Monday, November 16, 2009


Im sorryyyy :( :( :(

Ive just been so busy T__T

To the anonymous commenter:

thank you for writing in :)

I have tried the DHC Acerola 100 but then I stopped bc my skin broke out pretty bad (NOT because of the acerola. its just my skin was acting up cuz i was off my acne-pills) and i put it on hold. right now my skin is getting back in shape and im starting to use it again. I havent seen results though from before as much. I'm worried if it wont live up to its hype. And I must admit, that "maple syrup smell" that people complain about is like no joke. I usually dont mind smells, but geez this smells a bit too strong to my liking to the point where it sorta demotivates me to use it. I almost feel like it isnt doing much to my skin. But I havent been using it consistently and im sure thats why.

I'll try to incorporate it into my skincare more often now to see if it'll make a difference. I hope it isnt a waste of $22 plus the shipping i paid..


i kno i dont update as much as people want, and im sorry :( . i have work(i pulled a freakin 10 hr shift on saturday with almost no breaks) and school like everybody. maybe im just not that good at time managing skills. ill try to blog a post at least this week with pictures xD

thank yall for being patient with me.

see yall later!

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Anonymous said...

aww you're such a sweetie for the quick reply! and no worries, i really appreciate the effort you made in the post :) thank you so much!

i bought the serum on my way home today; should have waited to read what you had to say before splurging! (Where I live, this cost about $28 USD? that's crazy!)

anyway all the best for your tests, i know how crazy school gets. hang in there!



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