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Product Review: Aveeno Ultra-Calming Moisturizer SPF15

Hey yall!

im ALMOST done with finals! just one more!!

but I have a bit of time inbetween so I'm putting up this product review for yall :)

Name: Aveeno Ultra-Calming Moisturizer SPF15
Cost: $14-15 for 4 fl. oz. (120 mL)
Where to Buy: Target, Walmart, grocery stores, Walgreens, CVS, ULTA
Claims to: visibly reduce redness and sooth irritated or sensitive skin.
Description: This light, fast-absorbing moisturizer contains naturally calming Feverfew, a natural ingredient related to Chamomile, known for its soothing properties. It goes beyond moisturization to help actively manage sensitive skin. You'll notice improvements in your sensitive skin in as little as one week.
Rating: 3.8/5 I want to give it a 4/5 though because it does its job and is consistent and because it's loyal to me. But i gave it a 3.8/5 to be on the safe side so yall wont kill me by saying "OMG u gave it a 4/5 how come it dun work as good as u said!" :)
Will I buy again? Yes, I have bought this for the 3rd time and will continue until I find something better

What about it?


1) it IS light as claimed. It is NOT a watery consistency if that's what you thought by "light". This is still creamy but it isn't thick.

2) It DOES soothe my skin( as they claimed it soothes sensitive skin) when it's irritated, but not to any drastic levels. This wasn't a miracle worker for me but it soothed my skin when it was flakey during the winter or from dry heat. Do not expect an "ahhhh-relaxed" major drastic thing when you put this on. When I say soothe, it means that my face has had its moisture replenished and it makes my skin feel more balanced and not irritated.

3) Pump, so it's more sanitary. Also, you can twist the pump at the top to "open" or "close" it, which is very convenient when traveling. I hate losing caps to things and this helps me so that I just twist the top left or right to open/close, so no fuss is involved.

4) To me, it's consistent. It never fails me, BUT I'll warn you it is not a miracle worker either. It does its job to moisturize my face without irritating it and without making it feel sticky. So what I'm trying to say is, i NEVER actually have a problem while using this. It will never make my skin go worse. It never made me get a pimple or any of that (only my hormones is what's makin me get the acne!)

5) Readily available at most locations. This bottle lasts me about...3-4months. Sometimes even a month longer if I don't apply it to my neck area, but I think its important to apply moisturizers, especially with this SPF to the neck area. I use a lot of this moisturizer so it runs out faster. I not only apply to my neck, but also my decolette or whatever u call that area, the chest/bust area :)


1) When i have redness in my skin, it doesn't really reduce the redness much. I have acne on my skin and my skin is usually irritated easily, but this doesn't make me see my skin physically improve to un-redness, but like i said in the Pros section, it does soothe.

2) doesn't really dry to a matte finish like some other moisturizers. I remember using Clinique Dramatically Different GEL (not the lotion!) and it dried more to a matte finish, but this one isn't a gel of course, so I guess it exempts it a bit, but my oily skin still prevails after this. This moisturizer doesn't make me have more oil, if you are wondering that, but it doesn't do anything to really control it to a huge level. The only reason why my oils went down a little bit was because the reason is in general: if your face is dry and not moisturized, your face is stimulated to create more oils to replace the moisture lost. Thus putting this moisturizer on isn't really doing dramatically better than others.

3) $15 is a bit costly for me when it comes to drugstore products and moisturizers. Maybe it's because I'm a cheapo but really, this is quite pricey.

Up To You:

1) When it says "fast absorbing", I think that is too generalized of a term in that some people think "fast" means a few seconds, and to some others "fast" means a minute or two. For me, this is moderately fast absorbing into my oil-acne-prone skin. It doesn't dry instantly like gels do, BUT considered that this is more of a light cream, it dries fast considered for its consistency. So I like that.

2) Fragrance. It smells like fresh laundry to me so I like the smell a lot actually. HOWEVER, this is a product supposed to be made for sensitive skin and I know many of you out there who have sensitive skin get yall's skins irritated with fragrances put in products, so this may be a disadvantage for you. For me, it is considered a Pro because I really do like the refreshing light smell. The smell goes away during the day though.

3) Simple packaging. Though I like the pump and open/close function stated earlier, I guess I'm more in favor for the classy looks of Asian skincare packagings because they make theirs so pretty and sophisticated. I know this is a drugstore brand, but still, most Japanese makeup and skincare always puts in a little extra to make it look cute or pretty. Of course, Aveeno stands for sensitive skin care so they probably want to look more professional and simple, but even then, I think they should jazz up the packaging :)


So why do I keep buying this if it isn't a WOW OMGAH product?

Like I said, it's consistent. It isn't bad to me, and EVERY time i try some other moisturizer out there, I always come back to this because the other ones have irritated my skin somehow someway. I guess you can call this my HG as of right now cuz I keep buying it but I really do want to find that perfect moisturizer where it moisturizes my face while controlling my oilies, and isn't sticky or leave any film residue, and oh most importantly, a moisturizer without Sulfates.

Any suggestions of awesome moisturizers is most welcomed! :) I don't want to pay for a lot for moisturizers, BUT if the moisturizer is THE one, the one I wanna marry my skin to, then yes, I'll pay like $20-30 for it if I must.

I hope I helped yall some with this review :)

See yall later


Kasumi said...

Thanks for the review!
Clarins is pretty good, but I don't know how well it works on sensitive skin.

Imee said...

i LOVE this moisturizer! it's true, it's doesnt really get rid of redness, and it's kinda expensive for a drugstore brand. but it just leaves my skin soooo soft and not greasy that i love it!

Askmewhats said...

heard nothing but good deal about Aveeno products! thanks for the review!

chantee-chan said...

ohh i have this moisturizer =] i have it because i got it for free ahah.
what you said about the redness is true. before i had slight eczema on my face after using a product that i now assume i was allergic to and i used this everyday.. but it didn't really do as much. my eczema only started going away after i started using a night cream.
other than that it's really good ^^


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