Monday, July 13, 2009


Okay not til next week, but yes, that's still very SOON!!

I'm leaving NEXT THURSDAY JULY 23rd.

Please ladies, suggest me places that are a must go! I need your help!

I'm looking for:

1) Best/favorite vintage shops to get clothes/accessories/shoes (affordable please...)

2) ***Where to buy Japanese skincare and makeup! I can't travel to Mitsuwa in NJ so I'd love to be pointed in the direction where to get these stuff!

3) Overall any other shops that are a good buy for clothes, such as Winners (i'll look up that location later...)

4) Any must-go restaurants that aren't tipping over $25 a plate? (for nights to spend a lil extra)

5) Any cheap-priced restaurants around $10? (for nights to save some money)

6) Sightseeing. Where to go? I've already been up the Empire State Building.

7) Where on earth is the Today/Good Morning America? I don't want to participate in it but it'd be nice to stroll past it to see what's going on

8) Any museums that I just need to go to because its really awesome and interesting?

9) Oh, i DID hear of a place that's very similar to Mitsuwa-type store but, I don't know what's the name, or whether I'm hallucinating that such a store exists, but if there is, please tell me!

10) Any tips or anything you think I'd need to know when walking around or buying things or finding places?

11) ...I might update this list if I figure out more questions to ask, but for now, please do help me out for those of you who are native New Yorkers or those who visit frequently and know the place. I'll be in Brooklyn and Manhattan mainly.

Name and address of the location would be greatly appreciated! I'll try my best though to figure out where they are, but I wont have internet at all when I go there unless I head to a public library to find out addresses.

Thank yall!!!! Please please do help me out T.T

P.S. Any bloggerettes wanna meet up when I'm up in NY? shoot me an email. random stalkers :( I dun wanna get lured into some stranger at a random location XD. I'm gonna be with my friend so I'd have to ask her first if it's okay, but I do have time during the day while she's at work where I can enjoy the environment on my own, so maybe I can finally meet some of you bloggers! If not, then that's alright :) I'll be staying a week there so maybe one or two days when I stroll alone we can hang out. But, just to let yall know, I dont' particularly drink alcohol, not cuz I'm a prude, but I never have had the situation to drink any and what not so please don't expect me to go all out or to have any at all XD...i kno i sounded very stupid saying that but..i guess I should just say it anyway.


Ethereal Prey said...

hey! everyone wants to come to nyc! you're lucky cause its restaurant week here in nyc! There's 2 japanese market type things in the st marks area. Not a huge selection like mitsuwa. And yes there should definitely be a blogger meet up again! It may not be as crazy as xpinkx's

Edna said...

have fun in New York!

Askmewhats said...

awww enjoy your trip and I hope you can do everything you plan to do :)

Shopn'Chomp said...

I wish I was heading to NYC! :)

Aidan said...

Japanese skincare/makeup:
Sunrise Mart & Jas Mart. Just so you know, I think the prices are the same as in Texas, plus there's 8% tax? Yeah...


Artichoke apparently has really good cheap pizza but it's always crowded. Mouman's Restaurant has good falafel. Actually, I'm not really sure what to "recommend" because my family usually goes to Chinatown for dinner (because my mom only likes Chinese food -.-') so, sorry ^^;;


Good Morning America:
It's in Times Square (44th & Broadway?), which is normally crowded like !@$^#%& LOL. They also have like, the MTV studio there, etc. It could be out of the way based on where you're planning to go though, so..yeah.


I've only really heard of the Met for museums in NY. Personally, I haven't been there.


Sorry if this wasn't much help..I used to frequent Manhatten a lot when I was little but I mainly go with my family so my parents like going to Chinatown -.-' But nowadays when we go, (rarely :c ), we go to the Union Square area (which has a really big Forever 21 & Whole foods, I believe lol), Greenwich village, etc. :P

Btw, you might see Robert Pattinson! Last time I went, I saw him :o Anyway I hope I helped in some way :\ Sorry if this comment was too long^^

Anonymous said...


Dana Yoshimizu said...

Omg, you're so LUCKY, I wish I could go to NYC!! XD I'm jealous, haha. Well maybe next summer I can take a trip to the east coas

Anonymous said...

Hey you lucky duck! Have fun in NYC!

Diana's said...

Sounds like fun !
I've never been there, but I would like too visit someday.

I like visiting Pittsburgh because I like to explore and search for little bookstores and find old cookbooks and herbals... and I find lots of these little places there.

I bet there are lots of quaint little bookstores in NYC too.

Well, have a safe trip !

Organically Yours,

✿Ji✿ said...

Awww have fun In NY!!!♥
By the way thx for entering my contest hun!^^


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