Sunday, June 7, 2009

Girl's Night Out -- Camera Whoring

Hey yall!

I hosted a Girl's Night Out.

We ate at Razzoo's Cajun off of Hwy59 at The Fountains, next to Kim Son, for yall Houstonians

It's a fun place :) My food was $10 for the plate so its reasonably priced.

Of course the plates that had crawfish or whatever will cost more xD

Again, I cropped out the pictures of my friends to respect privacy.

These first few pics are to show my makeup cuz i never show my makeup yet this is a beauty blog xD. i just suck taking up close pictures and only get lucky a few times.

Click to view it closer if you need

ew my arm looks so weird with the shadows from the flash xD

Now to more of the actual camera whoring part xD, something I don't post often. Do yall think I should post more camera whoring pics? XDD

For these pics i went to my parent's bathroom again. The natural lighting is really good and rather flattering. My bathroom is like a freakin cave, no windows, smack dab in the middle of the house, and its yellow-lighted and you can't even see from top to bottom.

well, with the exception of this, this was taken in my room, but the mirror still wasn't long enough to take full length. If i timed the pictures, they seem to turn out weird. Like, the lighting turns out wonky. oh, and its my bf who wrote the "i love you" on my mirror :)

What I wore:

-Necessary Objects Skirt, pulled up into a strapless dress
-Belt gotten in Vietnam at Saigon Square in Ho Chi Minh City
-Kenneth Cole Reaction pumps (Macy's clearance rack)
-Urban Outfitters Fedora. Men's hat. It's my bf's but I'm using it :)
-James Avery bracelet
-Nail Polish will be shown in another post :)

Makeup ( i was in an uber rush so my foundation wasn't well blended at all when seen up close. )


-Monistant Chafing Gel used as primer
-Buff'd Mineral Makeup Color Corrector in MINT to combat the redness of my face
-Foundation: Buff'd Mineral Makeup in WOOL in Original Formula
-Blush: Free gift with purchase Lancome Blush Subtil in MIEL GLACE


-Free gift with purchase Lancome CremePowder EyeColour eyeshadow in MISTY MINK all over lid
-Sisley eyeshadow in black on outer corners
-Prestige waterproof eyeliner in Black for top and bottom lid
-NYX Doll Eyes Mascara Volume


-Revlon SuperLustrous Lipgloss in Pink Pursuit


jewels said...

looks like you were standing on the side of the tub.


IchigoBunnie said...

haha yea. ive no choice but to stand there to get a full length pic. Don't worry, those heels have a lotta rubber traction at the bottom so i dont slip, and i hold onto the door and the towel bar :)There are certain shoes i wouldn't climb onto that tub with cuz i know the bottom dun have the proper traction.

in the end...all i need is a full length mirror XD...or a tripod for my camera..

Aradani said...

ahahaha you make me remember when I stand on the tub to take pics too!!! It's so hard to get full outfit photos.
I love your outfit! It's very swanky =]
Your party looked like fun!

Askmewhats said...

wow you look so beautiful! love the camwhoring photos :D

Anonymous said...

you look like a slut!

AbcGrrrL said...

The dress looks sooo cute! Esp the lil tail on the back

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

i love the hat, you rocked the outfit!! very hot :)

Yumeko said...

i like tat hat on u!
really cute!!!!

fuzkittie said...

You look amazing!! Love the hat with the dress, so hot! Nice figure too of course!!! :D

Iyah said...

Great dress!! Really stunning! You have a lovely skin! :D

Imee said...

oooh damn! look at you! that dress is gorg!!! love love love

Shopn'Chomp said...


Thanks for visiting my blog! :) I think once you try a sheet mask, you'll be hooked. Prices run the gamut really. Which brand did you get? Hope you like them as much as I do.

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous~! Love your fashion style! You should totally have more cam-whore sessions ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello IchigoBunnie!

Your outfit is smokin' with that hat!!

Girl, I can't believe you didn't snatch that Tracy Feith dress! Its totally my fav right now. haha JK because if your size isn't there then dont push it, thats my rule that i follow by. Anyway the sizing for that dress was way weird, I'm usually a 0/1 and i had to get a 3!! I like the versatility of the dress too. =]

P.S. Thanks for the follow and comment, I am totally checking back on your blog.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Don't be sorry for your questions, they are welcomed anytime!

Anyway, gojane shoes are pretty comfy as in better than payless. the pairs i got were extremely soft, i will buy from them in the future again. Their styles are great too! I got free ground shipping for spending over $50 but it got to me QUICK within a week i think! Give it a try, if you don't like the shoes you can return them. you only have to pay for shipping back but its better than keeping shoes you dont want right? I hope this helps!

your blog is rockin, keep it up!


pangea said...

lov'n that hat



hungrygirldiary said...

I love your kawaii outfit!!! Nice blog. I am subscribing.

Anonymous said...

hahaha looks like u had tons of fun girl~ =P

ChyiX2 said...

Cool! I love the fact that you took a skirt and preceeded to wear it as a dress. You look so chic with the hat :)

Audrie said...

ooooo hellooo beautiful :)
Turning that skirt into a dress is GENIUS, it looks so convincing and casually chic! Glad you had a fun night out with the girls!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love this outfit! I like how you made the skirt work as a short dress. I'm not creative enough with clothes to do something like that xD Thanks for inspiring me, you look great!

miemiemie said...

you looooook hawt,love the dress :)


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