Saturday, January 9, 2010

Clubbing Night

Hey yall :)

Believe it or not, I've never been to a club where I live xD well until now lol

Unfortunately I dont have pics of my full outfit--forgot to take a pic of it :(

I wore an American Apparel Jersey T Dress

picture courtesy of

and I wore a Forever 21 vest borrowed from my sister, which you can partially see in the picture

then i wore these lacy tights, which I have no idea whats the brand bc I borrowed these from my sister as well

....actually this whole outfit was stolen from my sister's closet =P The layered chain necklace is hers as well.

Sorry you cant see my makeup T_T . It's really basic, and what I've been wearing lately, even at work. It's just a neutral beige and brown with eyeliner and mascara.


  • Monistat Chafing Gel (used as primer)
  • Chanel Teint Innocence Foundation in Cameo #20
  • NARS Orgasm Blush


  • Urban Decay Primer Potion (eye primer)
  • Coastal Scents Gel Eyeliner in True Black
  • Maybelline XL Waterproof Mascara (the double ended one)
  • ULTA Eyeshadow in Bermuda Sand (inner corner and middle of eye)
  • Clinique Gift with Purchase eyeshadow in Like Mink (I used the medium dark shimmery brown on outer corner)

nothing used


I havent shown my face in a while so I thought to grab my most recent one, which is from January 2nd

I've been trying to blog more as yall can see xD

I shall see yall later :)

My New Toy for the New Year: Korres Pomegranite Lip Butter

Hey yall :)

short post ^^()

I went shopping with my friend and we both bought this Korres Lip Butter at Sephora.

It was like $9 + tax, so it was a pretty good price. Still a bit expensive to me but I think its worth it.

I'll do a review later of this once ive used it many times. So far though, I like it, but thats how most products start with me and I sometimes end up not liking it later, so I still want to give it some time before spilling out raves on it.

So here are a couple pics of it so far. Packaging is nice :) The box it comes in is cute

Ive seen so many people talk about this stuff and my friend was lemming it too when she went christmas shopping. she just didnt buy it and when we went, she's like, i gotta get this. lol

see yall later :)


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