Monday, September 14, 2009

New Goodies I Bought! New Cell Phone and New Skincare Product

Hey yall!

Hows it going for everybody?

So far my classes are pretty good but Managerial Accounting is BORING ME TO TEARS.

Like, he's good at explaining, its just he has that MONOTONED voice thing going on and says "um" after every word so it gets annoying and boring very, very quickly in a 1 - 2:30 class time.

Chem is fun and my teacher takes each lesson rather slowly. I just signed up for my test slot today, there were only 5 slots left for the time I needed! Next time I gotta sign up the second midnight hits the day that I need to sign up...

Entrepreneurship class is pure AMAZING. My teacher is SO funny and the examples he gives are great. Open book and open notes test, but I will read all my notes and book beforehand like he isnt allowing us those open resources because we only have an hr to do 50 questions.

GenB (General Business class) is pretty laid back. Most stuff is completion grade, BUT they give you LOTS of little stuff to do, so its not like I dont have work to do, I have a LOT. Basically its like HS, lots of easy, BUSY work.


So what have I been up to?

I got the Samsung Exclaim! Dual Slider phone. I'm excited.

And I've been reading up on wonderful reviews of the DHC Acerola 100, so i FINALLY placed an order on it.

I hope that I get as good of results as the Makeup Alley girls have raved about. I need to get rid of acne scars and even my skin out. I hate that i APPEAR like I have acne, when I actually dont, accept for like maybe a couple here and there. So I'll test this lil guy out for quite some time before I can do a review on it.

The 4 samples I chose were:

1) DHC Deep Cleansing Oil - I heard so many good things about this on how it removes makeup and doesnt break people out. I definitely need something that will remove all my makeup because I wear makeup when I go to work and I wanna make sure I have everything off my face. I hope this stuff works and doesnt break me out!!

2) DHC Mineral Mask - again, lovely 4/5 stars or even a bit higher, on Makeupalley so I'm trying to give this a chance. The squeeze tube alone costs $35!! That's so pricey! but then again if I think about it, it IS cheaper than sheet masks in the long run....

3) DHC Acerola Cream - I wanna try out new moisturizers and was intending on buying the Clinique Moisture Surge Extra Thirst, but that is so pricey at like $40 or so, so I thought to give this cream a whirl hoping it might be a better option? But since it's cream, I dont know if it'll be too thick for me. Oh well, thats why I got the sample right? to try it out

4) DHC Concentrated Eye Cream - I just wanted to try this out on a whim, though I probably should have picked something else out like their sunscreen =/ but I'm always up to try eye creams

Extra Bonus Sample Given:

5) DHC Cleansing Foam - I have never heard of this but it seems to get mediocre to good reviews. I think its a basic foaming cleanser, but I have yet to try it out.

It'll take me a while to try out everything because I dont want to overwhelm my skin. I can't pile on everything or else in case something goes wrong, I wont know which product caused what. For now, I'm trying out the Acerola 100, using it morning and night on my left and right cheek. Right where I have lots of small scars.

Have yall tried any of these products? How did yall like them? Anything that you think I should know about em? Anything you suggest me?

I hope to hear some feedback on the product samples shown :3

I'm sorry my bloggie has been so dead :( I neglected it for a bit too long. I hope yall come back to visit!! :)


Anonymous said...

thats some hot phone! hehe i need a new one .

hope the skin care product works good for you!

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh new phone! always fun!

Ethereal Prey said...

awesome phone. how much was it? cool that it slides both ways, i need a new phone!

IchigoBunnie said...

梅子 :

thanks! i hope it works too. It was $30 with shipping so it was pricey :( im quite desperate to make these scars go away T__T

Sylvia: yesss new phone. i LOVE it

Ethereal Prey:

it was $30 if ur a new customer (just go add a new line and delete ur old one to cheap ur way through to be a new customer. its legal to do that anyway) and i got it at Radio Shack, but the promotion was over labor day weekend. for non new members its $60 for this phone. and their store has it for $80 (with my $150 rebate for having the contract for 2 years previously)

hth! :)

Askmewhats said...

after reading your post, I came to realize that I haven't change my phone for years!!!

alienman said...

I read the Acerola cream as "areola cream" and was like.. they have creams for nipples? o.O

Sounds like you're enjoying your classes for the most part. Sorry about the boring class, though, LOL. I can totally sympathize @_@

Have a great term!!

IchigoBunnie said...


LOL!!!!! i didnt even think of that. hahahha now that u point it out i could totally see someone seeing acerola as areola. thats so funny

yup, my classes so far are enjoyable :) just gotta endure one boring class..

hope u have a good semester too!

Shopn'Chomp said...

Hiya! Lovely phone you have there. :) Of the items you've listed, I've only tried the cleansing oil. The Acerola Lotion is quite good too imo. Hope they work out for u!

Agnes said...

your phone is to die for T___T

Lisa J. said...

You got me wanting to try Acerola Gel now!~

Shopn'Chomp said...

Hiya Ichigo!

Sorry hun, but they only just started the DHC free shipping promo. :( Hopefully though you can take advantage of it before it ends on Oct 12. :)

BunnyliciouS said...

Your blog is cute!! I've been using the DHC cleansing oil for a long time. I already finished 2 of the biggest size they have. It's a good product! I usually use the DHC, and then continue with a cleanser. That way my makeup washes off completely! I hope you like it too!

ROLSBAK said...

I'm not sure how to leave replies on blogger so the person that originally posted will see, so I'm just going to reply here. =)

I think all the Walmart carries Norma Kamili's line -- at least all the Walmarts here does. Maybe yours doesn't have it because it ran out? I'm not exactly sure but there are still a bunch here. =)

BTW, I like your phone!!

Toothfairynotes said...

ah your phone looks cool!
I needed a new one too, mine is spacing sometimes... but Boyfriend just got me a blackberry, so I'm waiting for it. :P


Donna Harris said...
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