Saturday, May 2, 2009

School's Almost Over!!


tomorrow's my last day of school..... ^__^


.....finals are here...

Monday (tomorrow): women's studies test (no final)

Thursday May 7: Accounting FINAL

Monday May 11: History FINAL (13 essays!!! choose 2 or 3 to write for the alotted time)

Thursday May 14: Management FINAL (optional but i gotta take it to raise my grade!!)


then....June 8 im starting summerschool. Im gonna haveta take History (up to 1877) and BCIS to replace MIS.

busy busy!

and I'm hoping to get a job in July because I'll have no classes to take during that time--so i might as well be bringing in the money :) ...yea and i need that money too haha.

i applied to ULTA with no response -- i guess there's no job openings =/, but i applied elsewhere already and they usually take people in, so im crossing my fingers.

hope all yall are doing well, and im sorry for not blogging for a while. I hope next semester's not gonna be so hectic! the classes I signed up for are supposed not be so bad...

Goodluck to all yall students out there bout to take the Finals like I am!

see yall later :)


Audrie said...

yay glad to hear that school is almost over!! It's almost over for me too...good luck on your finals :)

EbeautyBlog said...

YAY!!! I always love the last days of school. Isn't it the most wonderful feeling? HEHEHE

Good luck on your finals dear!!

EbeautyBlog said...

check out my blog! you've been tagged!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

good luck with the finals :D

Violet Honeybee said...

hehe yayyyy!! =D my finals arent for another two weeks =(


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