Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Product Review: Sana By Noevir Nameraka Facial Cream

Hey yall :)

Time for a long due ACTUAL post with pictures.

Today I'm gonna review Sana By Noevir Nameraka Facial Cream. i...THINK that's the name of it??? I went to a couple different sites that had this same product, yet it was called like...2-3 diff names. So quite frankly, I'm confused xD

Anyway, lets get to the review.

It's a moisturizer, and since its written in all Japanese, I cannot translate a darn thing to tell you what it claims to do! :( I will tell you this though, it is a thick cream that isn't easy to spread and it does not absorb into my skin quick. It'll take a while and will have a slight residue feeling afterwards, even though your skin will feel moisturized and sorta soft.

This moisturizer at $14 AND with NO's pricey to me. I remember buying my Aveeno Ultra Calming moisturizer and it had SPF15 and absorbed nicely. This just honestly doesnt seem worth it.

Initially it calmed down my skin, but that lasted what, a week? It just sorta didnt become something pleasant to put on my skin because it takes forever to spread this across my face, and it doesnt really spread evenly.

I think this moisturizer isnt good to apply everywhere around the face, but more rather dry patches. And even then, it still didnt quite solve my dry patches too well.

Good thing though is that it has no scent whatsoever, so any of you who are sensitive to smells, this will make your nose stay happy.

The jar isnt too big, and you can see on the jar it says it's 50 grams in weight.

I got this at Nippan Daido at Wilcrest and Weistheimer.

Basically, this moisturizer didnt help me nor did it hurt me. However, my skin didnt feel its greatest either with this, bc I think this is just too thick on my combination-oily skin and my face just didnt glow or feel refreshed when i put it on. It felt more like a chore than anything else, sadly. I'm almost done with it all. I just need to finish it to get my money's worth outta it.

Overall Rating: 2.5/5
Packaging: 3/5 (nothing too special, nothing boring either. just avg)
Cost: $13.99 + tax
Would I buy this Again? No. Not worth the long drive to the store to get something that doesnt work with my skin.

In a Nutshell:


1) No scent

2) decently moisturized. did its job, but nothing more


1) Pricey for what it does, or more rather, what it doesnt do or have

2) hard to smooth over face

3) too thick

4) in a jar. not as hygienic in most people's eyes, though I personally dont mind, its just I'd prefer it to be in a bottle

5) too far to buy

.....even my sister didnt like it when she asked if i had a moisturizer she could borrow for the moment... xD so that makes both of us not quite liking it..she too said its way too thick.

By all means, this is not a terrible product; its just too basic, and even if it were $5 instead of $13..i still wouldnt rebuy it.

hehe cinnamoroll in the background :3

of course the left side is with flash, the right side is without flash.

Hope yall are doing well and hope this review helps some of you out there :)

Thanks for visiting and being patient with me about blogging since I havent done a diligent job at being a blogger :(

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Monday, November 16, 2009


Im sorryyyy :( :( :(

Ive just been so busy T__T

To the anonymous commenter:

thank you for writing in :)

I have tried the DHC Acerola 100 but then I stopped bc my skin broke out pretty bad (NOT because of the acerola. its just my skin was acting up cuz i was off my acne-pills) and i put it on hold. right now my skin is getting back in shape and im starting to use it again. I havent seen results though from before as much. I'm worried if it wont live up to its hype. And I must admit, that "maple syrup smell" that people complain about is like no joke. I usually dont mind smells, but geez this smells a bit too strong to my liking to the point where it sorta demotivates me to use it. I almost feel like it isnt doing much to my skin. But I havent been using it consistently and im sure thats why.

I'll try to incorporate it into my skincare more often now to see if it'll make a difference. I hope it isnt a waste of $22 plus the shipping i paid..


i kno i dont update as much as people want, and im sorry :( . i have work(i pulled a freakin 10 hr shift on saturday with almost no breaks) and school like everybody. maybe im just not that good at time managing skills. ill try to blog a post at least this week with pictures xD

thank yall for being patient with me.

see yall later!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Update on Life

Hey yall!

Sorry for my absence :(

Where have I been and what have I been doing?

1) Entrep test that im sorely disappointed in. I didnt do poorly by any means. But its just not an A. im so close to an A T___T i need a gpa boost as always.

2) Chemistry test

3) accounting test that i took just yesterday that i probably literally failed :( i hope they give a hefty curve because my teacher didnt teach some of the stuff that was put on the test!! well.just some of the formulas..but it was a difficult test

4) ive just been lurking around blogs

i have 3 projects due this friday as well so im gonna be busy til after thats done. Im sorry :(

hope everybody is doing well.

see yall later!


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