Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bought Some Earrings and Sheet Masks

I went to Chinatown and bought me these CUTE earrings! My boyfriend picked out both of them. He's got good taste :)

This was is $7 i think

And I went to another store and found this for $5. It's only got 3 sheet masks though and at ONLY 8mL of product, so I dunno how it'll compare to my other one that has like 23mL or something lol. But I thought to give it a try cuz it was cheap.

What I really wanna try is the Kose Clear Turn white or something like that..its the 22-piece pack cuz it looks like you get a lot of bang for ur buck.

but anyway, here's the sheet mask. I haven't seen this anywhere online, so I coudln't do any research on it..

if any of you have tried this, can you share a couple words with me on how it worked for you?

I have a couple more stuff coming up I promise :)

I've just been busy with summerschool History and BCIS.

Hope everybody's doing well!

See yall later

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Entry for Eki's Cosplay Contest

Hey yall!

I went to do Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7

I have done Rinoa before, as well as dressed up as Moogle, but I felt that I should do something else because re-using old cosplay pictures would be redundant to see and i don't accomplish anything outta it, so Tifa was the closest thing i can do with what ive got.

Disclaimer: The two pictures below are gotten from Google Images.

I didn't do much makeup because Tifa doesn't really wear any at all, so I tried to be in-character :)

hope yall like it XD i personally feel like i look cheesy!!!! haha

welps, see yall later :3

CLICK HERE for Eki's Contest :)


btw, photoshopping was allowed for Eki's contest. I photoshopped in Tifa's hair cuz I certainly do not have that long of hair!! lol

then i blacked out the background cuz nobody should see my messy bedroom right now :)

and i erased the brand name logo of the gloves i was wearing

i attempted to sharpen the photos cuz they were blurry but that ended up as an epic fail = i gave up after that haha.

i just wanted to tell u what i photoshopped in case anybody was wondering -- and to let yall kno i didn't photoshop my entire self ! haha

Friday, June 12, 2009

Clean and Clear Soft In Shower Facial Discontinued

I'm sad...Clean and Clear Soft In Shower Facial was discontinued!
i saw on makeupalley that some people said it was discontinued
but i just bought it in the store so im it really
discontinued? So i emailed Clean & Clear to find out and yup,
its discontinued. Whatever's on the shelf right now or in
stock behind in the inventory is all whats left.

I have no clue why they are discontinuing such a good product.
it was rated 4.4/5 stars on makeupalley. I too like this product
on the way it feels with the grains and all that. Too bad they
have to discontinue it.

I think if they had better marketed the product like they do for
their other products, i don't think this would have been as "unpopular"
or worthy of discontinuing. i barely saw advertisements in magazines
and tv on this product so i guess no wonder. I hope they bring it back.
it was an affordable scrub that didnt' have sulfates T__T

so here's what they told me:

Thank you for contacting the Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies
Information Center.It is always important to hear from our consumers
and we appreciate the time you have taken to contact us.Unfortunately,
our Clean & Clear® Soft In Shower Facial has been discontinued.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause for you. We assure
you that your feedback will be shared with our marketing management.
Please note that we do not sell our products on a direct basis, nor
do we keep inventory of discontinued products on hand for distribution
to consumers or retailers. All remaining inventory of this item has
been shipped to our distributors.We encourage you to try one of the
other fine products we offer.

Please do look for our products at pharmacies, grocery
stores and mass merchandisers. Again, thank you for your
interest in our company. Should you have any comments or
questions in the future, please contact us via our website
or by calling our toll-free number, 1-888-638-5242. Our
specialists are available Monday through Friday
between 8 AM and 5 PM EST and will be happy to assist you.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Essie Nail Polish in Pansy

Hey yall!

Quick post bout my nails from the Girls Night Out.

As the title says, I wore Essie Nail Polish in the color Pansy.

in the bottle in front of me, I wouldn't have expected it to be such a bright barbie pink! scared me a bit cuz i've never worn something so bright before haha.

btw, 1st picture is WITHOUT flash, and the rest of the other pictures are WITH flash.

See yall later :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Girl's Night Out -- Camera Whoring

Hey yall!

I hosted a Girl's Night Out.

We ate at Razzoo's Cajun off of Hwy59 at The Fountains, next to Kim Son, for yall Houstonians

It's a fun place :) My food was $10 for the plate so its reasonably priced.

Of course the plates that had crawfish or whatever will cost more xD

Again, I cropped out the pictures of my friends to respect privacy.

These first few pics are to show my makeup cuz i never show my makeup yet this is a beauty blog xD. i just suck taking up close pictures and only get lucky a few times.

Click to view it closer if you need

ew my arm looks so weird with the shadows from the flash xD

Now to more of the actual camera whoring part xD, something I don't post often. Do yall think I should post more camera whoring pics? XDD

For these pics i went to my parent's bathroom again. The natural lighting is really good and rather flattering. My bathroom is like a freakin cave, no windows, smack dab in the middle of the house, and its yellow-lighted and you can't even see from top to bottom.

well, with the exception of this, this was taken in my room, but the mirror still wasn't long enough to take full length. If i timed the pictures, they seem to turn out weird. Like, the lighting turns out wonky. oh, and its my bf who wrote the "i love you" on my mirror :)

What I wore:

-Necessary Objects Skirt, pulled up into a strapless dress
-Belt gotten in Vietnam at Saigon Square in Ho Chi Minh City
-Kenneth Cole Reaction pumps (Macy's clearance rack)
-Urban Outfitters Fedora. Men's hat. It's my bf's but I'm using it :)
-James Avery bracelet
-Nail Polish will be shown in another post :)

Makeup ( i was in an uber rush so my foundation wasn't well blended at all when seen up close. )


-Monistant Chafing Gel used as primer
-Buff'd Mineral Makeup Color Corrector in MINT to combat the redness of my face
-Foundation: Buff'd Mineral Makeup in WOOL in Original Formula
-Blush: Free gift with purchase Lancome Blush Subtil in MIEL GLACE


-Free gift with purchase Lancome CremePowder EyeColour eyeshadow in MISTY MINK all over lid
-Sisley eyeshadow in black on outer corners
-Prestige waterproof eyeliner in Black for top and bottom lid
-NYX Doll Eyes Mascara Volume


-Revlon SuperLustrous Lipgloss in Pink Pursuit

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sassy Jadore Giveaway!

Wow there's so many giveaways going on lately!

What this lovely lady is giving away is:

Chanel Nailpolish
Dior perfume sample

Where's this giveaway? CLICK HERE :)

Tagged by AGNES -- a Handwriting Tag!

This tagged need you to write on a piece of paper to show how your handwriting look likes and fit your own personality.


1. Write down who tagged you.
2. Answer these:
  • your name / username / pseudo
  • right-handed or left-handed?
  • your favorite letters to write?
  • your least favorite letters to write?
  • Write “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
3. Tag five persons

click to zoom in if u cant see something lol

so, I TAG:

Haulin Broad

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

IN and OUT Beauty Giveaway

IN and OUT beauty has THREEitems for her giveaway.

1) MAC Blush
2) Dazzleglass
3) MAC Style Warrior Lipglass

I for one have never owned a single MAC item in my entire life so it'd be nice to win it to try out MAC!

enter her giveaway : IN and OUT Beauty

Monday, June 1, 2009

My First Japanese Skincare Haul and Ingredients Lists for Japanese Skincare -- PICTURE HEAVY

Hey yall!

Okay so last week my boyfriend came over and he took me, not one, not two, but THREE times to Nippan Daido to get my Japanese Skincare stuff! How patient and sweet is he?

I first heard about this place from JieJie (if u look on my blogroll) and I had to search it up on where it is, and it's sure a hidden gem of a place! It's in the back behind all the other stores in front so you can't even see the store's sign until you get inside the parking lot.

I was hoping for more makeup, but they didn't have eyeshadows. They did have KATE lipglosses but they looked a bit dry, so I assumed they were left there for a while.

They did have BB cream, but I couldnt find the box for it....? unless they kept it behind the counter so nobody can steal it? I dunno, but I wanted to see the ingredients for it but couldnt find it.

First time at Nippan Daido, I bought:
1) Lucido Hair Curl Lotion (Airy) for like $8-9

Second stop I bought:

2) Shiseido Perfect Whip Foam Cleanser $11.49
3) Mandom Cleansing Express Sebum $14

Third Stop:

4) Sana Soy Milk Cream (i know i wrote something different in my other post but on Adambeauty it said this name) $14
5) Kracie Hadabisei Hikishime Sheet Mask $17 for 4 sheets (ouch so pricey!)

Total Damage: about $66, without tax, so lets just round that to $70!!! aaa! but my bf did pay for the Soy Milk Cream so I guess maybe i spent around $50 instead out of my own pocket.

I have never spent so much money on stuff for my face @_@...............

but I'm glad its skincare and not makeup, because me getting skincare is something to improve my skin of course, which is insanely important. Makeup is second to skincare, because if you have unhealthy skin, then makeup doesn't look that great when you put it on anyway. Plus it'd be great to prevent wrinkles and what not for the future.

Me buying the Japanese skincare was inspired by those that I have read so much Japanese stuff from: Fuzkittie, Nic Nic, and Lotus Palace, A Touch of Blusher, and thank you Jie Jie for telling me the location of this store!!! I'm sure there are more bloggers whom I've stopped by randomly and have seen reviews, but I can't recall specific names -- sorry T.T

So altogether, this is what I got for the Haul. I know its not a lot, but it was a LOT of money and this is a lot for me, seeing as yall never seen hauls from me cuz I've no money for that lol. I used my saved up Christmas money and birthday money to buy this haul cuz i felt my skin is worth it.

and with all pictures, you can click on them to get a bigger zoomed in picture to see details :)

I heard Mandom was pretty good so I wanted to try it out. I remember Fuz didn't like it cuz it didnt' remove everything, so I'm hoping it works for me though!

The Kracie black sheet masks was bought because I saw it on Lotus Palace's blogspot and she really enjoyed this mask. Plus it didnt' have sulfates, so I'm like, why not.

I saw the Shiseido Perfect Whip in store, and went back home to research on it, and Lotus Palace liked it too, and I saw reviews on Makeupalley and lots of people seemed to like it, so I caved in.

I saw Lucido Hair Curl Lotion from As Pink As My Juicy, and also I've seen it on some other blogs and wanted to try it out.

Okay, so in the store, I wanted to remember all the products and their ingredients, so I took a picture of lots of products and their ingredients for my sake and other's sake because since I'm allergic to sulfates, i MUST always know ingredients! And I'm sure lots of you out there need to know too, especially since all this stuff is written in Japanese, it's nice to know the english translation for them before buying and ordering, so I hope this help syall as much as it helped me! I'm sorry that I didn't get every product in the store, but I think I'd annoy the store owner if I took a picture of every freakin item lol.

I'll go back later to take more pictures of the sheet masks because after Fuzkittie's raves about Silk Whitia and Lotus Palace's huge post of sheet masks, I wanna try em out! But of course, gotta test out the Kracie one I've got to see if I even like sheet masks before I buy any more of them.

ok enough me blabbing, onward to more pictures!



I don't know which box, whether its the left or right, that the ingredients list is referring to. I'm sorry :(





I'm actually not sure if this is the ingredients for that specific product below because the name is diff because i took pics out of order, and so this packaging looked similar to the one behind the ingredients label, so I just assumed its it. I'm sorry if its not! :(


That's all I have for ingredients. Sorry!

But I have shots of the racks of products to show:

sorry i had to block out info from the car :)

Okay, so now I have questions for those of you who are experienced in Japanese skincare!

1) Out of all the pictures of the stuff I didn't buy in my 5-piece haul, do yall see anything that is a very good product that you can recommend me? There were quite a couple stuff there so I didn't know which was good

2) Were the sheet masks in the pics any good? There were the Sana Soy Milk Sheet Masks, the Clear Turn White sheet masks, and outside of the Kracie Hadabisei Hikishime Sheet Mask, there were the Dariya Black Soy Milk Face Essence Masks, and Bihada Ichizoku Mask. I did see some other face masks i believe....but..i must go back to the store to take another look and take more pictures and bother the poor store owner again to remember what they had xD.

Oh, and if yall know a good seller who sells excellent sheet masks for cheap, as in $1 per mask or less, please please point me in the direction! Lotus Palace said she bought off of GMarket for cheap, but I am so confused on how to use that website xD. I'll use it if I have to if there's no other place, but if there's other suggestions, please do speak up because paying $5 per mask is gonna kill my wallet quickly... T____T....

3) Were there any stuff from the pics that you suggest me to STAY AWAY from? I know one of them already has sulfur ingredients so i know to stay away from that, but were there any products that just don't work or ruins the skin that I should know of?

4) Any tips when buying Japanese skincare and makeup?

5) Any Houstonians out there know any other Japanese stores (or groceries) outside of this and Super H-Mart that would sell Japanese skincare, and MAKEUP of course? :) Thank you! Please do point me in the direction if there are any more of these good stores!

For reference of the Hadabisei Hikishime mask and the Soy Milk mask, Lotus Palace has a post on it to give you an idea on how it looks, click here

Another reference is for Bihada Ichizoku Mask, which is shown here in Lotus Palace's post: click here .

It is the LAST picture of all the pictures, the one with the manga/anime girl. Im not sure if that's the exact type of mask i saw at the store, but you get the idea of that type of brand of sheet mask. There were two types under that same brand name at the store to choose from.

Hope that helps yall :)


I applied for jobs already and haven't really received any responses, but then again i signed up for July, not June. But in either way, Im hoping to be able to work, and by then i should have a debit card at the least, so I'm hoping to be able to save some up to buy some other goodies.....but im not sure if that'll happen. :(

my friend works at the store that i applied to, and even though she said she was available full time, they only gave her 16 hours! so that worries me because I have the entire July off and I want to make money! Hopefully either this store gives me almost full time or I'll have to hunt for another store to work for at the same time, just at diff shift times.

I applied to:

ULTA - no response so i know they don't want me
Victoria's Secret - obvious rejection since i look like a 14 yr old despite that im nearly 19, and plus the manager has such a snobbish attitude!
Bath & Body Works - this is where I'm hoping to get the job right now! no response yet :(
Teahouse - too full. not hiring at the moment
Jamba Juice - no response yet...probably all the positions have been taken by all the highschoolers already

.....Any suggestions for jobs? I don't wanna work at a full blown out clothing retailer because my sister worked at the stuff before and it's WAY too much work. Especially Forever21 and Charlotte Russe and all that. It's severely time consuming and tiring so I wanna stick with more regular product sales and casual food places -- no restaurants like Panera Bread or Chick-Fil-A, etc u get the jist. BUT I'm okay being a host for a restaurant...i dun wanna do waitressing or else i'll physically just be dead every day. Only thing I'm scared about in being a host is that if waitresses are short, then I'd have to fill in their spot and I SUCK at balancing things, so if i had to bring out food, ill spill it everywhere xD

ok, sorry for such a long post! I hope yall enjoy the pictures and also i hope some of yall can help me out! :) Thanks!

see yall laterr


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