Friday, December 31, 2010

What Is The Best Chapstick?

Hey yall :)

I am in search for the most awesome chapstick haha

I have tried a couple of chapsticks, and I really never liked any! haha

Anddddd buying a chapstick that's expensive like the Dior one or La Mer one is totallyyyy out of the question xD

Well, I DO use my Korres Lip Balm and I love it to pieces, but it's in a POT, and I really was looking more for a STICK where it won't be inconvenient to apply when I'm out and I don't have some napkin to wipe my fingers on after application. Korres Lip Balm is REALLY nice though. Definitely moisturizes my lips without getting waxy on me like most chapsticks.

One chapstick I've been eying and hearing good things about is the Nivea Lip Care A Kiss Of Moisture:

( o btw all photo credits are courtesy of! )

What do yall think?

I have already tried Burt's Bees and I found it WAY too WAXY and somehow made my chapped lips even more chapped!!! xD

As for the regular Chapstick brand, I feel like it makes my lips addicted to it, making me use more and more to maintain my lips versus repairing my lips and just using it whenever I need to.

Alright if the chapstick is super duper promising with each and every application, I think I can shell out like $10 ish, but I really would prefer drugstore brand!

I guess let me list out some I'm aware of that's in the market and yall can say yay/nay to them or suggest me some yourselves :) Please do help me out! xD haha (and it'll help anonymous readers too ^.^ )

O and btw, I really do not want to buy the EOS lipbalm because it's so round and I just want something small to slip into my purse lol

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer SPF 15

Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm

Aveeno Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner

Softlips Lip Protectant

Yes to Carrots Conditioning Lip Butter with SPF 15

Alba Hawaiian Lip Balm

Covergirl Natureluxe Gloss Balm

Alright, I'm putting in the high priced lip balms here just in case! haha . Chapsticks last quite a long while and if I use it regularly and it keeps my lips happy then I *think* I can shell out money for an essential item.

photos courtesy of

Fresh Lip Treatment SPF 15 $22.50

Dior Addict Lip Glow $28 OUCH :(

Smashbox Lip Treatment SPF15 $16 (reasonably priced for a high end)

Mk I think that's what I have gathered so far as the chapsticks and lip balms I have come across and am curious about! Yes, I have read makeupalley reviews but I still want to hear more before purchasing (especially if it's high end!) I remember NaTGN reviewed TONS of lip balms HERE.

The ones from her list that I am very tempted to get is either the Aquafina, Nivea that I listed above, or the Fresh lipbalm.

Gah, I'm so tempted! I think maybe as a college student, I should save and get the Aquafina. What do yall think?

See yall later :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Christmas =D

Hey yall :)

Sorry I disappeared for a while >.<>

I spent my xmas with one of my best friends and went to Chinatown.

Went to Juicebox on Bellaire and just stopped around and hung out, chatted, etc :)

Here's me on Christmas Eve. I didn't think it felt Christmas-y enough this year so I put on my santa hat in hopes it would make things more Christmas-y :<

o btw I'm just looking at my computer screen in these photos trying to make it appear like...a natural photo taken of me even though I took it myself xD haha



Then here's some Juicebox pics :)



Oh I almost forgot! I stopped by Chez Beignets as well. I paid in all coins because they only accept cash and I had nothing xD Had to go to my car to get some coins lol and I still turned up 2 cents short T__T, but the cashier was ok... lol I got to have my fluffy pillow of goodness :D


Yup, that's pretty much it lol xD I do have more posts (food ones lol) coming along the way since afterall, we eat tons of food during the holidays =P

Hope yall had a wonderful holiday, whichever yall celebrate :) (I'm not Christian but I still do Christmas xD I'm actually Buddhist but my family and I don't do much other than go to the temple like once or twice the year)

Lemme know how yall's holiday went!!

See yall later :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Laundry List of Lemmings!

Hey yall!

I've had a good number of products on my lemming list and the list keeps growing BIGGER! omg lol. And so yes, I just wanted to share it with yall what has been on my mind! I'm not sure if I actually will be getting these products yet because like I have said in my previous posts, I've been spending way too much! But hey, I can still wish right?

  1. Urban Decay Naked Palette $44
    + This palette definitely is something I can see myself reaching for rather than collect dust like my other eyeshadows. The price tag is bang for your buck but I just can't see myself shelling out $44 for makeup I guess, since I don't wear makeup on a daily basis. I'm still high considering buying this though! Oh, and I definitely don't mind getting the eyeliners! I've been wanting Urban Decay's eyeliner since they're good so this is a great way to get 2 of them!

  2. E.L.F. Contouring Blush and Bronzer Powder $3
    + $3 for blush and bronzer? Great deal! I've heard great reviews about the quality and pigment of this and I want to get it. I think the bronzer is great as a neutral blush when you have your focus on your eyes for the makeup and for contouring. However, I really don't need it! I'm currently using a neutral blush from Lancome, which is a mini free gift with purchase from my mom's bathroom. It's really old and I guess I'm tired of using gift with purchase items because that's majority of what I freakin own lol So despite the cheap price tag, I'm in no dire need to rush to this, but because of the cheap price, I'm so tempted to get it because it's so easy to do so! haha

  3. Black Riding Boots [cost will vary. but probably will end up past $100 :( ]
    + Flat boots so my feet won't die on me while having a heavy backpack at school or really so my feet don't die anywhere I go lol. This obviously is a purchase that can wait lol because it's just so damn PRICEY. But I see it as an investment. I know my feet won't be growing any bigger so I can wear this pretty much for the rest of my life as long as the boot holds up with me. I just think its great to wear whenever. I love how the girl wore it below with black tights and gray knee high socks. Great combo!

  4. Nude Pumps [price will vary]
    I just want a pair of comfortable nude heels. I have a comfy pair of black pumps but I think sometimes black is too strong for some outfits and a nude heel will be more feminine and soft vs the dramatic look of a black pump. Also, sometimes black pumps look slutty with some outfits and I feel that a nude pump will help.

  5. Moar Sheet Masks!!! [Silk Whitia, My Beauty Diary, and among other brands $1-16]
    + I actually have enough of these =X I got a huge Sasa haul of Silk Whitia's because of the BOGO deal and I should use all that up. But I just get paranoid when I use one and I see my stash disappearing xD I just always want to have an safety stock inventory(my supply chain management class terminology right there! xD *nerd*) haha. But yea, this can DEFINITELY be put on hold, which is a good thing so I can save my money for other things I have none of!
  6. Japanese eyeshadow palettes
    + They're good quality, nicely pigmented, beautiful colors (though the one below is more of a smokey-eye palette, but you get my point). I've seen Kate, Maquillage, Lavuschka(sp?), and among other Japanese eyeshadow palettes and do not own one. They are pricey to me though but one day...I'd love to own one. The packaging is pretty much all levels of awesome.
  7. Tiny small charmed necklace
    + [Image courtesy of Etsy] I've seen Fuzkittie wear these tiny charmed necklaces all the time and they're so dainty and cute! Usually most necklaces fall in my face and hit my teeth and these smaller ones are lightweight and not interfering.

  8. Christian Louboutin Black Peep Toe Pumps [cost: too damn much *cries*]
    + So yea...NOT gonna get these for quiteeeeee a while lol. They're so classy and sophisticated and everything gorgeous. I want T-T
  9. Rock & Republic Contrived Blush in Kinky [$20 more or less]
    + This should be self explanatory :)
  10. Tsubaki Shampoo [ $15 more or less]
    + Everyone seems to love this shampoo! My guyfriend likes this shampoo a lot too lol. Guy-approved! haha, so, it must be good then :) Too bad it's like $15! ouch =/ My current shampoo isn't good at all. It's the Dove shampoo that's in the white packaging and a slanted top. I like the smell (cool cucumber or whatever it is) but gosh it gives me dandruff! xD I'd love to switch over to this Tsubaki
  11. Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion[$10-15]
    +I also heard many good reviews about this specific brand of super hyaluronic acid. I heard the Aqua brand of hyaluronic acid lotion isn't as good as Hada Labo. I can only find it on Sasa so far and that is a pain in the butt to get, especially with their warehouse relocation and all these delays in shipping unless you pay the $15 expedited shipping -__- oh well. My current toner/lotion is running out and I really want this one!
  12. More Knee High Socks [$1-10. varies]
    + Again, Fuzkittie has worn these a good number of times and one of her recent YT vids shows us different mix and matches and what to do with the socks. Love it! I actually bought one today for $1 at Target
  13. Cowgirl Boots [cost: too muchhh! wahh]
    + I've always wanted a pair! I think they look great with some sundresses or jean shorts. Plus I'm from TX, come on, gotta have one right? ;) lol
  14. Wallet
    + I'm not looking specifically for a Burberry wallet. I'm actually searching Etsy :) But I'd like a new wallet. I don't wanna spend a lot on it though. $10-30 range is fine.
  15. Loreal Lash Serum $14
    + My Ardell Browh & Lash Growth Accelerator gel has been discontinued and replaced with an expensive $40 one, and the one I have is so old, I should throw it out =X I'd like to try this one out to see if it'll strengthen my lashes and help them fall out less from mascara usage. I think even if I dont' get growth in length from this, I think it's important to maintain one's lashes so they are happy and healthy so they dont' fall out :)
  16. Dollywink Black Liquid Liner $12-17
    + Man everyone has this now! haha. It's just so expensive for me to get =/ But I love how it comes out so black and the lines are so sharp.

  17. Canon DSLR Camera. Model shown here is a Canon T2i [cost is in the thousands after getting the appropriate lenses *cries*]
    someday...someday I will have you beautiful camera! (...and someday I'll figure out how to even use it xDD )
  18. A New Purse
    + The purse pictured below is a Balenciaga, but there's no way in hell I will be able to afford this lol. I just put it there as a general idea that I want a new purse even though I just got one. Why? because my TopShop dupe of the PS1 bag broke. The strap that goes around your chest broke :( it was the metal part too. the hook snapped off and I was like WTF? But honestly I won't be getting another handbag for a while. I stuck the remainder of the metal clasp thing through the hole/hook so I can still strap it around me, but it'll fall off periodically which is annoying. I can still use the bag by holding the handle though. So yea...I'll continue to use it.
  19. Clothes from the asian wholesale sites
    + Usually these clothes are a hit or a miss, so I do careful researching. I haven't boughten anything yet but I'm still contemplating on placing a purchase. A lot of their stuff is really cute! Shipping sucks though lol, but you still get some things very cheap even with the shipping.
  20. The last thing I'm lemming for, or more rather hoping for and needing, is goodluck and to have a better year in 2011 because 2010 has been absolutely horrible for me.

Tell me what yall are lemming for! :)

See yall later!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sperrys Top Sider Shoes :D

Hey yall!

Met up with fellow Houstonian blogger Vivien (click here for her blog!) and we went shopping at the Galleria

She's definitely a sweet and funny girl. Visit her blog :)

We first stopped at DSW, but alas neither of us could find the shoes that we wanted =/

Next stop is the Galleria and I finally got my hands on the Sperry Top Sider shoes. I've been lemming these for quite a while!! I've always been iffy on getting these boat shoes because I didn't want my feet to look like a man lol. So when I found these, I fell in love with them. I found every excuse possible to get them (Vivien can attest to this lol). This pair is much more girly looking than the other women's Sperry's shoes I've seen, so I had to snag it.

Unfortunately, only the display was left in my size =/. I tried both the dead-end-of-the-mall Macy's as well as the new Macy's that took over Foley's long time ago in level 4 of the Galleria. BOTH only had displays left! How ridiculous. I had to get them though =/. I did get a 10% discount though for it being a display so that's good--though I think I should have gotten more because who knows how many feet have tried these!!! ew.

The saleswoman Vivien and I had at the dead end mall Macy was SO sweet. Best customer service I've ever had. She never was pushy, mean, or any of that. She was very attentive without being hovering and she was always there to get the shoes you need. I felt so bad after having her take out so many shoes to try on and not leaving with any :( She said a new pair is still in stock in the newer Macy's so that's why I left this Macy's. I felt so guilty! The lady who "helped" me at the new Macy's was actually rude. SHE ROLLED HER EYES AT ME when I showed her the receipt of inventory printed out from the other Macy's, showing that there STILL is a new pair in the back. Are you fucking serious? Rolling your eyes at a customer when I wasn't even rude to her??? I really wanted to write down like a customer survey, get her name, and tell her manager how rude that was! She was short and choppy with me, and I didn't like that AT ALL. The other lady at the old Macy's was a perfect 10 in customer service. People need to learn from that woman. She knows what she's doing.

Okay onward to the more fun part! PICTURES :D











wheeeee I'm so happy with them. My feet now won't hurt anymore! haha

They were $75, but because they were displays they marked off 10% and I had a $20 Macy's gift card from like years ago from Christmas so I used that and my total came out to be $53.xx :)

BTW for those of yall who are planning to buy Sperry's, the saleswoman told me that the suede interior you see here will be discontinued...something like that? And will be replaced with a fuzzy interior, similar to UGG boots, cept I'm sure not AS fuzzy, but you get the point. If you don't want that type of interior then I suggest you buy these now before the new year starts off with the newer versions. If you want the fuzzies then wait for next year :D I don't know how true this is--the saleswoman simply could have been misinformed or misinterpreted just one type of style having the fuzzy interior rather than all. If anyone knows about this, please do confirm or correct me :)

See yall later!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Forever21 and Sally Beauty Haul

Hey yall!

YAYY finals are OVERRRR!!! whooooot!! :D

Just wanted to share with yall what I purchased this week.

Honestly I've been pretty bad this year in terms of how much I'm spending. I usually am a very cheap person. cheap you'd be severely annoyed to shop with me xD but lately I've just gotten a bad habit of spending. (yes i DO have a job so I don't go ask my parents to get these things for me unless my mom insists on the purchase).

I think the purchasing craze happened when I made my purchase to TopShop some months ago for my purse and skirt for my birthday and I spent a lot since it was my birthday and I felt I should splurge since people who know me definitely know I neverrrr come out of the mall with a bag lol.

I think I should slow down next year on the purchases and save up more. I have a good amount in savings, however I still want it to stack up more. I'm a money-saving freak. And hey, even though I haven't graduated college yet and am still living with my parents (because they won't let me move out...) I think the saved money could come in handy one day for an emergency in case, such as paying for an apartment elsewhere after graduation, or even emergency money to pay bills if I don't have a job right away after college.

Anyway onward to the haul!

I bought these on two separate days but decided to put them in one post since there aren't that many photos.

Forever 21:
  • black leggings $4.50
  • white knee high socks $2.50
Total Damage: $7.00 + tax

Sally Beauty:
  • Thin brush nail polish $2.99 each (bought 4)
  • Millennia Mud Intensive Hair Reconstructure (as recommended in FrmHeadToToe's blog. I got this because she thought this was a very good hair mask and I wanted to try it out) $6.50
Total Damage: $18.46 + tax

Forever 21:

I tried justifying my purchase... like for the black leggings, I just need one for the rest of my life unless I rip these or grow out of them or if they wear out completely, so I thought it was a good investment. The socks were the "splurge" because despite the cheap $2.50 price tag, I really didn't need it lol. Sure I can use it forever but it's really for extra fashion purposes.

Sally Beauty:

I've been into painting my nails lately (and keep forgetting to take pics of my nails! I do have some I did take a pic of that I still need to put up!) and so I want to make cool designs but having to use a toothpick or whatever is so tedious lol. So I opted to get these instead. Originally they're like $3.99 or $4.99 so having it on sale for $2.99 is fine for me since I know I won't be purchasing these multiple times. I'm sure these bottles will last me years lol. Then as I mentioned earlier, the hair mask is what Jen FrmHeadToToe recommended in her Naughty and Nice Video and I wanted to try it out. So far it's okay. It hasnt made my hair super duper soft which was what I was hoping for. I'll try it several times more to form my verdict. Maybe I'm just not putting enough of it in my hair? I don't know if I'm using it wrong..? O.o...



This is just a close up of the details of the sock. It has like little holes for design

I also bought some Sperry loafers/boat shoes today. They're gorgeous (even though they were the display ones...mehh). I'll post those later :)

Let me know how yall are doing! What are yall's plans for this winter break? Vacation? Tons of parties? Bumming around? <~ haha yea thats what I'll be doing xD

See yall later :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Girl Crushes

Hey yall :)

Thank yall for all the warm wishes for my finals! I took one today at 8:30am, which was excruciating to wake up 6am despite not sleeping til 1 or 2am, and then drive nearly an hr to school (yes my school is that far from me T__T) I have one last one Tuesday! That is the only class I have hope left in to get an A xD . I already found out I got a B- for Marketing. I'm extremely disappointed. What a horrible GPA!!! B- is 2.7 or whatever added in. That'll bring what I have down :(

Anyway, onward to more fun things.

Haven't yall had girl crushes? I totally eye out those models xD and just wanted to share with yall some models and ladies I absolutely adore or am a fan of! These are in no particular favoriting order btw.

All photo credits go to Google images :)

Miranda Kerr

gorgeous aussie!!

Adriana Lima

very sweet and genuine and funny

Candace Swanepoel

yup this is the VS model, cept with her natural haircolor instead of dyed blonde. I think she looks better in her natural hair. Here she is in the Rock & Republic runway

Angela Baby

Janice Man

Aly & AJ

Michelle Branch

i LOVE...her songs. Everywhere and All You Wanted will forever be my favorites <33

The Gossip Girls Leighten Meester, Blake Lively, and Taylor Momsen

Abbey Lee Kershaw

Du Juan

Kristin Kreuk

wow she has short hair now?? Does anyone know what happened to her? Haven't seen her after Smallville =/

Carrie Underwood

I think I overloaded yall with enough photos lol.

Tell me who are yall's girl crushes!

See yall later :)


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