Friday, August 21, 2009

KracieHadabisei Hikishime Black Sheet Mask Product Review

Hey yall!

Long time no see.

Life Update:

School is right around the corner -- that's so scary! I start Monday August 24th and I'm taking Managerial Accounting, General Chemistry, Entrepreneurship, and GenB.

ALSOOO i JUSTT got the job at Jamba Juice! hoooray! This is my first job so I'm excited.

This semester will be very busy, so I dont know if I can blog as much because Accounting is brutal, and those who have taken accounting KNOWS what im talking about. gota remember what account to debit and credit, all these rules...bah. but I'll still try to blog no matter what, even if it's not as often. bad thing. I'm sick :( My throat is killing me right now. I caught it from a friend T___T

Onward to the Product Review:

So the Kracie Hadabisei Hikishime Black Sheet Mask is my FIRST sheet mask ever.

Let's start with the basics.

Cost: $16.77 + tax for FOUR SHEETS (that's like $4.25 per sheet! so expensive!!)
Rating: 4/5
Where to buy: I bought mine at Nippan Daido off the corner of Wilcrest and Westheimer Pkwy
What it claims: I have no flippin clue. I can't read Japanese xD
Amount of Product: 18 mL per sheet mask
Would I buy this again? Yes, but not often because it's so pricey. Anybody know any store or online site that sells this for significantly cheaper?? T__T

What I Do With The Sheet Mask:

I just open up the individual package and unfold the sheet mask and place it on my face. I leave it on for typically 30 minutes because it feels so good lol. Then after i remove the mask, I let the leftover product that's on my face sit there for probably 20 min so soak in. Then I rinse it off and continue putting on my facial moisturizer and Retin-A Micro.


1) VERY moisturizing

2) I don't know if it was a coincidence but after the first time I used it, some of my small pimples went away by the next day. Maybe this mask calmed down my skin and moisturized it. And this wasn't just the first time I used this. The second time I used this mask, it did the same thing. It reduced the size of some of my pimples. I dont want to get too high of hopes but it seemed rather effective if it helped calmed down and reduce the size of some (but not all) pimples on my face. It was enough to make my face rather clearer :) thats certainly a plus. Anything that clears my skin this quickly is good on my list!

3) It's black colored! how fun! lol

4) It fit my face rather well and it's easy to put on.


1).....$17 for 4....rob me now will you?!?! expensive but i remember in NY, i went into chinatown in Canal Street and Broadway area and there was this one asian pharmacy that sold this for i think $13-14 instead of $17, so yall NY'ers go down that area and maybe ull find that store I went to. I regret not buying it when i saw it :(

2) Not readily available :( I only know one Houston location to buy this at. Anybody else care to share another location that I can get this at in Houston? Or maybe online where its much cheaper?

To be honest, there's not much to say for the sheet mask because I dont' know what it claims to do. It didn't particularly whiten my skin or anything, and I dont know if they even claimed it to do that, but it certainly moisturized and made my face a bit more clear and soft. But nevertheless, its' definitely buy-again-worthy.


BTW :)

What should I paint my nails as?

Red with sparkles


French Manicure with sparkles


French Manicure with nail decal on thumb & ring finger (no sparkles)


French Manicure with nail decal AND sparkles

I dun have a pic of all the choices but here's a rough look of it:

What should I do? :)

See yall later!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm Back

Hey yall!

I'm sorry, I was gone because of course of the New York Trip!

I'm dealing with some really personal issues right now and I'm feeling very depressed, so please understand that I might not blog for a while.

I have lots of clothes and other beauty products I want to post up, but I dont' want to promise anything right away because I really feel sad and in pain. I'll try to post stuff up, but we'll see.

I hope yall understand. Thank you

see yall later


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