Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm Back

Hey yall!

I'm sorry, I was gone because of course of the New York Trip!

I'm dealing with some really personal issues right now and I'm feeling very depressed, so please understand that I might not blog for a while.

I have lots of clothes and other beauty products I want to post up, but I dont' want to promise anything right away because I really feel sad and in pain. I'll try to post stuff up, but we'll see.

I hope yall understand. Thank you

see yall later


Shopn'Chomp said...

Hope your situation improves :)

Anonymous said...

Hey I can't wait to see what you got! In the mean time I hope you feel better, you'll make it through. *hugs*

KIITZYY said...

i hope u feel better <3 take care dear

Laila said...

I hope you feel better soon and that things get better.
Sometimes time can be your friend.

miemiemie said...

hey, don't stress about "not" posting. we understand that bloggers have peronsal lives to live..anyway, i hope you feel better soon..i know its hard to be in a situation where in you feel really helpless and stupid..but yeah, it'll be through eventually..just keep in mind that there's always tomorrow to change..

take care dear

Purple Strawberry ♥ said...

That sounds pretty bad...I hope everything gets better soon. Don't forget look for support from someone close to you =) Laila is right, sometimes all you need is a bit of time to ease the situation and give yourself space to calm down.

Beauty Snap said...

Yes I didn't apply setting powder that day since it lasts pretty well on me without. Also it doesn't cause me any problems with acne if you're wondering, I have dry skin sometimes but pretty much normal usually. I get most oily on the nose, but other than that not too much. I like this foundation a lot, maybe they have more reviews on More ingredient info can be found on the dhc website i linked through the review too :) Hope it helps!

Agnes said...

:( hope you are feeling better now :(

miss your updates :(


ChyiX2 said...

We'll still be here when you feel like posting. I know all too well about this, haven't posted myself in so long.


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