Monday, July 13, 2009


Okay not til next week, but yes, that's still very SOON!!

I'm leaving NEXT THURSDAY JULY 23rd.

Please ladies, suggest me places that are a must go! I need your help!

I'm looking for:

1) Best/favorite vintage shops to get clothes/accessories/shoes (affordable please...)

2) ***Where to buy Japanese skincare and makeup! I can't travel to Mitsuwa in NJ so I'd love to be pointed in the direction where to get these stuff!

3) Overall any other shops that are a good buy for clothes, such as Winners (i'll look up that location later...)

4) Any must-go restaurants that aren't tipping over $25 a plate? (for nights to spend a lil extra)

5) Any cheap-priced restaurants around $10? (for nights to save some money)

6) Sightseeing. Where to go? I've already been up the Empire State Building.

7) Where on earth is the Today/Good Morning America? I don't want to participate in it but it'd be nice to stroll past it to see what's going on

8) Any museums that I just need to go to because its really awesome and interesting?

9) Oh, i DID hear of a place that's very similar to Mitsuwa-type store but, I don't know what's the name, or whether I'm hallucinating that such a store exists, but if there is, please tell me!

10) Any tips or anything you think I'd need to know when walking around or buying things or finding places?

11) ...I might update this list if I figure out more questions to ask, but for now, please do help me out for those of you who are native New Yorkers or those who visit frequently and know the place. I'll be in Brooklyn and Manhattan mainly.

Name and address of the location would be greatly appreciated! I'll try my best though to figure out where they are, but I wont have internet at all when I go there unless I head to a public library to find out addresses.

Thank yall!!!! Please please do help me out T.T

P.S. Any bloggerettes wanna meet up when I'm up in NY? shoot me an email. random stalkers :( I dun wanna get lured into some stranger at a random location XD. I'm gonna be with my friend so I'd have to ask her first if it's okay, but I do have time during the day while she's at work where I can enjoy the environment on my own, so maybe I can finally meet some of you bloggers! If not, then that's alright :) I'll be staying a week there so maybe one or two days when I stroll alone we can hang out. But, just to let yall know, I dont' particularly drink alcohol, not cuz I'm a prude, but I never have had the situation to drink any and what not so please don't expect me to go all out or to have any at all XD...i kno i sounded very stupid saying that but..i guess I should just say it anyway.

Shiseido Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam Product Review

Hey yall!

Sorry for not updating quickly!

But here you go, a product review :)

I have other products that I'm still wanting to make sure if the results are good, such as the Sheet masks. I don't want to review them after only one time using them. I'd want to be more thorough and have a better in depth review on them rather than just say "oh they're ok".

So without further adieu, Shiseido Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam

Approximate time used so far: one month
Cost: $11.49 without tax (I'm sure in Japan this would be like $5 but sadly U.S. marks up the price)
Where to buy: For yall Houstonians, I got this at Nippan Daido located at Westheimer and Wilcrest in that red plaza with that random giant cow statue.
Would I buy this again? Yes, definitely


The tube as you can see isn't anything fancy. Basic blue squeeze tube with that lil sticker up at the top. The cap is not hard to open so don't worry about spending forever trying to open it. clicks on and off--its not a screw on cap.

The product itself:

It's creamy and thick coming out. It's somewhat "stringy"? Like, with most cream products you squeeze out and done, but with this I have to sorta sweep my finger across the opening of the tube to "cut it off" if you know what I mean. It has this sorta pearlescent color to it, not like the usual flat cream color, but this seems to have a slight sheen. You just have to squeeze out about half a centimeter, or at most a centimeter, nothing more, because this thing freakin lathers up a lot. It may not look like it, but trust me, once you get a bit of water and work it onto your face, it will cover everything AND ur neck area, so that small amount is more than enough. This is good so you dont' waste all your money you spent on the product, making it last longer and saving you the trip back to the store.

After it lathers up, it starts to feel a bit thicker and thicker the more it lathers. This doesn't have salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide etc so it wont particularly exfoliate your skin like those other acne facial cleansers do. This seems more gentle, which I like. I dont' want too much exfoliating chemicals on my face when I'm already using topica gels and creams and pills.

Once you rinse this off clean, you will notice your face looks brighter, not because the product does some whitening effect (darn..i wish..) but I think because of the pearlescent color of the product, I felt that the pearlescent-ness is on your face temporarily, so temporarily yea your face looks brighter. After the cleanser is thoroughly washed off, you will feel that your skin isn't exactly sticky, but isn't smooth in the feeling (BUT that does NOT mean it doesn't feel clean!). If any of you have ever used Clinique bar soap, this is the same feeling you get, BUT not as harsh as clinique because this is afterall a cream cleanser rather than the thinner texture of the bar soap, so this isn't anywhere near as drying as Clinique, but it just has that slight feeling on your skin like I mentioned.

Results from using it:

My skin doesn't feel as irritated in a way anymore. I mean, sure with my Aveeno it was fine, but because I chose to have one with salicylic acid in the Aveeno, the extra chemicals wasn't needed seeing as I'm on Retin-A micro and Clindamycin topical gel, so its like, chemical overload lol. So this helped clean my skin while not tampering with more exfoliating chemicals. My skin actually doesn't get as oily. I don't know whether it's because I'm growing up and my hormones aren't THAT bad anymore, or whether its this product, but definitely though, I noticed enough of a difference that my skin is a bit more hydrated so it doesn't need to produce excessive amounts of oil to compensate for the oils lost.

The Bad:

Can't find this anywhere in store except for Nippan Daido so when I actually do run out, I'll have to drive like freakin 20-30 min to get this :( . Also it isn't necessarily a miracle worker, but it still keeps my skin happy, reduced some irritation cuz no exfoliating chemicals, and it makes me feel clean. So, on my end, I didn't get DRASTIC improvements, but I got improvements nonetheless AND this is a consistent product. Also paying $12 for this doesn't make me happy because I'm a cheap ass person lol. And knowing that this could be potentially $5 on the other side of the world makes me mad that they have to double to triple the price over here @_@..but im glad its $12 and not like, $20-30. $12 still at least bare minimum sounds reasonable, and since it's Shiseido, it's a good brand, not like some no-name random one.

In a nutshell for those of you too lazy to read everything lol (jks ^_^ ) :


-Brightens skin temporarily, but still brightens nonetheless
-not very fragrant. It has a scent but it's rather faint so it wont kill your nose
-good functional packaging
-you don't need to use a lot to get a lot out of this product, so you save more money
-cleans skin gently
-consistent. doesn't fail me
-doesn't break me out/no sulfur or sulfates
-got my skin to be less irritated
-makes my skin feel fresh and my face doesn't look red (due to the temporary brightening)


-$12 is a bit much to me but more power to you if you find that a great price
-not readily available everywhere
-no OMGAH drastic improvement (but like i said, skin went uphill happier nonetheless)

Overall Rating: 4/5 . If needed to be critical, i'd rate it as 3.8/5


Any questions? Ask any and everything and I'll do my best to answer. I'm sorry if I can't though, but I will try! ^_^

See yall later!!

P.S. I'm still testing out my sheet masks. This will be my second sheet mask used for one of the brands..the black sheet mask one. So let me know, do yall want me to review this black sheet mask, or do yall want me to review it after using it 2 times, or do yall want me to review it after I'm done with all 4 in the pack?


All products are 100% my opinions and thoughts. I am not paid to review any products I post. Use the product and advice/suggestions at your own discretion. Thank you!

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