Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just bought Chanel Teint Innocence Foundation!

Hey yall!

I needed better foundation and instead of buying random eyeshadows and such, Im focusing more on my SKIN, skincare, health, all of that, because I know makeup wont look good on if I have bad skin, so Ive been trying to take care of myself more, and I felt like buying good foundation is a good investment. I can go cheaper on eyeshadows and eyeliners, but foundation is VERY important because its your whole face!

I first went to First Colony Mall in Sugarland to try out Shiseido Dual Balancing Foundation, but unfortunately it had sulfates :( . My cousin recommended that to me saying its amazing, and I see her with it on and she looks incredible, but no, my allergies had to get in the way! boo....

So lets try this foundation thing again. She also recommended me MAC's Studio Fix Liquid Foundation, and again, Sulfates :(

I tried powder foundation from Shiseido and MAC, both dont have sulfates, but the powder is too sheer to cover up my acne scar type skin, so I knew I had to look more into liquid foundation.

I then remembered I used my mom's Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation back in 10th grade for homecoming and it was amazing, but back then I wasnt allergic to sulfates YET, so unfortunately YET AGAIN, sulfates in this GA foundation got in the way.

The Clea de Peau lady made me go over to her lil area to try on their powder foundation, applied wet, then set it dry. I didnt like it. Sure it had no sulfates. But for one, the color didnt match, and two it felt TOOOOO DRYYY for my acne-prone Retin-A micro user combination oily skin. Not to mention it was like $115?? i cant pay for that!!

So that Clea de Peau lady told me to go to Saks Fifth Avenue ( I was currently in Neiman Marcus) to go check out the airbrush foundation Luminess. Um, yea, sure it has no sulfates, but I cant hack over $300++ for the machine and the $40 bottle foundation. The basic start set was $179 but could only be found at that Galleria Dillards across the street from Neiman Marcus.

I make my way over to the Chanel counter to give it a shot. The girl who worked with me was nice, but SO forgetful AND CARELESS. First off, she color matched me wrong. I didnt know til I went out in daylight and saw how pink Alabatre was for me. Second, she said the concealer was $30, but when it rung up it was $40 and i didnt kno til i got home when i looked at the receipt (we exchanged it for another chanel foundation for my mom). But, we did get that gift bag thingy for spending over $75, which really was just a buncha random samples of perfume from diff brands. The only thing I liked was the bag itself, which I now use as a school folder/journal/book bag and the sample of Clinique lipglosses (im wearing one of the colors in my pics below)

I went back to Chanel today to exchange the color and now I'm color matched to Chanel Teint Innocence Foundation in CAMEO #20 Intensity 1.0 (at the bottom of the foundation jar it says Clair-Cameo) This baby costs $47 plus tax for 1 fl. oz. Saleslady said it'll last 3 or so months if i use it every day. I wont use it every day so I think it'll last longer for me. And, I dont apply with as much foundation as that lady used on me. I just want to even out my face for the most part so I dont have such a red blotchy face. Just for special occasions would i layer this on for a bit more coverage.

***For these pictures below, I took it with the color ALBATRE, not Cameo, the color I just exchanged for today ***

again Albatre was a bit too pink for my obviously asian yellow skintone haha. and it was a tad too light for me, but i wanted to camwhore anyway :D i havent put up a picture of my face in a while I guess.

-only foundation on, but I am wearing Clinique Full Potential Lips Plump and Shine lipgloss in Glamour-Full (gift with purchase sample), though it sorta wore off by the time i took this pic

and if anybody wants to know what I'm wearing in that photo, its a strapless dress from Free People. I borrowed it from my sister so I dont know what the real name for it is though. And the belt I got from my New York trip in Flushings in one of those underground shopping halls.

also, in the background on my bed is a Marc Jacobs wallet, given for my birthday from my sister :) I use it actually to store my precious Canon Powershot SD870 IS. I never had a camera holder and I already have an actual wallet, so i thought this MJ wallet my sis gave was perfect--perfect fit for the camera too! score :) I guess I'll take a closer picture of that wallet for a later post.

Hope yall are doing well :)

see yall later!



btw, i'll of course be doing a review of this foundation later after i tried it out while wearing it at work and at school and at events, etc. I wanna give it a good test run before letting out my opinions of it :)


' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

ooh congrats on your first HE foundation :P I haven't been paying much attention to foundation until recently too. Hope this will work well for you!

IchigoBunnie said...


thank you! yes, my very first HE foundation. im SO excited hahhaha. i always see everybody else using HE stuff and i barely have any bc i dont have the money for it -- mom paid for this one for me cuz she felt it was much more of a necessity vs unnecessary eyeshadow and lipglosses etc.

Shopn'Chomp said...

Hiyee! Finding the right foundation is so tough. I feel like I'm always on the lookout for my HG. Hope this Chanel one works for you!

P.S You look pretty in your pics :)

Becks said...

it looks gorgeous anyway! good luck with the foundation! I'm using MUFE HD and it's okay so far :)

Askmewhats said...

you look too pretty! I love your full faced shot..and Chanel is like luxury for me so I never bought any of their makeup stuffs :)

Blair said...

I need to follow your example and start caring about my skin more with a proper HE foundation but I can't stop myself from buying eyeshadow palettes haha!

Anonymous said...

Hey pretty~ Hope the foundation works for you~ Foundation is one of the toughest things to find that works just right.

Popcorn said...

that's a pretty foundation!!!

Beauty Snap said...

Yay gorgeous foundation! I'm always trying to find new base makeup.. but sometimes I'm too lazy and too cheap to buy anything. Right now I don't even use foundation daily because I'm THAT lazy. I can't stop myself from buying point makeup as well (like eyeshadow.. haha).
Sorry that the SA was really forgetful and you were so inconvenienced but glad that it was a good experience in the end!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about taking care of your skin! Good for you!

IchigoBunnie said...

shop n chomp:
thank you! i hope it works out too cuz this was a lotta money!! lol so far so good though :)

thank you! hope ur foundation works out too :)

ask me whats:
thank you :) yea chanel definitely is a luxury. Ive never owned ANYthing from them. My mom has only bought their No.5 perfume as a birthday gift. Chanel is too expensive for me for a regular buy @_@ hm. maybe thats more motivation for me to study, get an education, and make moneyy!! :D

i hope u jump on the bandwagon for skincare stuff! :D its so incredibly important--and so far its paying off on my end. my skin's clearing up!! im excited. lol it took me a while to stop myself from looking at eyeshadows and all that. in the end i thought, i dont have money for this--im gonna invest my money into something ill actually use on a daily basis. if u use the eyeshadows on a daily basis then it sure is well worth ur money :)

thanks!! :) definitely is hard finding the right foundation. our skintypes vary too much and we are all sort of shades. color match is sooo flippin complicated @_@

yeaaa i love how it looks. very pretty. some people hate the bottle. I like how it looks but i do wish there was a pump instead of ur typical foundation-hole-at-the-top =/

yea i get lazy most days. i wont use this foundation unless i really have to, like if my face is ridiculously red, or if i go to work or events. I dont wanna waste this product and i wanna let my skin breathe as much as possible :)

thank you! i feel a lot more productive with my money when im buying skincare. i mean its like, rather than covering myself up with makeup, i can look good without it so that makes me feel good. i dun wanna haveta cover everything up. skincare = important. i still love eyeshadows though--its just a lotta colors dont look too good on me. i feel like i appear as if im trying too hard when i have bright eye makeup. a lotta other girls are lucky to wear any color and still look classy.


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