/top coats are supposed to be!?! iono, but i dun like the stickyness of it

2) it doesn't work well as a top coat. I mean, yea my nail polish lasted 5 days but due to the thickness of this or whatever, i keep getting "dents" in my nailpolish. It seems to never actually dry. It feels dry to the touch but geez its so "moveable" all the time even days after u put it on. The shine wore off ur nails after u have ur nails touch something. So it didn't keep its promise in keeping things shiny

3) the bristles seemed to pick up on the color of the nailpolish you painted your nails with. This didn't happen to my friend's base/top coat when she painted my nails back on Halloween 2008. The bristles for this is clear, so maybe thats why...? But in either way, I don't like it cuz it sorta smears the nailpolish a bit. eh.

Rating: 3/5, and if im more critical, this would be a 2.5/5
Would I buy again? NOPE!!! onward to hunting down for better base and top coats.

I mean, its not like it doesn't do anything...its works "okay" as a base coat, but top coat to me is a no no.

I feel that everybody should probably splurge a little bit more on base and top coats. That's my lesson out of buying this. You dont' necessarily have to spend a lot. AskMeWhats is a great example of only spending like $2 on TheFaceShop top coat while having it still work great, but I don't have TheFaceShop anywhere near where i live to buy it. But all in all...I think its worth to spend a bit more on base/top coat cuz its what keeps your nail color thriving, living, and shiny throughout the week.

Hope this helps yall!


Audrie said...

nice review!! I've been looking for a good top coat as well since my Zoya one is getting really thick and goopy. Now I know to stay away from this one...haha. Missed your posts!!!

Askmewhats said...

thanks for reviewing this, I haven't seen this yet, but if ever it gets here, I won't purchase heheh thanks :)

applecider918 said...

I actually have the same one, although mine worked out for me. :/
I think its because I don't layer on a lot of nail polish before using it as a topcoat?

IchigoBunnie said...


maybe i got a bad batch? i used one coat of Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Nailpolish, not two.

im glad that this worked out for you! i so wish it would work out for me :(

Yumeko said...

thanks for the review
i have the sally hansen kwik dry top coat but i might try this

and welcomeback!


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